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December 26, 2001

The meeting at the SCWA office was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Jo Ellen Litz, president. 
Attendance:  Tom Embich, John Worrilow, David Lasky, Ann Lasky, Bill Achor, Jo Ellen Litz and Betty Conner. 
The Secretary & Treasurer reports will be reviewed at the January meeting.
bulletA letter of thanks was received from Ed Keener for the award and recognition ceremony hosted by SCWA on the occasion of his retirement. 
bulletA vote of affirmation was taken to pay Hopewell Manufacturing $3210 for the Water Trail sign frames.   Motion carried.
bulletA letter was received from the Lebanon County Conservation regarding their Growing Greener Grant application for their Roofed Mortality Composter Project and asking for SCWA’s support.  It was the consensus of the members present to support this project. 
bulletIt was moved by John Worrilow, seconded by Ann Lasky, to pay the bill of $583 for the Officers’ Bond Insurance.   Motion carried
bulletIt was moved by John Worrilow, seconded by Ann Lasky, to award a contract for audit and tax preparation to Steiner and Faren, for $1600.  Motion carried
bulletA copy of the federal Volunteer Protection Act was provided to members.  We will ask our legal advisor if this legislation is sufficient to cover “libel or slander”.  Or do we need a third policy? 
bulletTom Embich reviewed information provided to Buskirk on Beaver Creek.
bulletFor the purpose of maximizing grant opportunities, the Quittapahilla Watershed Association is working on an MOU with the Lebanon Valley Conservancy to partner with them under the Conservancy’s 501C3 status.  SCWA members discussed the implications and there was mutual agreement for the arrangement, but SCWA and QWA will continue to partner on certain projects.   However, it is understood that SCWA insurance will only cover projects reviewed, approved, sponsored and signed by SCWA.  John Worrilow moved, seconded by Tom Embich to recommend that QWA and LVC also recognize in their MOU and Resolution the ability of QWA to work with SCWA. Motion carried.
bulletPossible funding for the second half of the QWA Growing Greener Grant application for a watershed assessment was discussed.  In addition to DEP funding through the LV Conservancy 501C3, matching funds could come from Canaan Valley Institute as a Technical Assistance Grant through SCWA’s 501C3.
bulletThe Lebanon Valley Conservancy sent a letter requesting support of their DCNR Grant for the Tulpehocken Trail Project. It was the members’ consensus that SCWA should send a letter of support for this project which fits in with our River Conservation Plan’s recommendation for developing a Union Canal Greenway.  SCWA will also offer to be a sponsor in this endeavor.
bulletJo Ellen drafted a letter asking Congressmen Gekas for his support of the Southcentral RC&D District in Pennsylvania. John Worrilow moved, Tom Embich seconded, that the letter be sent.  Motion carried.
bulletFollowing review of the Ft. Indiantown Gap Environmental Impact Statement, comments from SCWA were prepared.  John Worrilow moved and Tom Embich seconded that the comments be sent.  Motion carried.
bulletA meeting to plan for the 2002 PA River Sojourns  will take place on January 8 at 10:30 A.M. at the Wildwood Lake Nature Center north of Harrisburg.  SCWA submitted an application for a participation grant last month.  Jo Ellen will attend the meeting. 
bulletIn applying for Growing Greener Grants, there have been questions about what can be covered by the 2% Administrative Fee.  This month SCWA reviewed the 2% Administrative Fee with DEP to obtain some definitive answers. 
bulletThe status of the grant application for remediation of nonpoint source pollution on farms in the Little Swatara Watershed was reviewed with DEP.  We are awaiting feedback. 
bulletExtra questionnaires for the Swatara State Park Management Plan were distributed at the meeting and are available at the SCWA office. 
bulletTom Embich reported that the Fish and Boat Commission is sending letters to owners of dams on private property to ask their permission to breach the dams if they are no longer in use.  The dam on the Swatara near route 39 is slated for removal because Hershey Foods no longer needs it.  However, there is a question whether PA American Water Company needs to have the dam in place to maintain a level of water at their intake a short distance upstream.  There is also concern that a wetland bird sanctuary near the dam would dry up.  The dam on the Swatara at Middletown was breached some years ago to allow fish passage, but some dangerous concrete blocks and metal bars were left behind, resulting in a hazard to canoes and kayaks. 
bulletTom also reported on a proposed zoning change in Derry Township that would allow a number of farms in the Sand Hills area to be developed for housing.  A public water company has extended lines in the area to serve homeowners on wells.  There is concern that as farmland is developed, recharge of groundwater will be reduced and increased flooding of Spring Creek may occur.  The zoning hearing is scheduled for January 8. 
bulletBill Achor reported that the owner of the Dutch Country Farms in Berks and Lebanon Counties has applied for CREP funding to establish Conservation Reserve areas. 
bulletDavid Lasky reported that the Quittapahilla Watershed Association will hold its next meeting on January 30. At SCWA’s next meeting, Rocky Powell will describe his stream restoration projects working with Barry Evans at Penn State U.  He will discuss the planned assessment of the Quittapahilla Watershed, stormwater modeling, nutrient modeling, and the Rosgen Natural Stream Design techniques. 
The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 A.M.
The next meeting of SCWA will be held on January 30, 2002, 9:30AM at Harper’s Tavern, (From Route 81, take Exit 85 to the corner of Route 934 & Old Route 22).  $3 Dutch Treat. Rocky Powell will describe his stream restoration projects working with Barry Evans at Penn State U.  He will discuss the planned assessment of the Quittapahilla Watershed, stormwater modeling, nutrient modeling, and the Rosgen Natural Stream Design techniques.  Also on the agenda, a representative will discuss future funding of Growing Greener Grants.


November 28, 2001

The Swatara Creek Watershed Association met at 9:30 AM at the Lebanon Water Authority Wastewater Treatment Plant.   This was a special meeting to present awards to Edward Keener, retiring after 30 years as Lebanon’s Public Works Director and City Engineer.  Present were:  Senator David Brightbill, Mayor of Lebanon Jackie Parker, Mayor-elect Bob Anspach, City Councilman Bob Bowman, City of Lebanon Water Authority members George Patton and John Worrilow, Lebanon County Conservation District Manager Charles Wertz and Watershed Specialist Stephanie Harmon, Palmyra Borough Council member Mauree Gingrich,  Lebanon Valley Conservancy President Tisha Walmer, DEP Watershed Coordinator Mary Golab,  Janet Hunt from Sen. Brightbill’s office, Louis Juliani from Rep. Zug’s office, and Jen Loy from Rep. Krebs’ office, as well as SCWA members Ann Marie Lasky, Bob Arnold, Walter Haber, Bill Achor, Betty Conner, George Conner, and Jo Ellen Litz.   Special guests were Christine Martin, DEP Deputy Secretary for Water Resources, and Lebanon Public Works Director Edward Keener.
9:30AM Welcome & Introductions
An award was presented to Mr. Ed Keener by  Senator Brightbill; House Citations from Lou Juliani and Jen Loy, Water Authority Board Member John Worrilow gave verbal kudos; Mayor Jackie Parker, City Council members Bob Anspach and Bob Bowman presented a resolution; and Swatara Creek Watershed Association. President Jo Ellen Litz presented a certificate.   It was noted by Senator Brightbill that Ed brought a new level of professionalism to the city that resulted in good streets, good water and good sewage treatment. He supervised the $32 million Hazel Dike flood control project following the flood of 1972 and, more recently, the expansion of the Highbridge Reservoir to provide adequate water supply for the City Authority. 
Special guest DEP Deputy Secretary Christine Martin spoke about the importance of water conservation in managing our water resources and highlighted SCWA’s Water Conservation Kits that were purchased with a Growing Greener Grant to educate students and the public about water conservation in homes, schools and businesses.  Eight Hundred residents of the Swatara Watershed are eligible to receive the kit by completing a Conservation Equation.  Christine Martin was awarded the first Water Conservation Kit.
9:50AM Business Meeting:  
Secretary & Treasurer reports will be presented at the next meeting. 
bulletPermission requested to help organize a fundraiser for Joyce Kunkle who lost her home to a sinkhole.  It was moved by John Worrilow, seconded by Ann Lasky, to approve SCWA working with Karen Light and Lois Meily to help organize a fund raiser.  Motion carried
bulletPermission requested to pay Clear Creeks Consulting $2,031.72 on the Quittie restoration grant.  This is the end of the advance money for this grant.  The full bill is $11,875.89, and Dave requested a $9844.17 plus administration request for reimbursement. It was moved by John Worrilow, seconded by Ann Lasky, to pay the $2,031.72 to Clear Creek consulting.  Motion carried.
bulletEnvironmental Futures Final Report for the North Watersheds in the DEP Southcentral Region is on file in SCWA Office.   
bulletGrowing Greener Grant Round 4 information is here! Any ideas for submittal?  Deadline is February 8, 2002.  http://www.dep.state.pa.us/growgreen/defaultdep.htm
bulletIs Your Future Draining Away? Attend the Water Conservation Congress Dec. 13 at the Penn Stater Conference Center, State College.  http://www.dep.state.pa.us/dep/DEPUTATE/Watermgt/wc/Subjects/WaterResources/
bulletA List of Data Points was submitted to Kim Weaver for the Streamlynx project.
bulletMackin – Final GIS Training has been requested.
bulletNext Swatara State Park Management Plan Public Meetings will be held on 12/13 from 4 to 6 and 7 to 9 PM.   Additional surveys & newsletters are available.
bulletFort Indiantown Gap EIS comment period ends December 17.  Comments are welcome.  It was recommended that the MOU between Ft. Indiantown Gap and the Lebanon County Conservation District be included in the appendix.  It was moved by John Worrilow, seconded by Walt Haber, to authorize sending a  letter with this suggestion.  Motion Carried.
bulletThe 2002 Swatara Sojourn will extend from Union Canal Canoe Rentals to the Susquehanna River.  It was moved by John Worrilow, seconded by Ann Lasky, to approve SCWA sponsorship of the 2002 Swatara Sojourn & submit an application to Susan Parry at POWR.  Motion carried. 
bulletContacted by Mark Edmondson, Hammer Creek, about nutrient runoff.
bulletContacted by Tim Staub, Rettew Assoc, concerning a Pine Grove Township Comprehensive Plan.
bulletContacted concerning a comment period for a quit claim for the Union Canal towpath on the John Boltz property.
bulletContacted by Bruce Bishoff about being included on a Susquehanna Water Trail mailing list. They want to number the islands in the Susquehanna River beginning at the Chesapeake Bay.
bulletContacted by Kelly Caldwell, Foster Wheeler Environmental in Langhorn PA about running a gas pipe near an old aqueduct near Bunker Hill.
bulletOpen House at the Cornwall Inn to benefit LV Rails-to-Trails, Dec. 16 from 4 to 7 PM, $15pp
bulletNew Publication by Canaan Valley Institute: ‘Hope & Hard Work, Making a Difference in the Eastern Coal Region’.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM followed by a video tour of the wastewater treatment plant and a buffet lunch. 
Media Articles of Interest:
11/5/01 - ‘Landfill Demystifies Operation’ by Joshua Sophy, Pottsville Republican
11/6/01 - ‘Red tape Ensnares Woman—Weeks After Sinkhole, Owner Can’t Move Home’, by John Latimer, Daily News
11/7/01 - ‘State Urges County Residents to Conserve Water’, Richard Fellinger, Harrisburg Bureau, Daily News
11/8/01 - ‘County’s Best Trails’ by Vicki Terwilliger, Pottsville Republican
11/9/01 - ‘DEP Update: Drought Expanded, Warning Issued for 9 Counties: Adams, Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, and York’. A total of 55 counties are now under a drought declaration, 9 under a drought warning, and 46 under a watch.
11/12/01 - ‘State’s Plan for Park Lacks Dam’, Environment Watch, Patriot News
11/14/01 - ‘Meetings Focus on Gap, Park’ by Al Winn, Patriot News
11/18/01 - ‘Talkin’ Trash’ by Ellen Lyon, Patriot News
11/19/01 – ‘Environment News Good, Voters Approve Funding for Open Space & Parks in 14 States, 4 in PA.
11/19/01 – ‘Dumping of Trash Studied’, Environmental Watch, Patriot News
11/20/01 – ‘Landfill Freeze Passed, New Sites Affected’ by Peter Jackson, Associated Press appearing in the Pottsville Republican
11/20/01 – ‘Odoriferous-Bill Expands Zoning Mandate to Exempt Factory Farms from Municipal Controls’, Patriot News editorial


October 31, 2001

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Jo Ellen Litz, president. 
Attendance: Karen Light, Richard Blouch, Stephanie Harmon, Bob Arnold, Ruth Dietz, Richard Meck, Ryan Gaujot, Dave McSurdy, Stacy Cromer, David Lasky, John Worrilow, Mary Golab, Jo Ellen Litz, Carolyn Zimmerman, George Motter, Lynn Johnson, Donna Chamberlain, Chuck Cravotta, Betty Conner, Ann Lasky. 
The September Secretary & Treasurer reports were approved.
Fall 2001 Swatara State Park "Explorer" mailing received outlining the New Master Planning Study (that's) Underway.
bulletLebanon Conservation District is requesting either nominations for their board or endorsement of Calvin Miller and Jeffrey Steckbeck who are willing to serve additional terms of office. Bob Arnold moved, John Worrilow seconded, to endorse nomination of Calvin Miller and Jeffrey Steckbeck to LCCD Board of Directors.  Motion carried.
bulletWelcome to new lifetime member William & Carol Christ.
bulletSecond Water Trail sign dedicated at Boat House Road Park.
bulletQuarterly Reports were filed with DEP for the Contour, StreamLynx, and Conservation Kit grants.
bulletTerry Hough, DCNR, says our $5182 check from the original RCP contract was cut (10/22/01), and they are waiting on the comptroller to return the check so they can get that check back to us, hopefully by the end of this week). The comptroller is processing the amendment adding the vector contours. The new grant total is $ 56,000. GIS CD's and a final request for payment form were submitted 10/26/01.
bulletPatti Robins, DEP, says their contour contract was sent to the Comptroller's office on 10/22 - it will take 2-3 weeks (i.e. Nov 12-15) to be finalized. Then she will submit the request for the 20% and it will take 4-6 weeks to get payment.
bulletJamie Wogelmuth, County of Lebanon, is also working on processing the County's share.
bulletA demonstration of both the Streamlynx and GIS layers was presented to the Lebanon County Township Supervisors. Delivering on a promise, Rivers Conservation Plan books, CD's and GIS CD's were distributed to those in attendance who provided letters of support. A renewed call for resolutions of support for the RCP resulted in distribution of additional sample resolutions.
bulletThe Lebanon County Comprehensive Plan was originally done in 1976 and updated or revised in 1987. Andrew Longenecker requested the information for the Berks County Conservancy who is submitting an application to the DCNR to design a trail feasibility plan along the Tulpehocken Creek. There are many benefits to this idea. Perhaps the one liked the most is connecting the Berks County Park System to the Swatara Water Trail.
bulletRC&D Area applications from around the country were due in the USDA NRCS office in Washington on October 15, 2001. The revisions to our application were submitted in order to meet this deadline. Currently, there are 27 RC&D applications from around the country on file for review by NRCS. The Secretary of Agriculture, Ann M. Veneman, will be making the final selection from that group for designation. How many new RC&D's will receive designation is unknown. If you are planning to write support letters, now would be the time to request your federal legislators to contact the Secretary of Agriculture to express support for the Capital RC&D Area application.
bulletPermission was granted to pay Clear Creeks Consulting $13,456.48 on the Quittie restoration grant.
bulletFor a period of about two weeks, the SCWA web site wouldn't go past the home page. The problem stemmed from an upgrade at Lebanon MobileFone that changed the URL for hard-wired links from www to users.
bulletHeritage Conservancy and Simone, Jaffe & Collins provided cultural features GIS layers in the Swatara State Park in a CAD format for inclusion on the Streamlynx layers.
bulletOctober 20 @8:30 A.M. Quittie Watershed completed plantings on a farm on Beck Creek. Future workdays include: November 3rd @ 8:30 A.M. Quittie Creek Nature Park in Annville and November 10th @ 8:30 A.M. plantings at Cleona Playground and Mill Street.
bulletAfter today's meeting, the SCWA is going to discuss the GRANT for Dutch Country with Russell Wagner from DEP. Members are welcome to join us for lunch--Dutch Treat.
bulletAnn Devine, SRBC, is interested in a kick-off event, tentatively on Wednesday, May 1st to have a rally in Harrisburg at the Capital to support reauthorization of Growing Greener funds and watersheds. This would include providing transportation for participants to Harrisburg (by using buses). The rally participants would walk from City Island across the Susquehanna River to the Capital where a press conference would occur. We would apply for funding for transportation and lunch. Following the press conference, rally participants could visit their legislators. Also, during May, we would reserve space to have Growing Greener exhibits in the Capital. Also, as part of Watershed Awareness Month, education curriculum packets would be distributed to teachers (hopefully, using the same system as for Earth Month). And, educational materials distributed to local governments, watershed groups, senior centers, conservation districts, DEP watershed managers.... It was also suggested to work with Kelly at GreenWorks to develop a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to be aired during the month. In addition, local educational activities would be occurring through the month. POWR was identified to be the 501(c)3 to handle the funds and will be looking to apply for funds from EPCAMR, WPCAMR, Western PA Watershed Protection Program, and possibly others, if needed. We are looking to apply for about $20,000 total.
bulletSeveral dozen Water Conservation Equations have been completed and returned. We are awaiting paperwork from DEP so Kits can be ordered. The Cedar Crest freshman Agriculture Education class is one group who will receive a nice award of Kits.
bulletTo follow up on last month's irrigation question, at the minimum, register water use (> 20,000 gallons per day), but may also need a withdrawal approval (> 100,000 gallons per day). Agriculture is exempt from the consumptive use regulations.
Comments and Announcements:
Richard Blouch saw a woodcock yesterday. 
Bob Arnold reported on the stream crossing signage project.  The SCWA grant application was received by the SRBC.  There are 24 locations in the Swatara Watershed in Lebanon County. 
Karen Light reported that the owls are migrating.  She and Richard Light banded 60 owls at the station in Hidden Valley. 
Mary Golab announced that the DEP will hold a public meeting on the Environmental Futures Planning for the Northern Watersheds in the Region on Monday, November 19 at 7:00 p.m. at the South Central Regional Office on Elmerton Avenue in Harrisburg. 
Chuck Cravotta, USGS, reported on a wetland under construction on Lorberry Creek in the Upper Swatara Watershed.  The information will go online this week on the USGS website.  Lorberry Creek is one the creeks most impacted by acid mine drainage. 
New Business
Streamlynx – Please send to Jo Ellen within the next week any information you have that should be plotted on the GIS map of the watershed.
bulletCLEAN organization presented a program on the proposed expansion of the Pine Grove Landfill.  They are an organization with more than 1500 members who act as a "watch-group" on the Pine Grove Landfill.    
bulletQUITTAPAHILLA WATERSHED ASSOCIATION  presented an update on their activities, projects, and vision for the future.  Since working together, the Quittapahilla Watershed Association and the US Fish and Wildlife Service have installed 55,700 feet, or 10 miles, of streambank fencing in the watershed.  They have also planted riparian buffers with trees and shrubs, and stabilized streambanks with log deflectors and large rocks.  They have initiated a project at the Lebanon Career and Technology Center to restore and develop an educational wetland.  The Association is starting a comprehensive assessment of the whole watershed including chemical and physical water testing , macroinvertebrate studies, and measurements of physical characteristics of streams.  USGS has compared monthly water samples from 1995 and 2000.  They found the mean nitrate concentration was 9.58 PPM in 1995 and 6.80 PPM in 2000, an indication that remediation projects and agricultural BMPs have been effective. 
Watershed News Articles:
9/27 Commissioners OK Sweet Arrow grant by Shawn Hessinger, Pottsville Republican
10/1 A pitch for Horse-Shoe Harmony by Monica Von Dobeneck-Patriot News
10/3 Swatara State Park open house announcement and photo by Lebanon Daily News
10/7 Swatara State Park--3 page feature article in Patriot News by Al Winn and photo documentary by Christopher Millette
10/10 Channel Project--Hazel Dike photo by Christopher Millette-Patriot

October 31, DCNR Snowmobile & ATV Grant applications due.
November 3 – Quittie Creek Nature Park workday starting at 8:30 a.m.
November 10 – Cleona Playground and Mill Street  streambank planting,  8:30 a.m.
November 19 – DEP SouthCentral Regional Office, Environmental Futures meeting, 7:00 p.m.
November 28, 9:30AM, Sewage Treatment Plant Tour.  Present recognition to Ed Keener.
February 2002, Legal Issues Workshop by SRBC Technical Exchange in manure, energy, organic recycling

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

September 26, 2001, 9:30AM, Harper's Tavern

Welcome & Introductions: Present were Mary Golab, Dick Blouch, Ann Marie Lasky, David Lasky, Kirsten Williams, Joseph Hovis, Kim Weaver, John Orr, Ryan Koch, Stacy Cromer, Bob Arnold, Stephanie Harmon, Bill Achor, Jim Boyer and Betty Conner.

Approve Minutes: The minutes of the May, June & August meetings were approved. Treasurer’s Reports: The SCWA bank statements were available for review.


bulletThrough e-mail, a majority of board members responded positively, but a vote was requested affirming payment of a $3,600 pass-through check for the Quittapahilla Watershed to reimburse the Lebanon County Conservation District for an invoice in the same amount. It was moved by Dick Blouch, seconded by Ann Lasky, to affirm the payment. Motion passed.
bulletSRBC stream signage grant program update--Bob Arnold.reported that there are 30 or more major crossings of streams in the Swatara Watershed. State roads crossing the Swatara will be covered. SCWA plans to install signs at 5 main crossings of the Swatara Creek. Other crossings are being picked up by municipalities. An Eagle Scout has expressed interest in installing some of the smaller stream signs containing the SCWA logo on crossings of smaller creeks in the watershed.
bulletActive Grants Chart: A chart of SCWA’s current grants, tracking numbers, contractors, and advisors was distributed with the agenda.
bulletA bill was received from Digital Data Services, Lakewood CO. requesting $5,147.50 for Contour Layers for our GIS. Last month the SCWA Board voted to withhold payment until the edge-matching problems were addressed. The following message was received from Digital Data, "We have completed our review of the issues you have presented and all of the edge-matching problems are indeed due to revised paper maps not matching the older paper maps. The missing index contours will be corrected in the upcoming deliverable. The single composited shapefiles (lat:long & state:plane) along with our geo-referenced rasters will be shipped via FedEx either late today or tomorrow." Jim Boyer reported that the disks were shipped yesterday. Also, a contract supplement for $4,700.00 to complete the additional work for the GIS project was received from Mackin Engineering. A motion to approve the $4,700 supplement was made by Ann Lasky, and seconded by Dick Blouch. Motion carried.
bulletOn September 13, 2001, the Swatara State Park Task Force Steering Committee and Intergovernmental Committee met at Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation to discuss the Master Plan Feasibility Study of Swatara State Park. Representatives of Lebanon, Schuylkill and Dauphin Counties were present. Maddy Cantu, a very graphically talented landscape architecture student, scanned some of the Ivan Ponting photo collection for inclusion on displays. There will be a public meeting on October 2 at the Community Center in Fort Indiantown Gap to discuss the Study process and view the displays of GIS maps and photos. .
bulletThe Daily News called about stream levels in relation to the drought. A spring along Route 72 where people purchased water is closed.
bulletWe received a letter of thanks from Richard Browdie, Secretary of Aging, stating "250 nominations for this year's Governor's Silver and Gold Awards were received. The selection process was difficult. Unfortunately, our nominees, Karen & Richard, were not selected as finalists but certainly deserve our best wishes."
bulletCopies of our Water Trail maps were donated for the ChamberPac. The Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce Chamber Pac is mailed to 3200 businesses. The fee for Chamber members to include material in the Pac was waived for the SCWA Water Trail Maps. Further, the CVI (Canaan Valley Institute ) logo will be inserted and their $1,800 toward more maps could print 2000 additional copies. However, with quantity, the price drops dramatically, and DCNR/Terry Hough approved a change in our grant to allow 4,000 more maps for a little less than $600 more.
bulletBonnie S. Swinehart, Environmental Writer/Editor for the Pa Organization for Watersheds and Rivers (POWR), wrote an article on the Water Trail for the statewide newsletter, Watershed Weekly.
bulletWe provided SRBC's Susan Obleski with a list of land that SCWA would like to see preserved along the Swatara Creek and/or tributaries. Additional suggestions are welcome.
bulletTo encourage partnerships, Welcome to the Swatara Creek Watershed packets will be prepared for new corporations that are locating in the watershed. We can include a trail map, a meeting schedule, sojourn brochure, board of director's affiliation....
bulletComments on the Environmental Futures process were submitted to DEP.
bulletSCWA was contacted by a group of citizens in Hershey, banding together to keep the Nye, Hart and Gipe properties from being rezoned from Conservation/Agricultural into a 70-100 home (Phase I) development. This property is bordered by Nye, Sandhill, & Hilltop Roads. It is one of the last undeveloped areas in Derry Township.
bulletInformation request was received concerning irrigation.
bulletMichelle Brummer, Environmental Planner for Gannett Fleming, Inc. requested Chapters 6 and 8 of the Swatara Watershed Rivers Conservation Plan in PDF format for the Comprehensive Planning Process for Lower Paxton Township.
bulletWatershed Awareness Month planning took place via a conference call on Monday, September 17th from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. The planning is being coordinated by Ann Devine, SRBC. A lso, a website by USGS with information about how to name an unnamed tributary is the following: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pppdgn.html It's pretty lengthy, but section 4 has the information.
bulletAmerican Rivers' draft River Budget: overview and online version of the River Budget for FY 2003 are in draft form. Most federal appropriations for FY 2002, as well as a few final funding recommendations for FY 2003, have not been finalized and are subject to change.
bulletStephanie Harmon forwarded an announcement of 2002 U.S. EPA Environmental Education Grants. Any local education agency, state education or environmental agency, college or university, not-for-profit organization (as described in Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code), or noncommercial educational broadcasting entity is eligible to apply for a grant under this program. Most grants are made at the $5,000 level by the regional office; the upper limit of award amounts is $250,000 from EPA Headquarters in Washington, DC. The solicitation notice is the same for both the regional and national programs. Applications must bear a postmark no later than midnight, November 15, 2001. The solicitation notice with complete directions and forms needed for developing a work-plan and application can be obtained by: [1] logging on to EPA's website for environmental education, www.epa.gov/enviroed/solnotice, or [2] calling EPA Region 2 to request a copy; the number is (212) 637-3674.
bulletWe will invite the CLEAN organization, with more than 1500 members, to speak at our October 31 meeting. They are an active "watch-group" for the Pine Grove Landfill.

Watershed News Articles:

8/2001-Jonestown Insert, Lebanon Daily News

8/28/01-Sights Set on Fun (Camp Bashore photo documentary) by Gordon Oliver, Daily News

8/30/01-Mengles to get water, Brian K Smith, Pottsville Republican

2001 - Quittapahilla Bridge Project on hold, Barbara Miller, Patriot News

9/2/01-Union Township growth hits some nerves, Al Winn, Patriot News

9/18/01-Water provider to be sold (German utility to buy American Water Works for $7.6 billion) Tom Dochat, Patriot News

Reports and Announcements by members:

Bill Achor, Wenger’s Feeds, Inc., reported on a visit he made to Denmark to view their manure processing technology. They have centralized manure processing facilities and bioreactors that produce electricity and thermal energy. Bill also attended a composting tour last week. He will be serving on the PA Composting Task Force that will be looking at all organic residuals available in Pennsylvania and the uses for compost in mine reclamation and wetlands restoration.

Ryan Koch, Schuylkill County Conservation District, reported on their three Growing Greener/319 grant projects: [1] For their streambank stabilization/fish habitat grant project, six sites involving 640 feet of streambank were completed. [2] For their acid mine drainage project, improvements were made to the intakes on Lorberry and Swatara Creeks. Bridges were installed to access the intakes and hoppers were built to make the addition of limestone easier. [3] At the Lorberry Creek wetland next to the Route 81 exit, an "Aquafix" unit was installed, a small water wheel that will dose the wetland with limestone.

Joseph Hovis, Ft.Indiantown Gap, reported that stream gauges were installed on Manada Run and Indiantown Run. Macroinvertebrate surveys are being done, 22 onsite and 8 offsite. An EIS and Water Resources Plan will be coming out soon. The constructed wetland sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is working out well. It is located across the road from the Memorial Lake parking lot. The lakes at Ft.Indiantown Gap attract many geese. It has been found that Border Collies are effective in discouraging the birds.

Kirsten Williams, SRBC, reported that they are working on TMDLs for Crosskill Creek and an unamed tributary to Swatara Creek.

Dick Blouch, reported that , utilizing the CREP program, he has 7.5 no-till acres seeded in orchard grass and red clover.

Ann Lasky, Quittie Nature Park, reported that a Lebanon Valley College student plans do a study of invasive species and catalog plants in a 2 acre area of the Park.

David Lasky, Quittapahilla Watershed Association, reported that the watershed association has completed 730 feet of streambank restoration at the Cleona Playground, and 349 feet at the pumping station and at Mill Street in Cleona. In November 1000 feet of streambank in Quittie Nature Park will be stabilized using stone from Carmeuse Quarry. The 2 acre wetlands project at the Lebanon Career and Technology Center is progressing. A website for the Quittapahilla Watershed Association is being developed by Ralph Heister’s class.

Mary Golab, DEP Watershed Coordinator, reminded us of the PA Watershed Conference to be held October 5 and 6 at The Resort at Split Rock, Lake Harmony. To register call POWR at 717-234-7910 or go to the website, www.pawatersheds.org. Applications for Growing Greener Grants, Round 4, will be accepted until February. There will be an applicant’s training workshop on December 12. She mentioned that (environmental measurements) of conditions and improvements are important and fit in with the Environmental Futures approach.


October 5 & 6, Watershed Conference @ Split Rock, Lake Harmony PA-Pocono Mtns.

October 27, Monitoring, Mentoring & More Jamboree, HACC 9-11AM. Call 717-780-2393

October 31, DCNR Snowmobile & ATV Grant applications due.

November 14 – 17, Groundwater Foundation Conference, Pittsburgh - "Today’s Technology Protecting Tomorrow’s Groundwater"

Suggestions for future SCWA meetings are welcome.

In February 2002, we will have a Legal Issues Workshop presented by SRBC.

A suggestion was made by Bill Achor to have a presentation on Technical Exchanges in Manure Management, Energy Production, and Organic Recycling.

Today’s Speaker:

Kim Weaver, Hedin Environmental, gave a progress report and presented a demonstration of the SteamLynx maps created for the SCWA website. There are 42 available map layers that she asked us to review and to provide feedback on which layers should be included on the maps for the website.

NEXT MEETING: October 31, 2001 - 9:30 AM at Harper's Tavern

AUGUST 29, 2001

Welcome & Introductions

Persons Attending Meeting: Chuck Cravotta, Jim Boyer, Bob Arnold, Bill Achor, David Lasky, Betty Conner, Jo Ellen Litz.

Approve Secretary & Treasurer reports The minutes of the May and June meetings will be presented at the September meeting. There was no meeting in July. The Treasurer’s Report will be presented in September.


bulletDrought 2001: Voluntary Water Conservation urged. 8/8/01 DEP declared a drought watch covering 23 Central PA counties, including all or parts of Dauphin, Lebanon & Schuylkill Counties in the Swatara Watershed. Groundwater levels dropped below normal, streams are flowing well below normal, and soil conditions are dry. Visit SCWA's web site for conservation tips.
bulletGreenWorks Gazette—A CD was received from DEP & the Environmental Fund with information on how families, students, businesses, schools, & farmers can protect their environment by recycling, buying recycled-content products, saving energy and protecting watersheds.
bulleteNOTICE: At www.dep.state.pa.us under Citizen Services, you can click on and sign up for eNOTICE service with DEP. You will receive e-mail to let you know anytime a new permit application is received from someone in your municipality. You will know about comment periods, public meetings, hearings, and final decisions.
bulletWatershedWeekly.org is a multi-media web cast about water-related projects throughout PA. You can register to receive monthly email updates....
bulletBy August 30, Diane Wilson is requesting water quality related data pertaining to any water body in PA, which documents the non-attainment of the applicable water quality standard--303(d) list. (717)787-3730 or email diawilson@state.pa.us .
bulletA Report on Sediment in the Susquehanna River is available at www.srbc.net/technical reports.htm.
bulletSRBC Settlement with City of Baltimore hearing held 8/9/01 in Shamokin Dam PA. The 50 year settlement will allow an inter-basin withdrawal up to 250 million gpd from the Conowingo Pool.

SCWA Business:

bulletThe SRBC stream signage grant applications are due 9/30/01. BobArnold is working on completing the SCWA application. In cooperation with municipalities and other watershed organizations, we hope to have signs marking road crossings of the main waterways in the Swatara Watershed. The signs will have reflecting blue backgrounds with white reflecting lettering, and will be placed immediately before bridges of state-owned roads that cross waterways. We have talked with Jonestown Borough, and Union & Swatara Township officials about crossings on Routes 72, 22, and Jonestown Road.
bulletC-SAW Application for Assistance from the Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds will be processed through our RC&D council.
bulletAT&T Wireless sent a letter stating, "providing free phones and donated airtime has reached its natural conclusion--and I wanted to let you know, well in advance of your next (Sojourn) event, that AT&T Wireless no longer donates free phones and airtime." Susan Ramsey
bulletCANOE LAUNCH BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT with Carmeuse June 27, 2001 at Water Works. Report on cleanup filed with PA Fish & Boat Commission's Lori Brindel.
bulletThe Quittapahilla Watershed contract came from U.S. Fish & Wildlife and Clear Creeks Consulting. Since the Quittie didn't get the entire $323,876 needed for their watershed assessment, the project was broken down into Phase I and Phase II. Phase 1 costs $137,734 which is within their Growing Greener budget of $175,000. Contingent on future funding, a clause in the contract allows for completion of one or both Phases. More details are on file. Since the contract needed to be signed now, we took a vote of affirmation. Bob Arnold moved, Chuck Cravotta seconded , to approve the signing of the contract. Motion carried.
bulletReceived up-front DEP Growing Greener check of $70,000 for Quittapahilla Watershed work as outlined above. An Affirmation vote was taken to pay $33,407 to US Fish & Wildlife and $19,704.80 Rocky Powell. Bob Arnold moved, Chuck Cravotta seconded, to approve the transfer of funds. Motion carried.
bulletAn affirmation vote was requested to pay $6,801.88+ to Hedin Environmental for work completed on Streamlynx. It was moved by Bob Arnold, seconded by Chuck Cravotta, to approved the payment. Motion carried.
bulletThe DEP grant reimbursement for the Little Swatara Watershed Association equipment was received. We need to continue meeting with them occasionally.
bulletContour Bids were received for 20' intervals from 22 USGS 7.5-minute quads converted to a single, edge-matched ArcView 3.2 shapefile. Elevation included as a tribute. Includes both State Plane & Geographic (latitude & Longitude). Contract was awarded to Digital Data Services, Lakewood CO, Turn-around 20-25 workdays $10,295.00. It was moved by Chuck Cravotta, seconded by Bob Arnold, to affirm the awarding of the contract to Digital Data Services.
bulletForwarded/supplied requested information for the Swatara State Park study to Jean Ackers and others. To support an economic study of the area, lists of hotels, campgrounds and restaurants in the area of Swatara State Park were submitted. The consultant was surprised to find we have in excess of 300 rooms near the Park.
bulletNow, similar to how our canoe trip was incorporated into the study of Swatara State Park, we are being asked to provide a list of groups who are willing to sponsor events such as cross-country skiing, an Envirothon, a bird day, a bicycle through the Park day.... Here's your chance to sponsor an event--Bologna Stompers, Audubon, Bike Club, High School Ecology Clubs, Federation of Sportsmen, and others. Please get back to me with your written intentions within two weeks. Include your organization's name, contact person, address, phone, suggested event, date and time. Ideally, events should not overlap but be spread out over a few months. Please be flexible if another group chooses the same day you suggest. A package proposal will be put together and forward to Simone Jaffe & Collins.
bulletFinally, if you're not on the mailing list for Park updates, you can respond to litz@mbcomp.com and ask to be added to the list.
bulletThe Daily News called about activity on Swatara State Park. We reviewed SCWA's history too.
bulletA project to open a channel for canoes at the Appalachian Trail Bridge was discussed. For canoeing in low-flow conditions, the rill just before the bridge could use a channel with six inches of water and no boulders. The project could be high maintenance if stones moved back into the channel in high water. Further, kayakers look for this kind of white water.
bulletThe first sign was installed for the Water Trail along the Swatara in Jonestown. Mayor Kauffman, Councilman Jason Kern and Jonestown Boro worker Gary Neasel installed the sign and did a swell job. There are plans to plant flowers at the base.
bulletDerry Township will assist Tom Embich with installation of the Boat House Road Park sign. A press conference will take place. DCNR through grant advisor Terry Hough will release partial payment to purchase signs for all access points.
bulletJuly 17, 2001, Lebanon County "cleaned up" at the PA Association of Conservation District Awards Luncheon. Swatara Creek Watershed Association Board Members Chuck Wertz, Betty Conner, Tom Embich, Jo Ellen Litz, and Bob Arnold accepted a statewide award for Watershed Stewardship on behalf of the entire community
bulletNominations of Individuals for Lebanon County Conservation District Awards are due by August 31. The categories are: Conservationist of the Year, Landowner of the Year, Educator of the Year, and Special Recognition Award for Conservation. SCWA nominated Hershey Foods as Land Owner, Leigh Beamesderfer as educator, and Al Winn for a media award.
bulletGeologist Elly Triegel, Phd., stopped to review our file on Pine Grove Landfill. The zoning request to accommodate expansion was withdrawn.
bulletDouglas Sweigart called with concerns about a sewage plant on Bow Creek. He says Donna Lebo and Marie Beaudet are on the Environmental Hearing Board and will follow-up with written details and/or want to come to our next meeting.
bulletAugust 13 received call from Bill Miller concerning a rock wall across the Swatara at Mish's Mill. PA Fish & Wildlife responded.
bulletA letter of recommendation was written on behalf of two board members, Karen Light and Richard Blouch, for their work at Ft. Indiantown Gap. More on this later.
bulletJo Ellen went to Arlington, Virginia for the first National Watershed Forum from June 27th through July 1st, 2001. The Forum was an unprecedented event designed to give voice to geographically, politically, and culturally diverse individuals who created a shared vision for the future of our nation’s watersheds. The event forged a stronger partnership between government and its citizens, to empower community residents to continue their progress in improving the health of their watersheds and to inspire government agencies to support the efforts of the growing community-based watershed movement. The Forum explored new directions for cooperative action to sustain watersheds into the next century and beyond by building on the efforts of Roundtables. The Forum provided delegates the opportunity to participate in peer-to-peer learning opportunities and to interact with experts and key decision-makers from around the country. Equally important, through interactive discussion groups, delegates to the Forum voiced their ideas and opinions for advancing watershed efforts. These discussion groups allowed delegates to deliberate and make recommendations on issues that the participants in Roundtables identified as pressing.
bulletOne outcome was renewed RC&D efforts being focused on developing a legislative champion for us. Deborah Alexander, Congressional Fellow--industry sabbatical from her employer to provide guidance to improve government--provided an outline of contacts
bulletWildflowers of Pennsylvania by Mary Joy Haywood RSM, Ph.D. and Phyllis Testal Monk, M. Ed., a full color publication, is available for $21.40 (includes tax). Local tie through photographer Virginia A. Phelps, member Gail Smith's aunt.
bulletGannett Fleming purchased a copy of our Rivers Conservation Plan.
bulletAn EPA bulletin was received outlining "How Will Climate Change Affect the Mid-Atlantic Region?"
bulletPA INVEST program provided their interest investment history.
bulletCopy of our Water Trail map sent to River Network, Portland Oregon for coverage consideration in their quarterly newsletter
bulletUpdate on member Karen Light's health. She hopes to join us next month.
bulletZinn Insurance sent our $100,000 Blanket Bond Coverage renewal application covering the president, VP, treasurer and secretary.
bulletEasi Acid Mine Drainage Project train is available. Call 50-729-2524.
bulletIn reference to our Little Swatara Farms grant, a DEP letter stated our Nonpoint Source Management 319 Grant for federal Fiscal Year 2002 was submitted to EPA to begin 10/1/01 with funding contingent upon final EPA approval. It was noted that DEP recommended projects usually get funded.
bulletNotice was also received that the Conservation Kit Growing Greener grant was awarded to SCWA.
bulletThursday, August 23, the Schuylkill Conservation District in cooperation with the F&B Commission constructed a relatively new fish habitat structure called root wads on the Rhein Farm which is located along the Upper Little Swatara Creek about 2-3 miles above Sweet Arrow Lake. Stream Bank stabilization is the primary goal. The site is on a Dairy Farm with stream bank fencing since 1997. A $19,000 Growing Greener grant is providing funds which will not only stabilize the sections of stream which did not heal since the fencing but will also provide additional fish habitat. Work was done by a track excavator and stone was moved with a loader.

Watershed News Articles:

bullet4/11/01 a $1 trillion water bill, editorial, Patriot?
bullet6/1/01 Local Groups Participate in National River Cleanup Week, Bonnie Swinehart, Watershed Weekly
bullet6/2/01 Farmland the Cornerstone to our Ground Water Supply, Brent Landis, Lancaster Farming
bullet6/2/01 Northeast Diving Equipment Group finds local "Sunken Treasure" takes them back to the future..., Mari Conners, Weekender CoverStory
bullet6/6/01 Breaking the Bottleneck, City workers dredging the Hazel Dyke, John Latimer, Lebanon Daily News
bullet6/14/01 Landfill growth protested, Rory Schuler, Pottsville Republican
bullet6/15/01 Quittie Creek footbridge proposal comes under fire, Barbara Miller, Patriot News
bullet6/16/01 Panel advocates airport in Lebanon County, Tom Bowman, Patriot
bullet6/16 Sweet Arrow drained, Rory Schuler, Pottsville Republican
bullet6/21/01 DEP secretary Hess tours Pottsville subsidences, Nathan Dickinson, Pottsville Republican
bullet6/23/01 Tales of the Trail, Maria Herne, Pottsville Republican
bullet6/29/01 Stream Repair (WaterWorks Canoe Launch), photo by Christopher Millette, the Patriot News
bullet7/3/01 Landfill foes plan strategy, Tory Schuler, Pottsville Republican
bullet7/5/01 I-81 shut down after accident (dump truck), Frank Andruscavage, Pottsville Republican
bullet7/5/01 Jonestown, district ink pact (land swap near community park) Allison J. Petrozziello, Daily News.
bullet7/6/01 Governors award for Quittapahilla Watershed, Patriot News
bullet7/7/01 A True Friend of Lebanon (Mr. Bashore), Scott Ney, Weekender CoverStory
bullet7/8/01 Consultants mine park possibilities, John Latimer, Lebanon Daily News
bullet7/10/01 Official: We're losing 15,000 gallons a day (West Lebanon), Jason M. Sipe, Lebanon Daily News
bullet7/13/01 Farm group protests Heidelberg sewer plan, Mark Hoffman, The Daily News
bullet7/15/01 Down & Dirty, Life in the mines, (Joliett), Jim Lewis, the Patriot News
bullet7/17/01 Landfill opponents enlist help from Valley, Expansion of facility would threaten water supply, group says, Jose Legaspi, Lebanon Daily News
bulletLandfill host fees cause county split, Commissioners argue over money, Jeffrey A Cohn, Pottsville Republican
bulletNew Map On Swatara Creek
bullet7/12/01 Sweet Arrow Anglers sponsor pan-fish tourney, Pottsville Republican
bullet7/14/01 Dam was never meant to be, Public Forum, Craig P. Moyer, Lebanon Daily News
bullet7/18/01 Landfill withdraws plan for expansion, Jose Legaspi, Lebanon Daily News
bullet7/23/01 Limestone Wells fight mine drainage, Life restored to Swatara Creek, Al Winn, Patriot
bullet7/24/01 Swatara Park needs a lake, Public Forum, Jo Ellen Litz, Lebanon Daily News
bullet7/24/01 Carl Litz, PA Fish & Boat spreads stone on Quittapahilla bank, Photo by Barbara West, Lebanon Daily News
bullet7/29/01 Turtle's presence adds to concerns facing lake plan, Al Will, Patriot
bullet7/31/01 Group: (Muir Airfield) Expansion plans hazy, Jose Legaspi, Lebanon Daily News
bullet8/6/01 Mounds into Mountains, Pine Grove Landfill looks like pyramid, Rory Schuler, Pottsville Republican.
bullet8/12/01 Open Door Policy at landfill, Public Forum, Mark Harlacker, Lebanon Daily News.
bullet8/18/01 Cut water use, Pine Grove asks residents, Pottsville Republican
bullet8/18/01 Workers sop of Spills (Quittapahilla Creek), Sandy Lynn Brown, Lebanon Daily News
bullet8/20/01 Water Woes, editorial, Patriot News



Thursday. August. 23, Schuylkill Conservation District & F&B Commission placing root wads on the Rhein Farm

August 27-31, Construction of Natural Channel Design Projects, Canaan Valley Institute, Genetti Hotel, Williamsport. Contact Paula Worden (800)922-3601 or email paula.worden@canaanvi.org

September 14 DCNR grant workshop, Harrisburg Holiday Inn West

September 15-19 Mid-Atlantic Governors' Conference, Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington VA

September 17, 7-9PM, DEP Pottsville District Office, 5 W Laurel Blvd., Pottsville, Source Water Protection (SWAP) program to establish protection priorities for potential pollution sources affecting drinking water.

October 5 & 6 2001 Watershed Conference @ Split Rock, Lake Harmony PA-Pocono Mtns.

October 27 Monitoring, Mentoring and More Jamboree, HACC, 9-11 AM. Call 717-78o-2393.

October 31 DCNR Snowmobile & ATV Grant applications due.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM

Next SCWA meeting: September 26, 9:30AM, Harper's Tavern

JUNE 27, 2001

A "work session" and meeting were held June 27, 2001 by the Swatara Creek Watershed Association at the Water Works Canoe Launch in East Hanover Township, Lebanon County. In attendance were:  Bob Arnold; Glenn Blauch; Dick Blouch; Mac, Chaz, John, and Dorothy Burriss; Tom Embich; Stephanie Harmon; Warren Kessler; Jon and Jo Ellen Litz; Don, Eric, and Alex Mock; Chuck Wertz, Alexis, Hayley, Leah, and Rita Wilhelm; and John Worrilow.  Please let us know if we missed anybody.  Oh yes, Christopher Mellott from the Patriot came by and took some pictures.

At 9:30AM trucks started arriving from Carmeuse right on "Q".  A total of 90 ton of "slide rock" were delivered to the Water Works.  Warren Kessler skillfully maneuvered his backhoe along the bank to deposit the limestone where workers could lift, roll, push, or pry it into place.  Stephanie Harmon brought extra work gloves.  The first order of business was to hand-pack smaller stone under the steps.  The cave-like hole was filled in short-order.  Then the larger rocks were moved to the edge of the retaining wall.  Shovels, rakes, pry bars, and hands were the main tools in use.  Small stone was packed in between larger rock.  When it got hot, and it did, workers took a break either in the shade of the overhanging trees or right in the Swattie.  With the heat, it was important to keep hydrated.  There was plenty of water to drink, apples, and good old Lebanon bologna sandwiches for nourishment.  When the job was done, everyone felt a good kind of tired.

For those who aren't familiar with the Water Works, at one time there were houses along the Swatara, but persistent flooding eventually led to eminent domain purchases by the Housing and Redevelopment Authority who turned the land over to East Hanover Township.  In turn, the PA Fish and Boat Commission became the steward of the 31 tracts of land measuring approximately 4,029' x 183' covering 21.796 acres off of Ono Road.

In other business, a DCNR resolution was approved for signing by acclamation for Growing Greener grant funds for projects such as the contours, and Water Trail signs.

In addition, Bob Arnold was appointed to write grants for larger "Stream Signs" along major highways like 422, 81, and 78 where the roads cross the Swatara Creek.  The grant is available through the Susquehanna River Basin Commission.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Backhoe.jpg (59440 bytes)


May 30, 2001

 MAY 30, 2001

Tom Embich, vice president, called the Swatara Creek Watershed Association meeting to order at 9:30 A.M.. Present were Tom Embich, SCWA V.P./Earth Steward; Richard Blouch, SCWA; Karen Light, Quittapahilla Audubon Soc.; Betty Conner, SCWA; Joseph Hovis, Ft. Indiantown Gap; Bill Achor, Dutch Country Farms; Craig Morgan Schuylkill Co. Conservation District; Ryan Koch, Schuylkill Co. Conservation District; Bob Arnold, Hershey Foods Corp.; John Worrilow, City of Lebanon Authority; Khervin Smith, DEP/Quittie Watershed Assoc.; Ann Marie Lasky, Quittie Watershed Assoc.; Charles Wertz, Lebanon County Conservation District; Bob Thomas, PA Game Commission.

Secretary’s report: The minutes of the April 25 meeting were reviewed. As there were no corrections, John Worrilow moved, seconded by Bob Arnold, that the minutes be approved. Motion carried.


Canoe Launch Beautification will be our next project on June 27, 2001 at the Water Works Canoe Launch site in cooperation with Carmeuse, Inc. A brief SCWA Board meeting will be held at 9:30 AM.

A Report was made on the May 5, 6 SWATARA CREEK SOJOURN SUCCESS: OLD FRIENDSHIPS WERE RENEWED, NEW FRIENDSHIPS WERE FORGED, THE DAYS WERE BEAUTIFUL, 6 TONS OF TRASH WERE REMOVED FROM THE SWATARA, AND THE WATER TRAIL WAS DEDICATED. In addition to the great coverage provided in the PA DEP's Environmental Update and Watershed Weekly, all of our local media was very generous in their coverage of the event. WLBR invited us to answer questions about the sojourn live on the Don Bowman show and Gordie Weise ran coverage on the hourly news broadcasts on both WLBR/WQIC. Jose Legaspi did an article of invitation to participate in the canoe sojourn. Then, Jason Sipe, new Lebanon Daily News reporter, accompanied us in a canoe for part of the trip. His color photograph and well-written article appeared on the front page of the Daily News. In the first week after an article appeared in the Patriot News Metro East section by Al Winn, over 100 requests were received for Water Trail maps. In addition to drop-ins at headquarters, we continue to receive four to six stamped, self-addressed, legal sized envelopes requesting maps each day. Sojourn photos will be posted on both the SCWA and POWR websites.

On May 5 PA Cleanways conducted a cleanup of trash in Swatara State Park with the assistance of local volunteers, including Karen and Richard Light. They collected 3 tons of trash and 128 tires, complementing the 6 tons of trash collected by the Sojourn canoeists.

The Swatara Creek Watershed Association will receive the Watershed Stewardship Award from the PA Association of Conservation Districts at their July 17 meeting in State College. SCWA representatives attending will be Jo Ellen Litz, Tom Embich, Betty Conner, Chuck Wertz and Bob Arnold.

Equipment for the Little Swatara Watershed Association, as budgeted in the Growing Greener Grant, has been purchased. The Request for Final Reimbursement and the Final Report are both due.

A check in the amount of $6112.50 was received from DEP for the Quittapahilla Watershed Grant Project. A motion passed to reimburse the Lebanon County Conservation District for their work.

GIS contour data layers are being completed by Mackin Engineering. A report was filed with Greater Harrisburg Foundation. We would like to do a press conference where we would demonstrate layers to sponsors, and invite municipalities who have provided resolutions to receive their GIS disk and Rivers Conservation Plan, or let municipalities know they can still provide a resolution to receive their copy of the material.

A letter was received from DEP requesting a representative to attend an Environmental Futures Planning Process Meeting for the Northern Watersheds in the DEP South Central Region on May 1 at 7PM at the SCRO.

A letter was received from SRBC notifying us of a public meeting for the Source Water Assessment of the Swatara Watershed to be held at the Lower Dauphin Middle School on June 12 at 7PM.

We received a packet of information from the PA Groundwater Association requesting an endorsement and support of legislation to protect groundwater.

RENEW AMERICA, which has listed the Swatara Creek Watershed Association in its Inventory since 1990, is changing its name to RENEW THE EARTH. We resubmitted SCWA’s application form.


bulletJune is PA RIVERS MONTH. The Governor’s Proclamation was read and posters distributed.
bulletJune 1 and 2: Abandoned Mine Reclamation Watershed Conference, State College.
bulletJune 4: Water Forum sponsored by DEP, DCNR, DCED, and Dept of AG., Quality Inn, 1363 Oregon Pike, Lancaster, 6:30 PM.
bulletJune 10 – 13: Water Environment Association 73rd Annual Conference, Penn Stater Conf. Center, State College. On June 11 from 2 to 4 PM Jo Ellen will participate in a roundtable with Robert Struble, Carol Collier and Paul Swartz.
bulletJune 14: Canaan Valley Institute Board Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM.

TODAY’S SPEAKER: Bob Thomas, Bureau of Wildlife Management, PA Game Commission, spoke about the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) and its significance for watershed and wildlife management. .


June 27. Meeting at 9:30 AM at the Water Works Canoe Launch Site followed by site work project

Watershed News Articles:

bullet4/1/01 United Water Customers, Patriot News, flushing in Dauphin County municipalities.
bullet4/1/01 Area citizens unite to stop Pine Grove Landfill growth, by Rory Schuler, Pottsville Republican
bullet4/5/01Landfill expansion detailed as crowd of 60 shouts, jeers, by Rory Schuler, Pottsville Republican
bullet4/6/01 Decide on landfill on merits of issue. Emotion, fear have no place in debate, Pottsville Republican edictoral
bullet4/8/01 Barging Out, Union Canal crew crafts floating tribute, by John Latimer, Daily News
bullet4/8/01 Valley ready to quench its past water woes, by Joe Legaspi, Daily News
bullet4/12/01 Quittapahilla trash removal, Patriot News
bullet4/12/01 Plan for egg farm rejected (South Annville), by Karen Putt-Gibble for the Daily News
bullet4/24/01 Union Township zoning board rejects hog-farm proposal, by Al Winn, Patriot News
bullet4/26/01 Northern Lebanon to look at visioning project, by Jose Legaspi, Daily News
bullet4/27/02 Little Swatara Watershed Association "Birth Announcement" Watershed Weekly for POWR
bullet4/29/01 Study examines water supply, by Al Winn Patriot News
bullet5/3/01 Down the creek with a purpose, Canoeists wated for two-day Swatara ride, by Jose Legaspi, Daily News.
bullet5/7/01 Everything...and the kitchen sink, Canoeists, clean trash from creek, by Jason Sipe, Daily News
bullet5/8/01 Volunteers dive into cleaning at Hazel Dyke, by Barbara West for the Daily News
bullet5/13/01 Resources, water, land use should be wrapped into a single policy-making entity, Patriot News editorial
bullet5/14/01 Untapped, Using new methods, water savings can be achieved at work and home
bullet5/15/01 Waterway, Swatara Creek has its own map, by Al Winn, Patriot News
bullet5/20/01 On the Waterfron, Crowd thrills to canal's history, by Barbara West, for the Daily News
bullet5/20/01 A tribute to hisotry, Canal Days offer chance to learn about the past, MaryLousise Gingrich, Patriot News
bullet5/23/01 Service Award, Patriot News, Hershey-Palmyra Sertoma Club picks Betty Conner


Today's Guest Speaker: Bob Thomas, PA Game Commission - CREP

APRIL 25, 2001

The Swatara Creek Watershed Association met at 9:30 A.M. on April 25, 2001 at Harper's Tavern Restaurant, Old Jonestown Road and Route 936 in East Hanover Township.  Present were Tom Embich, SCWA V.P./Earth Steward; Richard Blouch, SCWA;  Karen Light, Quittapahilla Audubon;  Betty Conner, SCWA; George Conner, SCWA; Joseph Hovis, Ft. Indiantown Gap;  Bill Achor, Dutch Country Farms;  John Orr, Dauphin Co. Conservation District;  Ryan Koch, Schuylkill Co. Conservation District;  Bob Arnold, Hershey Foods Corp.; John Worrilow, City of Lebanon Authority;

Secretary's report: The minutes of the February 28 meeting and the March 25 meeting were reviewed.  As there were no corrections, John Worrilow moved, seconded by Dick Blouch, that the minutes be approved.  Motion carried.


Plans for the Swatara Sojourn May 5 and 6 were discussed.  A letter was received from Susan Parry indicating that POWR would receive a grant of $60,000 from DCNR to oversee the 12 sojourns planned around the state during May and June.  A press conference will be held April 30 on City Island in Harrisburg to announce the grant award and introduce representatives from the 12 Sojourns.  Betty Conner will attend and represent the Swatara Sojourn, the first one scheduled.   SCWA will receive $2000 from POWR to help with Sojourn expenses like portable toilets and shuttle rental.

Day 1 of the Sojourn will begin south of Pine Grove at the Route 643 bridge. During the trip through Swatara State Park canoeists are encouraged to pick up trash.  Dumpsters will be located at numerous points like the Suedberg rest stop and the Appalachian Trail Bridge where lunch will be served by the Izaak Walton League.  The overnight stop will be at the Lickdale Campground where a lasagna dinner prepared at Scotto's will be served.  Following dinner there will be a program at Trinity Methodist Church nearby, with speakers from the Bureau of State Parks, the Horseshoe Trail Club and the Appalachian Trail Conference.  Back at the campground there will be a camp fire with
marshmallows and smores.

Day 2 will begin with breakfast and a musical worship service at Trinity UMC followed by the 9:00 A.M. dedication of the Swatara Water Trail at the Jonestown Bridge access point at Scotto's Restaurant.  The Sojourn will continue from Jonestown to the Waterworks where lunch will be served, then on to the Union Canal Canoe Rentals for dinner.

 A letter was received from Brooke Lenker of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay asking for SCWA's affirmation for a Bayscaping Project in the Beaver Creek area which is part of the Swatara Watershed.  The project will involve McNaughton Homes as cooperators in designing landscaping for model homes using natural landscaping and native plants to conserve water and prevent erosion.  It was moved by John Worrilow and seconded by Karen Light to send a letter of affirmation to the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.  Motion carried.  Tom Embich agreed to draft the letter.

 A letter was received from the PA Fish and Boat Commission describing their need to renovate their facilities such as fish hatcheries, fish passages at dams, etc.  They need funds in addition to the user fees collected.  They are asking our members to support and endorse their program, to Keep PA Fishing and Boating.  It was moved by Bob Arnold, seconded by John Worrilow, that SCWA endorse this Fish and Boat Commission funding program. The motion carried.

 SCWA received two grants recently:  a DCNR grant of $9000 to complete the GIS work for the Swatara Watershed Rivers Conservation Plan, and a DCNR grant of $4800, with a  match from Canaan Valley Institute, to complete the Swatara Water Trail signage.

 Part of the Little Swatara Watershed Association Growing Greener Grant funds were received, to be used for purchase of computer equipment....

 A visioning meeting for the townships in the Northern Lebanon High School District will be held in the High School Cafeteria on April 26 from 7 to 9 P.M.  It is one of several meetings sponsored by the school district and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council to bring students, citizens and local officials together to look at future possibilities for the northern region of Lebanon County.  SCWA members planning to attend include Karen and Jim Light, Dick Blauch, George and Betty Conner, and Flynn Barnett.

 There will be a public meeting April 26 at Pine Grove High School, 7:00 P.M., regarding the proposed expansion of the Pine Grove Landfill.

 The first public workshop for the SRBC/Corps of Engineers/Capital Region Water Board Water Resources  Study of the Swatara Watershed will be held April 26 at the Grantville Holiday Inn.

 The Lebanon Water Authority's Annual Consumer Confidence Report, which all public water suppliers must prepare and distribute to their customers, was recently sent out.  SCWA can help make the public aware of the significance and value of these reports.


 The DEP Water Resources Forum held at Rachel Carson Building in Harrisburg on April 23 was attended by Betty Conner, John Orr, and Bill Achor.

 John Worrilow reminded us that Ed Keener is retiring as engineer for the City of Lebanon but will remain as a  consultant to the Authority.  Ed will be presenting a program to SCWA at our November Meeting.  John has his resume which we may use for a news release.  Ed asked for sugggestions of topics that we would like him to discuss.

 Ryan Koch, Schuylkill County Conservation District and member of Northern Swatara Creek Watershed Association, reported on some of their current Growing Greener projects.  The first grant was for a wetland treatment system on Lorberry Creek which is severely affected by acid mine drainage. The system is being designed by a group in West Virginia.  The second grant
for $31,000 is for AMD remediation and upkeep of limestone diversion wells. Hoppers are being installed at various sites to make restocking of the limestone easier.  The third grant is for streambank stabilization in the Upper Little Swatara Creek.  Work will begin after June 30 with a
contractor.  In addition to these grant projects, NSCWA is stocking trout upstream of Pine Grove.  Since the Northern Swatara group comes under the 501C3 umbrella of SCWA, they asked if the membership dues schedule in their brochure was acceptable:  Annual membership $10, Junior membership $5, and Life membership $100.  We said that was O.K and is the same as the SCWA membership dues schedule.

 John Orr, Dauphin County Conservation District, reported that they are working with several watershed associations on stream monitoring.  Charlie McGarrel is covering Beaver Creek in the Swatara Watershed.  Stormwater management is an area of concern in the developing areas of Dauphin County. The new arena in Hershey will require stormwater management.  Detention facilities are the responsibility of the local Derry Township.  It was suggested that bioretention areas should be put in the parking lots.  With regard to the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay project with McNaughton Homes, mentioned above, John made a motion, seconded by Bob Arnold, that SCWA ask the Alliance to consider infiltration of stormwater along with the landscaping project.  Motion carried.

 Bill Achor reported on attending the DEP Water Forum and said that prioritizing needs will be a challenge.  Funding is available now for stormwater facilities and for separation of combined sewer overflows.   It's a chance to use innovative stormwater techniques. A Nutrient Management Legislation Hearing will be held tomorrow, April 26, to address what is needed to change Act 6.  Phosphorus is coming into play and NRCS has finalized a standard.  Consistency is needed in Pennsylvania. This will depend on the TMDL regulations which are under comment until the end of July.

 Dick Blauch spoke about the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program CREP which is very helpful to farmers who wish to set aside cropland as a conservation reserve.  The problem is that NRCS does not have enough staff to approve project applicants.  NRCS lost 200 field people in PA due to funding cuts.  Pheasants Forever is working to get more land into the CREP program, but the wait for approvals is too loing.

 Karen Light announced that Ralph Kinter will be the speaker at the Quittapahilla Audubon Society meeting tonight at the Annville UCC.  He will give a presentation on wildflowers.

Since today was John Worrilow's  80th birthday, all sang Happy Birthday and wished him well.  Pictures were taken.

 The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 A.M.  Tom Embich, John Worrilow, George Conner and Betty Conner crossed the road to the banks of  Indiantown Run where it enters the Swatara Creek to take water samples for the Water Snapshot monitoring.   Tom conducted chemical and physical tests at the site.

March 28, 2001

The Swatara Creek Watershed Association met at 9:30 A.M. at Harper's Tavern Restaurant, Old Jonestown Road and Route 936 in East Hanover Township. Present were Tom Embich, Ann Marie Lasky, Richard Blouch, Karen Light, Betty Conner, George Gress, Kirsten Williams,   Joseph Hovis, Stephanie Harmon, Bob Arnold, John Worrilow, and Jo Ellen Litz.

Secretary's report: The minutes of the February meeting will be reviewed at the April Meeting.

Treasurer report:  An audit of the Swatara Creek Watershed Association for the years ending December 31, 2000  and 1999 were completed by Steiner and Faren, CPA.   Copies of the report were distributed for review.

The Federal tax return and Bureau of Charitable Organizations returns were also completed and available for inspection.

In response to questions we presented, a letter was received from attorney Charles Henry.   In brief, he stated that the sub-watershed organizations (Quittapahilla, Northern and Little Swatara Watershed Associations) are not separate entities but really function as committees of SCWA.  Therefore, they should be covered by (our) liability insurance policy....; (We) need charitable organization status...; The sub-watersheds may have a separate dues structure...; and at the very least, they should provide (SCWA) with the financial reports for approval by the Board....  It was moved by John Worrilow, seconded by Bob Arnold, to  approve the recommendations made by
attorney Henry.  Motion carried.

A packet of information was received from DEP concerning the Annual Watershed Snapshot   that is carried out by volunteer water monitors across the state.  Tom Embich offered to organize a  SCWA Watershed Snapshot session again this year.  The Little Swatara Watershed will do a
Watershed Snapshot at their next meeting.

Jo Ellen met with representatives from both the PA Fish & Boat Commission and Carmeuse.  Approval was received from PAF&BC to place dolomite blast-rock for approximately 50' to the west of the steps and for about 20' to the east, on the other side of the 6' path where canoes are taken from the water at Water Works. Carmeuse will apply for the permit, donate the limestone, and haul the material to the site.   Warren Kessler will donate a backhoe and labor to help place large pieces of rock.   Able-bodied volunteers are needed to place smaller stone at the June morning work meeting.  Picnic lunch provided.

SOJOURN UPDATE:  Brochures are completed.  Mary Golab and Karen Sitler through DEEP will handle news releases.  The National Water Week form was completed and submitted for free garbage bags.  Bill & Ruth Wise were contacted.  Canoe prices: 1 day, $25, add the second day for an additional $5.  Our Fish & Boat Commission plan was approved and returned.  Hearts
Afire is confirmed for a Sunday morning service.  We e-mailed Ed Deaton concerning a Swatara State Park program. The consultant and Ed Deaton have arranged for the program.
We talked to Jim Price, owner of Loft Sign Company.
We talked to Dave Carbaugh, owner of Lickdale Campgrounds and Union Township Supervisor.
We talked to Jonestown Mayor George Kauffman about joining us for the Water Trail sign dedication on Sunday morning.  He and the borough's maintenance person will prepare the
holes and contact Scotto's for a mutually acceptable location.  (A revised schedule for delivery may bring the actual signs in after the trip, but PAF&BC will provide a "Mock-up" for the occasion.)
Local Hotels and Campgrounds were contacted.  Reduced rates are available for individuals
mentioning the Sojourn.  Please note that neither campground or hotel prices are included in the $15 per day registration fee.  Overnight accommodations and costs are the responsibility of each participant.  Phone numbers are provided in the canoe brochure.  However, meals and snacks are included in the registration fee:
 - Saturday morning snack purchased from Jonestown Foodtown. (9AM) Doughnuts (location--Route 645).
 - Saturday lunch sponsored by the Isaac Walton League, soup/turkey sandwiches (location--Appalachian Trail Bridge)
 - Saturday dinner purchased from Scotto's. (6:30PM) includes lasagna (meat or vegetable), salad, roll/soda. (location--Lickdale Campgrounds)
 - Sunday breakfast sponsored by Trinity United Methodist Church/Lickdale (7AM) , egg casseroles... (location--Trinity UMC).
 -Sunday lunch purchased from Seaman's, subs, oranges, & granola bars (location--Water Works Canoe Launch)
 -Sunday dinner purchased: Hotdogs, hamburgers, and ASK salads....(location--Union Canal Canoe Rentals)

Six Free Cell Phones from AT&T/ Jennifer Dogs for Todd Snyder.  Local calls only.   Long distance calls are billed to SCWA.  The cost for lost, stolen, or destroyed phones is $150 each.  Voted to sign contract.
Waterproof containers for each participant were ordered from TD Mills, Hershey.
Porta-Potties: @ Start, Route 645; 1/2 way through Swatara State Park;
Appalachian Trail Bridge; Water Works Canoe launch; and Boat House Road Park.
Mary will check on violations for these potential providers.
-Associated Products, Mechanicsburg 274-5520, Art Nelson. $65 plus $2.60
insurance each includes delivery, set-up, and pick-up.
 -Walter's Portable Toilets, Grantville 838-3339, $84 per unit
(all-inclusive). Deliver Friday. Pick up Monday.
Craig reports Heinbach Auto Sales is on-board for our starting point.Parking
available in field.

Mike's report:  Recruited Weidle & Sattazahn for trash hauling.  Pictures by Harpel's.  "Danger ahead" channel markers - PA Fish & Boat Commission.
 Trails program - Horseshoe Trail & Appalachian Trail.
 Advance expedition crew:  (Remember, since a tree can fall across the channel overnight, we can't guarantee there won't be surprises on the Water Trail).

Bob Arnold: Hershey Foods is also donating Hershey Bars for Smoores.  Bob will purchase graham crackers and marshmallows and submit bill to SCWA.  Bob will   also be in charge of the campfire (9:30PM) Saturday night.

Transportation:  Tom Embich will check prices for a small bus with DB Fisher and other bus services.
Registration:  Laurie Grogan & Nadine Tomco will coordinate registration.
Safety:  Both Gene Tripp & Jack Zaengle are recruiting qualified rescue personnel.  Smitty & Terry Good volunteered.
Shore support:  Jeannie Moore.
Children's program Saturday night:  Stephanie Harmon & Pam Spayd.
Chuck Wertz is available to help on Sunday.
Other:  Trash removal spots will be marked on a map after coordination with Bill Friese in Swatara State Park   and Mike Pavelek on the rest of the route.

 WATER TRAIL UPDATE The final draft Swatara Creek Water Trail Map and text were reviewed.   A mock-up of the River Trail sign will be available for the trail dedication on Sunday of the Sojourn.

The GROWING SMARTER CONFERENCE was attended by a number of SCWA members.  Jo Ellen Litz participated in the panel on Watershed Planning Initiatives at the Local Level.   Everyone who attended remarked about the excellent keynote address given by Edward McMahon of the Conservation Fund.



 LATE REQUEST SUBMITTED BY EPCAMR. (WITH A DEATH IN THE FAMILY, JO ELLEN WAS NOT ABLE TO GET A LETTER OF SUPPORT IN THE MAIL BY 3/23.)  It was moved by Karen Light, seconded by Richard Blouch, to send a letter of acknowledgement
to DEP for the EPCAMR grant proposal with an explanation for the delay.Motion carried.

Little Swatara Watershed Association: A letter of approval was received from DEP for 50% of the grant,  up-front, for the Little Swatara Creek Watershed Association Growing Greener Grant.

PA Association of Conservation Districts award:  SCWA was nominated and chosen for an award to be announced at the July meeting of PACD.

SCWA was represented at the Annual King's Gap Conference held at Shippensburg University.   A Swatara Display was created on an umbrella to publicize the Swatara Sojourn.

The MOU between Ft.Indiantown Gap and the Lebanon County Conservation District is in the process of review in Harrisburg.

 Bob Arnold is donating a kick net for SCWA to use in water monitoring.

 Stephanie Harmon distributed copies of the Earth Day Calendar for Lebanon County developed by the Earth Day Committee.  The events will also be listed on the DEP Earth Day Calendar.

 Joe Hovis will submit a written report on activities at Ft. Indiantown Gap. The Final Water Resources Management Plan for FIG has been completed and a CD version will be available.  Proposals to do water monitoring in cooperation with universities and federal agencies are in the final review process.  The Department of Military Affairs will be hiring 11student interns this summer for 12 weeks to help with habitatat   projects.  The students need to be able to identify plants.  The jobs will be for 37.5 hours per week at $9.35/hr.  To be eligible, students must be enrolled in school.  For further information, contact:   Joe Hovis at 861-2806.

 Richard Blouch received information about the new CREP program and felt it was very advantageous for farmers.  The goal of the Pheasants Forever grant application mentioned above is to encourage farmers to enroll in CREP

Today's Presentaton:  George Gress,  speaking about the new Lebanon Valley Conservancy.   The Lebanon Valley Conservancy was initiated last year by a group of people interested in preserving natural areas, open space and historic sites in the Lebanon Valley.  The Berks Conservancy, in cooperation with the Lebanon County Conservation District, is helping  the organization get started. The LV Conservancy is a member of the Land Trust Alliance and meets the first
Thursday of each month at noon in the Lebanon Valley Ag Center.  A website
has been established at www.community.pennlive.com/cc/lebanonvalleyconservancy .  The Conservancy has the opportunity to work on three current projects: 
 1) The Tulpehocken Manor estate west of Myerstown, a group of historic  buildings on 7.5 acres.  The Conservancy has an option to purchase the  property.  Funds have been received to do a feasibility study on repair  costs and options for management.
 2) The Stracks Dam property containing Bog Turtle habitat, and currently  owned by Jackson Township.
 3) A Natural Resources Inventory for Lebanon County to be conduced by The  Nature Conservancy.  This inventory will become part of the PA Natural  Diversity Index and will be helpful for future planning.in the county.  In  Eastern PA the Nature Conservancy is responsible for conducting the county  inventories.

 A special outreach event is being planned for September 16 to introduce the Lebanon Valley Conservancy to the public.  It will take place at Brasenhill,  the home of Kaj Skov in Lebanon.

  April 5   Quittie Park Nature Walk   9:00 A.M.

  April 7   Quittie Stream Clean-up, Lebanon City  9:00 A.M.
     (meet at LV Farmers Bank)

  April 7   Field Trip American Museum of Natural History
     Sponsored by Audubon Society

  April 11   Cedar Crest HS Campus Cleanup

  April 12   Quittie Park Bird & Nature Walk  9:00 A.M.

  April 14   Monroe Valley Wildflower Walk
     sponsored by Audubon Society

     Ft. Indiantown Gap Work Day   9:30 A.M.

  April 19   Quittie Park Nature Walk    9:00 A.M.

  April 20   Tree Seedling Sale @ Lebanon Area Fairgrounds

Swatara Sojourn Planning Team, NOON @ WATERSHED OFFICE, 2501 CUMBERLAND ST., LEBANON--Includes all volunteers for orientation/instructions.

  April 21   WORK DAY meet at Lebanon High School 8:30 A.M. or various tree planting, stream clean-ups nd trail mulching projects

  April 22   EARTH DAY

April 23 - DEP Water Resources Forum, 6:30 p.m., Rachel Carson Building Auditorium, Harrisburg

  April 25   Lebanon County Middle School Envirothon 9:00 A.M.       At Colemans Park

  April 26   Quittie Park Nature Walk   9:00 A.M.

  April 27   ARBOR DAY  Tree Planting in Lebanon City 8:30 A.M. â?" 2:00 P.M.

        SRBC/DEP/CRWB/COE Swatara Watershed Study Workshop, 9 to 3, Grantville Holiday

     27-29 Canaan Valley Institute GIS training, Shepherdstown WV

May 5,6  Swatara Creek Sojourn

June 27- July 1 National Watershed Forum, Arlington V

February 28, 2001

The Swatara Creek Watershed Association met at 9:30 A.M. at Harper's Tavern Restaurant, Old Jonestown Road and Route 936 in East Hanover Township.   Present were:  Ann Lasky, Karen Light, Tom Embich, John Orr, Charles Cravotta, Dean Auchenbach, Bob Arnold, Bill Achor, John Worrilow, Walt  Haber, Jim Boyer, Joe Hovis, Andy Gavin, Kirsten Williams, Jennifer Hoffman,  Jo Ellen Litz, & Betty Conner.

 The minutes of the January meeting were approved.

 Treasurer's Report: Steiner and Faren will be asked to perform an audit for the year 2000, as approved at the January meeting of SCWA.   DEP answered the question of what type of audit would be needed by saying that even if SCWA were to receive more than $100,000 in state grants in one year, that  would not be considered a charitable contribution, but a contract for work, and only a $1500 audit rather than a $2500 audit would be required.

 New Board members:  It was moved by John Worrilow, seconded by Karen Light, to approve the appointment of new Board members Charles Cravotta, USGS,  and John Orr, Dauphin County Conservation District.

The current three subwatershed organizations within the Swatara Watershed are:    Quittapahilla Watershed Association, Northern Swatara Watershed Association   and the Little Swatara Watershed Association.  It was moved by John   Worrilow, seconded by Tom Embich, to formally acknowledge the affiliation of  these organizations/committees with SCWA.  The motion passed.   To these, and any future subwatershed groups within the Swatara Watershed that wish to be affilliated with SCWA, we will provide a letter of  confirmation.  The question of separate or joint insurance policies was discussed with these organizations and a letter was sent to Attorney Charles
Henry asking for his opinion.

 The Little Swatara Watershed Association met on February 26.  They are interested in starting volunteer water monitoring.  Their next meeting is at 7:00 P.M., March 20 at the Mt. Aetna Fire Hall where they will make kick-nets.

 A Growing Greener Grant Application was submitted by SCWA for Water Conservation Kits as described in the minutes of the January meeting.

 Mackin Engineering is interested in developing a grant application in partnership with SCWA to track invasive species in the watershed and to correlate their presence with soils, topography  and geology.  The goal would be to identify areas that are vulnerable, find ways to avoid invasion,
and educate the public on identification of invasives.   It was moved by Ann Lasky, seconded by Charles Cravotta, that SCWA support Mackin Engineering in developing this proposal.  The motion passed.  Charles  Cravotta mentioned that it would be helpful to also identify native species worthy of protection, such as the American Chestnut and disease-resistant American Elm.

 The Lebanon County Conservation District is submitting a Growing Greener Grant Application for five composting units for dead animals.  It was moved by John Worrilow, seconded by Karen Light, that SCWA write a letter of support.  Motion passed.

 A revised and trimmed Growing Greener Grant Application for Little Swatara farms, owned by the Snaders, was prepared and reviewed  by SCWA board members on February 9, and will be resubmitted to DEP by  March 9.

The Swatara Watershed River Conservation Plan, which includes charts, is posted to the SCWA web page.

Kim Weaver of Hedin Environmental and Bill Weaver of DEP agreed soil layers will not be included on the Streamlynx web page.  GIS Soil Layers are available in the watershed for Lebanon County only, and they're not certified.

 Plans for the Swatara Creek Sojourn May 4 and 5 are moving ahead.  Mackin Engineering will be a sponsor as well as SRBC, Hershey Foods, the Lebanon Water Authority, and many others.  Registration forms will be mailed with the next SCWA Newsletter and will also be available on the SCWA website.   The sojourn will be two days this year, starting near Pine Grove and ending at Boathouse Road Park in Derry Township.   Registration deadline is April 29.  The fee is $15 for each day and $5 for children. The first day includes lunch at the Appalachian Trail Bridge and evening programs with dinner at  Lickdale Campground.  The second day includes lunch at the WaterWorks Canoe Launch and dinner at Union Canal Canoe Rentals.

SCWA is working with Carmeuse to obtain dolomite for a beautification project at the Water Works canoe launch.

 Tom Embich reported that the Paxton Creek Watershed will hold a planning day at the HACC Ted Lick Conference Center on April 28.

 Joe Hovis, Department of Military Affairs, reported that the Ft. Indiantown Gap Water Resources Plan is continuing to be implemented with monitoring of water chemistry, macroinvertebrates and sediment.  They are also studying the movement of groundwater through the area.

 Kirstin Williams reported that the SRBC is continuing the Source Water Assessment for surface water supply intakes in the Swatara Watershed by developing an inventory of potential sources of pollution and determining the susceptibillity of water supplies to contamination.

The statewide Growing Smarter Conference on Land Use in PA will be held at the Hershey Convention Center March 18-20.  Jo Ellen Litz will be a presenter in the session on Watershed Planning Initiatives at the Community Level.

The Swatara Watershed Study being conducted by the Corps of Engineers, SRBC, DEP and the Capital Region Water Board will hold its first workshop on April 27 at the Grantville Holiday Inn.

 TODAY'S GUEST SPEAKERS:  Barry Shaw, President and CEO of Wenger Feeds and Bill Achor, Environmental Manager for Wenger Feeds

 NEXT MEETING:  March 28

January 31, 2001

9:30AM – Harper’s Tavern, on the corner of 934 & old Route 22, Annville, PA.
Attendance:   Lynn Carroll - The Nature Conservancy, Joseph Hovis - Ft.
Indiantown Gap, Ann Marie Lasky, David Lasky, Karen Light, Chuck Wertz, Craig Morgan, Bill Achor, Dick Blouch, Tom Embich, Bob Arnold, Stephanie Harmon, John Worrilow, Jo Ellen Litz, George Conner, Betty Conner.

New Lifetime Members: General Frank Smoker, David & Renee Stachow

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes of November 29 and December 27 were
approved after a correction was noted in Stephanie Harmon’s report in the
November minutes.  She announced a meeting to be held on December 6 at the Lebanon Ag Center for groups working on the Hammer Creek, rather than “creeks in Lebanon County."

Treasurer Report:
DCNR - RCP GRANT    $    130.92
SAVINGS ACCOUNT    $ 5,072.81
CHECKING ACCOUNT    $ 5,195.84


$2,440.64 - Final bill owed to Mackin.  Jim Boyer worked with us to review deliverables andpdate Adobe Acrobat, version 4.0, which allows us to copy and paste photos and charts from our Rivers Conservation Plan to word documents, our web page, and power point presentations. The
final Mackin bill summary shows a balance of $2440.64.  A motion passed for approval of "final payment” upon receipt of DCNR reimbursement. 

Our Charitable Organization renewal forms and fee of $150 is due.   A motion by Dick Blouch to file renewal, seconded by Karen Light, was passed.
There is no grant money to cover the cost of an audit & tax filing this
year which is quoted at $1500 by Steiner & Faren.  We are required by William Penn Foundation and CVI to have an annual professional audit.  Dave Lasky offered to find out if a faculty member at LVC could prepare our audit..  A motion was made by Charles Wertz, seconded by Bob Arnold, to have Steiner & Faren or the LVC faculty member prepare the audit for year 2000.  Motion carried.
A motion was made by John Worrilow,  seconded by Karen Light, to order
approximately $3000 worth of equipment for the Little Swatara Watershed
Association when the DEP Growing Greener 50% up-front grant funds are
approved and received.  Motion carried.

Print & mail newsletters   (from dues & endowment interest)  $1,200
Canoe Trip – Sojourn  (from registrations, donations & DCNR/POWR grant) $2,600
General Office      (From 2% admin fee on grants)  $    500
   (long distance calls, postage, paper, discs, cartridges, mileage)
Office rent, heat, light, phone line   (To date, donated by Litz Co.)
Web Site     (To date, donated by LMF) $   360
Audit       (From 2% admin fee on grants) $2,400   [According to our CPA, If over $100,000 in PA funds are received, a single audit or A133 Compliance audit is required.  SCWA's PA Grants approved to date in Year 2001 include:  StreamLynx $44,952 and Quittie Watershed $175,000].  If this amount spans two years, two $2500 compliance audits would exceed the 2% administrative fees allowed with grants.
Insurance   (X2 for QWA grant)   (From 2% admin fee on grants) $    388 Much like advice given to parents of teenagers, Zinn Insurance recommended each of our sub-watersheds have their own insurance. That way, SCWA’s loss history, ultimately our insurance rate, is not impacted.  Northern Swatara Watershed requested liability insurance information.  Since at this time we don’t have any "sponsored" grants for them, they will pay their own bill.
Bond  fee   (X2 for QWA grant)  (From 2% admin fee on grants) $ 1464
(Bond $582 & Charitable Organization fee $150   =  $732  x 2 =   $ 1464 )

The nominating committee recommended that the current officers and board
members be nominated for reelection for the year 2001.  In addition,
providing they accept, four new members were nominated for the board to
bring the number of members up to nine.  Craig Morgan moved that the ballot be accepted, seconded by Dave Lasky.  By unanimous vote the following officers and board members were elected:
President:  Jo Ellen Litz;    VP: Tom Embich;     Secretary:  Betty Conner;
Treasurer:  Walt Haber
Board of Directors: Dan Koury, Richard Blouch, Charles Wertz, Craig Morgan, Ann Lasky, Charles Cravotta, Bob Arnold, Ed Chubb, Karen Light

Our SteamLynx contract was executed with Hedin Environmental.  A meeting was held with Mackin Engineering to convert GIS files to AutoCAD format for our web site.  The Streamlynx website mapping system is in addition to the GIS layers available to municipalities.

SCWA is listed in the PA Directory of Watershed Organizations. Visit

Wetland mitigation requirements for the Union Canal Tunnel Park [North
portal project, Phase 3, Clark’s Run to Minnich Lane] were received from Vortex Environmental.

TMDL comments due January 31. Send to Joseph Hepp, 909 Elmerton Ave., PA DEP, Harrisburg PA 17110.   Comments were submitted by the QWA relating to the effects of water withdrawals on TMDLs, the possibility of pollutants other than phosphorus and sediment being studied, and the amount of actual monitoring being done.

Office of Surface Mining Summer Watershed Internship Program—sponsor
application available.

Speakers  - There are seven SCWA monthly meetings open for possible guest speakers:   March, April, May, July, August, September and December.  Suggestions are elcome.

A Sample Time Log was circulated for use by officers and board members to record project-related expenses.

LWVPA Water Resources Eucation Network Grant application due April 3. SCWA is applying for matching funds to purchase GIS Vector Contours to educate and aid municipalities in water resources and land use planning using surface topography.  So we do not lose raised funds, other grant sources are also being sought.  Tapping landfill closure fees and the DEP "fines fund" are possibliites too.

Growing Greener Round 3 due March 9.  SCWA is applying for funds for water conservation kits for water conservation education in schools and for the public in general.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Traveling expenses were requested by Jo Ellen for scheduled trips :
Growing Smarter Conference, March 18-20, Hershey Lodge & Convention
Center (Leslie Sarvis)
Penn State Campus, Fayette Conservation District (/Heather Fowler)
DCNR 12th Annual Conf., Kings Gap Environmental Education, Shippensburg University,
March 7, DCNR Display Only (Mary Beth Moritz)

The following newspaper and other articles  were circulated:
State to Design Another Future for "Swatara park", Al Winn, Patriot 1/28
County Officials Halt Plan—Sweet Arrow Lake Panel Vote Tabled, Maria Herne, Pottsville Republican 1/18
Sweet Arrow Lake Offer Rescinded, Rory Schuler, Pottsville Republican 1/19
Group Seeking Money for Park—Foundation plans to begin fund-raising effort in spring for endowment earmarked for Stoever’s Dam upkeep, MaryLousie Gingrich, Patriot 1/14
Water Supply Study to Start in the Swatara Creek Watershed, DEP Update 1/12
Appearance of Light’s Fort Masks its Past, Jack Bitner, Lebanon Daily News 1/9
Old Furnace Ignites New Interest—Schuylkill Conservancy to maintain site
(Swatara Furnace),
Vicki Terwilliger, Pottsville Republican, 1/6-7

Dick Blouch reminded us of the Volunteer Monitoring Conference to be held at State College   February 23-24.  It is important that citizen volunteer
monitors develop a plan with goals and  a monitoring design.  Base line data is needed in order to see changes.
Stephanie noted that a  Study Design Guide is available on the DEP website, keyword “CVMP”

Joseph Hovis, Environmental Section, Ft. Indiantown Gap, reported on some of the restoration  projects going on at the Gap.  Planned are streambank restorations for 7 miles of streams, propagation of high quality warm season grasses already existing on 1000 acres, and restoration
of 5 acres of wetlands.  The Gap is also working with USGS on remote
sensing of stream gauges.
E & S control plans are being updated by environmental engineers.
Macroinvertebrate surveys  are being conducted by The Nature Conservancy using a rapid bioassessment to look at species
diversity.  And there are plans to map the streams using the Rosgen
method, document and monitor what is there, and evaluate the BMPs implemented.  A Preliminary Draft Environmental Impact Study is in house review and will be ready for public review in about 3 months.

Lynn Carroll, The Nature Conservancy, reported on some of the work being
done at Ft.Indiantown Gap with the rare Regal Frittillary butterfly habitat.  They are working with  volunteers to remove invasive trees and plant species that shade the butterfly habitat.  They are also collecting seeds from butterfly thistle and planting them to provide nectar for the butterflies.  Research is being done each year with a butterfly census.  There will be volunteer work days on February 17 and March 3, and “butterfly walks” in July.

Dave Lasky reported that the Quittie Watershed’s wetlands project at the
Career and Technology Center received a favorable response from the school’s board.   Now they need to present the project to all the school district boards in the county to get their approval.  For the Growing
Greener Watershed Assessment Grant which they received from DEP, a meeting was held with the contractor and the Fish and Wildlife Service, who will donate their time to do the Rosgen Assessment.

Craig Morgan reported that the Northern Swatara Watershed Association,
which will meet tonight, received a Growing Greener Grant for $19,000 to do streambank restoration above Sweet Arrow Lake.  They will use biologs and tree roots to improve fish habitat.
Schuylkill County appointed a Parks Commission which will consider uses for the county’s $1 million Landfill Closure Fund now available for conservation projects.  From the landfill fees the county gives $4000 a  year to each watershed association.  A PNDI Study was approved by
the County Commissioners.  The Schuylkill County Conservation District
would like to see warm season grasses planted in Swatara State Park. to provide habitat for pheasants.
Craig mentioned that the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) is fantastic, especially for riparian buffers in marginal pasture land.

Karen Light announced a field trip Sunday at the Union Canal Tunnel Park.
Soon the Audubon Society hopes to get some volunteers together to remove invasive plants in Swatara State Park, such as multiflora rose, tree of heaven, wild olive....

Chuck Wertz reported on the SCC Hearing on the Growing Greener Grants
Program.  Some of the issues discussed were “last minute grant applications”, cash flow for volunteer organizations, and long term maintenance of restoration projects.   The conservation district is submitting the Swatara Creek Watershed Association for one of the annual PACD awards this year.  A PNDI Study for Lebanon County is being planned.  There will be an Earth Day Committee meeting on February 8 at 5 P.M. at the Lebanon County Conservation District, suite 2, to develop a schedule
of activities for April and Earth Day.  The newly formed Lebanon Valley
Conservancy meets the first Thursday of each month at noon at the Ag Center.

DEP will hold a public meeting on Existing Use Classification of Streams on February 12 at 1:00 p.m. at the Rachel Carson Building Auditorium in Harrisburg.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Today’s progam was a video on “Flood Forecasting  and Flood Warning in the Susquehanna River Basin” produced by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission

NEXT MEETING:  February 28, 2001, speaker from Wenger Feeds
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