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December 23, 1998

 9:30 AM -- Sallie's Place, Jonestown, PA

Welcome and Introductions
Present:  Craig Morgan, Pat Pingel, Bob Arnold, Jay Braund, David Lasky, John Worrilow, Karen Light, Richard Light, F.W. Light, Jr., Tom Embich, Betty Conner, Ed Chubb, Jo Ellen Litz. A quorum was present.
Secretary and Treasurer Reports were approved by board members.  To save on time, printing, and postage, look for future minutes posted on the SCWA web site.

1) Jonestown Bank was approved as the repository for SCWA funds.
2) A bond for the three executive officers, amounting to $582, was approved.
3) An order for SCWA letterhead stationery was approved.
4) A list of 13 names for the Swatara Creek Watershed Plan Steering Committee was approved. (see #10 below)

1) Report given on Canaan Valley, EPA & NACO  Workshop attended by Jo Ellen Litz and John Worrilow. The purpose of the workshop was to receive updates from watershed organizations that had received grants.
2) On behalf of SCWA, Jo Ellen sent an application to DEP, by the December 16 deadline for a 319 grant to hire a watershed technician for the Swatara Creek Watershed to oversee the development and implementation of the watershed assessment and planning process.
3) Betty Conner announced the Susquehanna River Basin Commission will hold a Conference May 6, National Drinking Water Week, on Community Partnerships for Source Water Protection in the Lower Susquehanna Basin.  Prior to the conference they will conduct two workshops on public drinking water source protection in the Swatara Watershed. The workshops will involve water suppliers, watershed organizations, representatives from farming, mining, timbering and other industries, municipalities, planners, civic and business organizations, recreation groups, land owners, agencies.... The goal is to develop a partnership among these groups for source water protection.
4) Jo Ellen reported on a meeting held at Ft. Indiantown Gap on the occasion of the transfer of the facility to the PA National Guard.  She met Assistant Adjutant General Eugene Klynoot who is interested in the role of Ft. Indiantown Gap in the watershed.
5) Dave Lasky reported Vortex Environmental had contacted the Quittapahilla Watershed Association about the possibility of doing a wetlands remediation project in the watershed as part of mitigation for their project on Bullfrog Valley Run near Hershey. They are looking for a mitigation site.
6) Pat Pingle announced that the Third Annual Keystone Coldwater Conference will be held February 20 at State College. There will be sessions on the ecological functions and values of streamside buffers. Conference registration is $20. Janie French, Canaan Valley Institute, is part of the planning committee.  For information about registration contact Mark Bernhard, Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, by phone (814)863-5100 or FAX (814) 863-5190 or e-mail: ConferenceInfo@cde.psu.edu
7) Jay Braund reported that the next round of DEP WRAP grants will have a longer application time frame. It is expected that the next application cycle will begin in early spring. Jo Ellen mentioned that River Network grants will also be available on a national basis.
8) Tom Embich reported on stream monitoring being done by SCWA in cooperation with DEP. Yesterday the USGS stream flow gauge registered 1.49, the same day Govenor Ridge declared a drought warning. Tom reported the oxygen probe requires frequent polishing of the silver tip.  Dick Blauch would like to be involved in water monitoring since he owns land bordering Swatara
Creek.  A suggestion was made to ask Ralph Heister if he would provide some training for volunteer monitors.
9) Jo Ellen reported on a tour she was given of the Supreme Mid Atlantic Company property along the Swatara between Jonestown and Route 22.  Alternative routes for a rail trail were discussed.  John Worrilow reported the Lebanon Water authority is planning to sell part of their riparian land to the company.
10) Tom reported on the progress of the watershed planning process.  The list of priorities developed at the the public meetings was sent out in the SCWA newsletter with a request for people to rank the priorities A, B or C.  Evaluation forms are still being returned. The next step is to name a Plan Steering Committee to oversee the planning process. A list of 38 names was reviewed by the board and 13 were selected to be invited to serve on the Steering Committee. The other 25 will be candidates for the larger Technical Advisory Committee.
11) The recent response of the Corps of Engineers to the Swatara Dam proposal was discussed, as well as the letters of opposition from EPA and the Fish and Wildlife Service.  No one in SCWA had seen the letter from the Corps of Engineers and only Tom Embich had seen the lengthy letters from EPA and FWS. The board members requested that copies of all three letters be made available to them. One of the issues of concern to SCWA was the change in designation of the Swatara Creek between Swatara Gap and Pine Grove from Warm Water Fishery to Cold Water Fishery.  No one in SCWA was aware that this change had been made. Pat Pingel said she would find out when and how this was done. The next meeting will be January 27, 9:30AM, at the Lebanon Municipal Building.  EPA and the Fish and Wildlife Service will make a presentation to the Swatara Creek Watershed Association to explain their position on the Swatara Dam proposal. Canaan Valley Institute will facilitate the meeting.

Recorded by Betty Conner.

November 20, 1998

 9:30 AM, 2501 Cumberland St.


PRESENT: Tom Embich, chairing; Betty Conner, Tim Emenheiser, Walt Haber, Mary Levitz, Greta Rank, Linda Slaybaugh, Chuck Wertz


Secretary’s report previously emailed to members.

New & renewing members: Lawrence Anderson, Ruth Embich

Lifetime Members: Edward Carney of Formed Metal Products, Richard & June Blouch, Myerstown

Notice -- Dues are due for 1999.


bulletShowcase Monitoring Kits purchased with Canaan Valley Institute grant
bulletNominate Officers/Election will take place at December 23 meeting. Anyone interested in serving on the board should contact Jo Ellen so slate can be drawn-up and distributed prior to next meeting.
bulletDeep Creek Lake Meeting: Jo Ellen Litz and John Worrilow attending. Follow-up for the Canaan Valley, US EPA and National Association of Counties on Internet Greenkit tools
bulletCirculated a Bog Turtle article.
bulletBonding for financial transactions of SCWA: The proposal from Zinn Insurance was reviewed and on a revised motion by C. Wertz, seconded by B. Conner, the bonding of Tom Embich, Walt Haber, and JoEllen Litz was approved for the three year pre-paid proposal ($582).
bulletBank repository for funds: On a motion by B. Conner, seconded by C. Wertz, the selection of Jonestown Bank, Cleona Office was approved as the prime repository for SCWA funds.
bulletPayment was received for the Handwerk Contractor’s wetland project; T. Embich paid for project management under that contract.
bulletTerrene Institute - Adopt-Your Watershed Plan: The request for comments from Terrene Institute was reviewed. A consensus directed that appropriate comments be forwarded by e-mail to TI about the plan. All present thought the Adopt-Your Watershed Plan approach was an excellent idea.
bulletMoratorium - Governor Ridge Proposal to reduce waste disposal capacity in PA and improve waste hauling safety: Item tabled until December to determine its status.
bulletLetter regarding Sweet Arrow Lake produced questions.
bulletLetterhead quote: The quotes from Boyer Printing and one faxed for Westmont Printers were reviewed. The Westmont quote was most favorable. Action was deferred for additional prices at the December meeting.
bulletJanuary Meeting: The January 27, 1999, Meeting is scheduled for the Lebanon Municipal Building to accommodate a meeting with the US EPA and US Fish & Wildlife Service.
bulletRiver Conservation Plan workshop:
bulletThe remainder of the meeting was devoted to reviewing several hand-outs provided by T. Embich relating to the key issues collected at the three Informational Meetings and a comprehensive list of potential candidates for the Plan Steering Committee (between 9 and 13 members) and the alternate Technical Advisory Committee (size variable). The members in attendance were asked to review and provide rankings of the key issues lists -- "A"= high priority; "B"= important, but can wait; "C"= need to be considered for the long term, and return their rankings ASAP.

The seven categories reviewed for representation on the Plan Steering Committee:

  1.  Watershed and Conservancy groups
  2.  Land Owners and Farmers along the Swatara Creek
  3.  Government and Government Agencies
  4.  Water Suppliers
  5.  Key Businesses and Industries and Business Related Organizations
  6.  Citizens, Environmental Groups and Sports Groups
  7.  Educational Institutions, Interested Educators

Selected names were offered and a core list developed for primary invitations. The refined lists of names for the Plan Steering Committee and the Technical Advisory Committee will be distributed for approval to the Executive Committee and invitations issued for membership soon after.

SCWA Meetings (Public is welcome) 9:30 AM

Dec. 23, 1998 - Sallies’ Place - Election and Workshop on Rivers Plan.

Jan. 27, 1999 - Lebanon Municipal Building: Swatara State Park Questions and Answers

October 28, 1998

  1. Introductions were made by Tom Embich, chairing this session. Attendees: R. Arnold, D. Blouch, H. Bomberger, Jay Braund (DEP SoC), E. Chubb, T. Embich, W. Haber, A. Lasky, D. Lasky, M. Levitz, F. Payer, G. Rank, L. Slaybaugh, C. Wertz, J. Worrilow.
  2. General information was reviewed:
    a.Richard & Jane Blouch are our newest lifetime members.
    b.Oct. 22 – Jo Ellen attended an organization session of the Dauphin Co. Swatara Greenway at Hummelstown Borough. Ed Chubb, Director, Dauphin Co. Parks & Recreation, conducted the meeting, with seven of the nine Dauphin County municipalities in attendance, the Hershey Trust Co., Manada Conservancy and the Central Penn Conservancy. Ed Chubb briefed the Board on the focus of the meeting and the eventual property transfer by Hershey Trust Co. through a conservancy to Dauphin Co. for the Greenway. Additional efforts by some of the Dauphin municipalities are underway to augment the dedication of the Hershey Trust Co. lands.
    c.The new SCWA brochures have arrived and were reviewed at the meeting. Everyone was pleased with the result.
    d.In recognition of Rita Wilhelm’s work and time spent on the brochure and letterhead, the Board approved a complimentary membership for her.
    e.The Renew America grant application was reviewed. Thanks to the following for supporting the application: Kiena Smith – Canaan Valley Institute; Frank Payer - So. Central Reg. PA DEP; Terry Hough – Pa DCNR; Bob Arnold – Hershey Foods; Naomi Friedman – National Assoc. of Counties.
  3. WRAP Grant discussion – Dave Lasky discussed the focus of the WRAP grant. It is centered on stream bank fencing and riparian buffer development along the Bachman Run, a tributary to the Quittapahilla Creek at Annville. Dave showed the proposed properties on several aerial maps and a stream map to show the area to be addressed. Chuck Wertz commented on the very successful campaign mounted by Joe Waybright, former Ass’t Waterways Patrolman, in enlisting several farmer’s cooperation in the Bachman Run watershed.
  4. Embich announced the Nov. 18 – 20 conference on Technical Assistance Community-Based Environmental Protection Project Follow-up to be held at Deep Creek lake, MD. Three volunteers can be sent by the SCWA, expenses paid. The event is sponsored by the National Assoc. of Counties. Volunteers were asked to notify Jo Ellen if they are interested. No volunteers at the meeting.
  5. Rivers Conservation Plan Meetings – Tom Embich introduced the following aspects to the Rivers Conservation Plan:
    a.A financial bond is required to handle the PA DCNR funds – a bond for 3 years ($ 237 prepaid) was approved on motion by C. Wertz, seconded by R. Blouch.
    b.Embich requested assistance at the Oct. 31 and Nov.7 Rivers Conservation meetings – Greta Rank will be at the Pine Grove meeting; Dick Blouch will be at the Lower Dauphin Middle School meeting.
    c.Embich reviewed the Oct. 27 meeting at Northern Lebanon High School, indicating that a few new items were added to the Swatara Expo (March, 1996) list of issues. Concentrated Animal Operations and Swatara State Park Dam pros and cons were added to the list as major issues of current importance.
    d.The DCNR contract document has been reviewed and 19 issues need to be addressed by the Executive Committee. Embich provided a brief overview of the nature of the items, such as the bond, sexual harassment policy, non-discrimination policy, etc. Any issues requiring action by the Board will be brought at a future meeting.
  6. A brochure on the invasive plant – Purple Loosestrife – was distributed by Embich for use by anyone interested in a program to reduce the occurrence in the watershed.
  7. Other issues brought before the Board:
    a.Jay Braund, So. Central Regional Office, PA DEP, distributed the summary table of the Unassessed Stream Miles in Pa. The Commonwealth has 83,260 miles of streams, 70,358 miles are currently unassessed.
    b.Chuck Wertz presented the newest Conservation District Newsletter and commented on the new SCWA Brochure.
    c.Ann Lasky noted that the Quittie Park meeting is scheduled for 11/8, 7:45 PM at the Annville St. Paul’s Catholic Church.
    d.Bob Arnold announced that the Federated Sportsmen are again sponsoring the Summer Environmental School at Levitz Park – July 18 – 23, 1999. Bob is looking for project ideas for that week and after January the enrollment will be opened to students outside Lebanon County.
  8. Next Meeting is Nov. 20, 1998, 2501 Cumberland St., Lebanon PA.


September 30, 1998

9:30AM – Sallie’s Place, Jonestown PA



Present: Bob Arnold, Betty Conner, Richard Blouch, Denise Donmoyer, Tom Embich, Tim Emenheiser, Janie French, Carol Keesey, Terry Hough, Mayor George Kaufman, David Lasky, Marie Levitz, Bruce Lindsey, Jo Ellen Litz, Gretta Rank, Linda Slaybaugh, Ray Swingholm, Chuck Wertz, Rita Wilhelm, Doug Wolfgang, John Worrilow

PROGRAM: Betty Conner introduced Bruce Lindsey, speaking on the USGS Lower Susquehanna River Basin Study. Data collection occurred from 1992-1995. Fish tissue (livers) of white suckers and small mouth bass and streambeds were analyzed. Bachman Run, a tributary to Quittapahilla Creek was chosen to represent a typical agricultural stream where 88% of the land is in Ag use. The main crop is corn in the 7.75 square mile limestone Great Valley. DDT tested highest of around 100 test sites in the nation, but levels were still below the fish commission advisory level.

  1. Announcing your invitation to be involved in the public participation process toward developing an effective and usable Rivers Conservation Plan (watershed management plan):

Public Meetings:

October 27

Lebanon, Northern Lebanon High School

6:30 PM

October 31

Schuylkill, Pine Grove Township Building

10 AM

November 7

Dauphin, Lower Dauphin Middle School Cafetorium

10 AM

WHAT? And informational and focus meeting to follow-up on issues initially identified in the EXPO meeting of March 1996.


bulletTo inform the public about the study
bulletTo determine interest in the study
bulletTo collect information on problems in the study area
bulletTo rank local issues and concerns
bulletTo list suggestions on things which need to be done
bulletTo receive offers of help with the study

During the meetings we will also identify likely members for a Planning Steering Committee. Afterwards, the Planning Steering Committee will develop a "scope of work" to develop a request for proposal. The Plan will be completed by December 31, 2001

WHO: any interested individual or group living in the Swatara Watershed including but not limited to: land owners along the Swatara; City, Borough, Township, County, and State officials; businesses; farmers; civic groups; conservation groups, recreation groups, historic preservation groups; and scouts.

  1. Test Kit Library: Three Corning and two Model AM-22 water test kits ordered from Ben Meadows Company. A Water Test Kit User Agreement was reviewed and adopted on a motion by Embich, seconded by Arnold.
  2. Artist Rita Wilhelm presented a two-color brochure and stationary for review. Suggestions were received to include a line on our Water Test Kit Library and to give DCNR credit for helping to fund our Watershed Approach. Other pictures for consideration must be submitted within 48 hours, Friday afternoon. There was a consensus to print the brochures in time for our public meetings.
  3. Embich moved and Swingholm seconded a motion to submit the following nominations for Directors of the Lebanon County Conservation District: Betty Conner and Richard Blouch. Worrilow moved and Embich seconded a motion to close the nominations. Motion carried with Litz, Conner and Wertz abstaining.
  4. The PA Game commission announced Stony Creek railroad bed will open from 9am to 3 PM on October 18 to view the fall foliage. Beginning at Ellendale Gate in Dauphin County, the one-day "cruise" ends at Gold Mine Road, Lebanon County.
  5. Certified mail received concerning Citizens Coordinating for Clean Water registering in PA to solicit funds for charitable purposes.
  6. Betty & Jo Ellen responded to a request for follow-up information form the Ressler Mill Foundation.
  7. Reid Engineering Company announced an application for wastewater treatment system expansion for Farmer’s Pride in Fredericksburg PA.
  8. On 9/23/98 in a teleconference call, spoke with Naomi Friedman, Bekki Leigh, and Jim Kreitzel about SCWA’s success and concerns participating in the EPA Greenworks project this year. Follow-up letter sent to Kiena Smith, Canaan Valley Institute.
  9. Received an application for Renew America awards council for environmental sustainability. Motion by Embich, seconded by Conner to complete application and pay $25 fee.
  10. GRANT APS available: PA Watershed Restoration & Assistance Program (WRAP) (Oct 30 deadline); EPA Environmental Education Grants Program (Nov 16 deadline).
  11. Also received Environmental Finance Center comments for review.
  12. American Heritage Rivers Book of information received.
  13. Claudine Koslosky contacted SCWA concerning Sweet Arrow Lake. Residents met and shared a history of the lake and a list of 75 bird species spotted at Sweet Arrow. In addition, they list beaver; muskrat; opossums; raccoons; numerous fish, frogs and plant life; painted and snapping turtles; and salamanders as residents of the ecosystem. They shared a threat to this system if the lake is breached because the breast needs repairs. Reinforcement will cost $1 million.
  14. Motion by Conner, seconded by Slaybaugh to submit a letter of support to Hummelstown Boro for a 40’ wide 1.5 mile long easement for a trail along the Swatara bordering Handwerk.
  15. Consensus for Jo Ellen to participate in a teleconference with Terene Institute on 10/14 or 10/15 to develop an Adopt-Your-Watershed program for EPA Region 3.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned on a motion by Worrilow.

bulletOctober 3, Quittie Creek Nature Park meeting, 7:30pm, St. Paul’s, Annville
bulletOctober 11, apple Cider Festival, Levitz Park, 11am-5pm
bulletOctober 11 through Tuesday, October 13, 1998 - Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay announced the 3rd Biennial North American Water Trails Conference. If you are interested in attending, some scholarship $ are still available.
bulletOctober 18, Conewago Rail Trail hike starting in Lancaster, 1pm, 2 miles west of Elizabethtown along Route 230. Contact John Wengert 867-2101.
bulletOctober 23-25 - American Heritage Rivers "Community Partnerships That Work" announces a symposium in Atlanta, Georgia.
bulletNext Meeting, Wednesday October 28, 9:30 AM, Sallie's Place, Jonestown.


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