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November 27, 2002
The Swatara Creek Watershed Association meeting was called to order at 9:30AM at Harper’s Tavern.
In attendance were:  Bob Arnold, Stacy Cromer, Tom Embich, Tim Emenheiser, Mary Golab, Stephanie Harmon, Karen Light, Jo Ellen Litz, Greta Rank, Gail Smith, Denise Uzupis, Chuck Wertz, & John Worrilow.
The meeting opened with a PowerPoint presentation reviewing SCWA’s successful programs. A recent Watershed forum was very successful. Congratulations to coordinator Stephanie Harmon!
Congratulations also go out to Brooke Lenker on a successful Native Seed collection project.
John Worrilow reviewed our plan to submit a packet to Yale's Forest & Environmental Graduate School for field work assistance.
Quittie Assessment and Restoration and Management Plan. On a motion by John Worrilow, seconded by Bob Arnold, the balance of the unused Quittie grant was approved for transfer to the second phase of the assessment project.
A motion by John Worrilow, seconded by Karen Light passed to resubmit our invasive species grant application for Growing Greener funding. So we can improve the application, Mary Golab will forward details of technical deficiencies. The application is due February 3, 2002.
V&S Lebanon Galvanizing exhaust vent collection pan routine sampling results dated 7/23/02 showed cadmium 4.08 mg/l (allowed 1.0); chromium 10.7 mg/l (5.0 allowed); lead 354 mg/l (5.0 allowed). DEP Solid Waste Management Act and Hazardous Waste Management rules violation issued 8/19/02. DEP air quality notice of violation issued 10/8/02.  Tom Embich moved, and John Worrilow seconded a motion to request that DEP place SCWA be considered as a recipient of any remediation partnership opportunities.  Letters will be sent to appropriate program managers supplied by Mary Golab.
The cost to repair our Sony Mavica digital camera is: LABOR: $159.00 , TAX: 10.26, SHIPPING: 12.00, for a TOTAL: $181.26 A motion by Chuck Wertz, seconded by John Worrilow, passed to both repair this unit and purchase either an upgraded model with film clip capabilities and a CD for file storage or a movie camera with still picture ability.
Water Resources Legislation letter - The bipartisan initiative sets up a water planning process that will answer three basic water questions: 1. How much water do we have? 2. How is our water being used?
3. Where is the demand for water outstripping supply? The centerpiece of the proposal is a collaborative process involving local, regional and statewide interests- economic and environmental -- in the water resources inventory, with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) given the responsibility to put the inventory together over the next five years.
The legislation requires DEP to inventory all uses of water-- for economic purposes and for the protection of aquatic resources and habitat. All users of more than 10,000 gallons per day are included in the inventory and critical water resource areas will be identified.
The bipartisan bills - Senate Bill 10 and House Bill 2989 - are designed to lay a foundation for future decision making about Pennsylvania's water resources. They do not set up a new regulatory program, but the existing authority DEP and local governments have to regulate water withdrawals is preserved. The bills do not regulate homeowner water wells.
This legislation puts in place a water resources planning process the public told us was needed during statewide Water Forums last year and the Governor's 21st Century Environment Commission recommended in 1998.
I encourage you to find out more about the bipartisan Water Resources Planning Act by going to the Water Resources page of DEP's website
www.dep.state.pa.us (directLINK "water resources").
The General Assembly is set to adjourn for the year next week before Thanksgiving. The opportunity we have to pass this legislation will be missed if we don't act now.
E-mail or call your state Senator and House member and tell them you don't want to lose the best chance we've had in 20 years to pass comprehensive water resources planning legislation.
Thanks for your help to protect Pennsylvania's water resources!
Sincerely, David E. Hess
DCNR is inviting participation in a Survey about "Recreation Needs in PA" that will be used in formulating their 5 year plan to determine planning and funding of future recreation projects. Think about how this could affect watershed issues and boating funding in future years. In order to have your opinions heard, please request a survey from Dr. Elmendorf at (814) 863-7941 or send your request for a survey along with your name and mailing address via e-mail to cal21@psu.edu.
Steamlynx - links list was reviewed for submission to Kim Weaver.
Casey Williams of the Izaak Walton League is working with the Lebanon Chapter on developing a nursery for trees and shrubs to be used in stream bank fencing/buffer projects in Lebanon County. These trees and shrubs would in turn be available at little on no cost for our projects. What is needed is a list of the trees and shrubs that worked, those that we didn't like…. Which nurseries are the plants currently coming from, and what is the contact information? Send information to Steph Harman.
Tim Emenheiser and Chuck Wertz encouraged calls to the Conservation District by farmers to sign up for a CREP reimbursement program that seeks to place farm land into a natural state of preservation.
 December 5, 2002 - 9:30 a.m., Capital RC&D Meeting Notice, Penn State Harrisburg - EAB Building, Room 101
 December. 5 at 1 p.m., Swatara State Park at Swatara Gap along Route 72 near the Appalachian Trail Bridge on Thursday.
 December 11, Schuylkill River Source Water Assessment Partnership, Schuylkill County Conservation District offices, 1:30-4PM. Contact
Chris.Crockett@phila.gov or call 215-685-6234.
 December 15, LV Conservancy Art Auction, 2PM, at Fortna’s Auction House & Gallery, 18 E Main St., Annville.  Visit our website to view samples of the art work that will be sold.
 December 17, Sojourn Planning session with POWR.
Guest Speaker: Denise Uzupis, from DEP, talked about sludge application--
 What are and what are not safe levels; 
 The difference between human waste that's been processed and raw animal waste that is applied to fields; 
 Who is monitoring this situation and the reporting requirements, if any?
 32% of sludge is\ land-filled; 18% incinerated; and 48% land applied for the last 30 years.
 300,000 dry tons are applied yearly in PA.  250 facilities are permitted to apply sludge on 800 farms in PA.
 A General Permit considers both product quality and siting considerations.
 Quality considerations include:  pollution concentrations of metals and PCBs; pathogen reduction to reduce disease; and vector attraction (flys and rodents).
 Class A sludge is "exceptional" for landscaping, golf courses....  This can be packaged and sold to the general public.  Class B is "regular" for mine reclamation.  Class C is "residential septage" for agricultural use, includes liquids.  Slow release nitrogen fertilizer is an advantage of sludge application.
 There is a "not to exceed" cumulative loading rate, which would take 300 years.  No one in PA has ever exceeded this rate.
 The metals also occur naturally in the soils.
 There is no requirement to incorporate, turn under, the application, which could increase erosion.  Slope restrictions do apply to minimize runoff.
 Raw animal manure can have higher metal concentrations than biosolid sludge.  Animal manure also contains pathogens like fecal coloform.   Therefore, the processed human waste is probably a safer application.
 30 years ago, human waste was applied without treatment.
 Site considerations:   30 day notice to DEP, Conservation District and adjacent land owners is required.
 Background soils analysis required.
 Site conditions like slope, high water table, are identified.
 Isolation distances required:  100' from perennial streams and 33' from intermittent streams.
 Management Practices for nitrogen base rate, harvesting...
 Conservation Plans required.
 Do not apply to Excellent Quality materials--need labels or information sheets.
 DEP Oversight Permit coverage
 Site conditions determination
 Mandatory training for generators.
 Inspections of treatment plants and sites.
 Annual reports
 Data management--efax system & web site
 Complaint response
 Complaint enforcement 42 farms in Lebanon County receive sludge
 78 farms in Berks County receive sludge
 41 farms in Dauphin Count receive sludge
 14 farms in Schuylkill Count receive sludge
 175 Total, but 99 are in the Swatara Watershed
 3 mine sites also receive sludge application
 Approximately 5200 dry tons of biosolid and 6.5 million gallons of septage waste was applied to these farms in 2002. 
 Public perception of sludge is poor.  Therefore, some farmers inject or turn under the sludge for social reasons.
Hot spots can occur with injection.  Surface application results in fewer hot spots.

October 30, 2002

SCWA did not get Governor Schweiker's nomination for the EPA Watershed Initiative.

Bow Creek – Ed Ruch and Steve Dale know the most about the grant process. By October 7, the township should have an action plan to DEP about their long-term plan to come into compliance. Every day there is new activity. Janice Vollero

In Watershed Weekly, Bonnie Swinehart printed an article on our Driving Tour.

Vote of Affirmation Requested : Swatara Creek Watershed Association was asked to write a letter concerning the Hammer Creek grant for the QWA:

  1. Money moved from the construction to equipment categories to pay $750.17 for the weed whackers;
  2. A written statement that the equipment is to be used for this project only;
  3. Assurance that the owner of the weed whackers is SCWA who holds the grant.

An agreement was drawn similar to the water conservation kits where a member of the group using the weed whacker can sign out the weed whacker, then store it for us. They must carry their own liability insurance.

2 Stihl Weed Whackers

At your own risk, use of equipment is offered free of charge to any qualified individual or organization within the Swatara Creek Watershed.
Each individual or organization utilizing the week whackers must have a responsible individual—18 years of age or older qualified in the use of the weed whackers who is also the operator at all times.
The weed whackers are to be used for the Hammer Creek project only;
It is understood that the owner of the weed whackers is the Swatara Creek Watershed Association who holds the grant.
All laws and trespass signs must be obeyed when the weed whackers are utilized.
When equipment or supplies are lost, stolen, or broken, replacement cost is borne by the borrowing individual or organization.
When supplies are used, cost is borne by the individual or organization using said expendables/supplies.
Weed whackers may be signed out on a first come, first served bases.
Collection procedures will be initiated for replacement cost of equipment and supplies not returned. All related expenses to be born by the borrower.
Equipment will be stored at Kyle Smith’s locked shed, 401 S. Spruce St., Annville PA 17003, (717)867-2618.
If equipment becomes obsolete, SCWA retains the right to retire the equipment.

Vote of Affirmation Requested : Swatara Creek Watershed Association was asked to write a letter of support for Hummelstown Borough to update Hummel Nature Trail for better accessibility and eventually join the new United Water Trail.

Vote of Affirmation Requested : Swatara Creek Watershed Association was asked to write a letter of support for Swatara Township Board of Supervisors to purchase 8.6 acres known as the Landis Land Acquisition, directly across from the township building. The land would be developed as a recreational facility to conceptually include baseball and soccer fields, a basketball court, trails for passive recreation, and a pavilion. About 1 acre is wetland/flood zone.

Vote of Affirmation Requested : Swatara Creek Watershed Association was asked to write a letter of support for Jonestown Borough. A 12-acre property that is contiguous to Jonestown Community Park and owned by Irene Moore is available. The owner has given Jonestown Borough the first option to but and wants to sell as soon as possible. According to Mayor George Kauffman, if the borough doesn't purchase the land, it will be placed on the open market and will be lost to a housing development. Therefore, on October 2, 2002, borough council instructed the Mayor to proceed with a grant request through DCNR for land acquisition. The tract is bordered on the south by Little Swatara Creek, South Lancaster Street to the west, and Mill St. (Swatara Township) to the east. Approximately 7 acres is flood plain and 4+/- acres are residential. The acquisition will ensure the land will be utilized for recreation and open space for future generations.

DEP advisor Rus Wagner approved the following, which will become part of our Little Swatara grant contract:

bulletSince Wenger Feeds will scale back from using 12 work barns that need about $10 million in upgrades to 5 work barns by March 2003, and not renew their contract after July 2005, minor revisions to our grant contract are necessary.
bulletAdditional funding is also approved for a mandatory demonstration project where we show the improvements to other farmers and interested persons.
bulletThe balance of the grant may be used on other farms for the same type of work and in the same area along impaired tributaries in the Little Swatara Watershed--providing each farm is approved by Rus.
bulletAn extension through September 30, 2004 is granted.

A PA Sojourns 2003 Calendar is being created as a giveaway product, with each Sojourn featured as a picture for each month (12 Sojourns/12 months). Choose a favorite picture representative of our event. Susan has some pictures for this year, but would like to use a picture that we choose to represent our river by Oct. 31.

Haines & Kibblehouse made application to DEP for a nonsurface mining permit to conduct noncoal surface mining on land owned by the PA Game Commission in Cornwall Borough. This encompasses 23.1 acres of which 11.4 are to be affected y mining. Discharge from the permit area will be to Snitz Creek. The applicant requests a variance to conduct activities within 100’ of an unnamed tributary to Snitz Creek. Comments must be submitted to Roger Hornberger by November 15, 2002.

At what turned into a Greenway Coalition adhoc committee, the status of a Greenway running north-south linking Swatara State Park to the Susquehanna River via the Swatara Creek and east-west linking the Berks County Greenway to the Dauphin County Greenway efforts via the Tulpehocken & Swatara Creeks took place at the farm of John Childe. In review:

bulletDauphin County completed a River Conservation Plan that includes a Greenway proposal, and was incorporated into the
bulletSwatara River Conservation Plan, which contains signed letters of support from more than 50% of the municipalities in the watershed.
bulletRepresentatives from Schuylkill, Berks, Dauphin, and Lebanon Counties sit on the board of SCWA, and their meetings are always open to discuss items of mutual interest and to help each other solve problems.
bulletA Swatara Water Trail exists from Jonestown, Lebanon County, to Middletown, Dauphin County--maps were distributed. Also, with DCNR planning that is currently taking place, the trail may extend north through Swatara State Park into Schuylkill County.
bulletIn addition, DCNR has approved a grant for the Lebanon Valley Conservancy to complete a plan along the Tulpehocken Creek to the Berks County Greenway.
bulletMunicipalities are establishing parks along the Swatara. For example, United Water Company has recently partnered with Hummelstown Borough to create a walking trail.
bulletThe LV Rails-toTrails just dedicated a segment of trail that connects to Lancaster County.

By working together, a synergy that has meaning and purpose may build to where people are contacting us to become part of the Greenway, maybe even feel a bit obligated to make a commitment to the project. A Greenway is land along a creek that preserves and protects open space. This can be in the form of farmland preservation, or easements containing riparian buffers or access for passive recreation (trails, canoe launches...). The Swatara Water Trail provides continuity to the Greenway. As more people, municipalities, or businesses provide easements, the Greenway will happen one parcel at a time. As momentum builds, the Greenway will become increasingly visible--at least from the air. It was suggested that we clarify what kind of easement we are looking for, and define the limitations. Summary sheets were handed out that outlined easements, limitations, and provided funding sources. An easement is a permanent attachment to a deed. Whether it is a conservation easement to stop soil erosion or a recreational easement, we are not in a position to dictate the kind of easement that a property owner donates. Rather, we appreciate the setting aside of land for conservation that borders the Swatara Creek, whatever form that may take. Ideally, 35-50' corridors are suggested, but even 10' are welcome. Fair Market Value legislation, possibly Act 25, requires that an easement go to a nonprofit group. Each county has a conservancy that can fulfill this purpose.

Central PA Business Journal Nonprofit Innovation Awards.

Received a record of decision for the Fort Indiantown Gap, Environmental Impact Statement

Saturday, October 12, at H.M Levitz Park near Grantville, the RestoreCorps Volunteer Action Day & Growing Native event was great. Brook Lenker and crew did a spectacular job of organizing all of the scouts and students that showed up. Admittedly, the squirrels got most of the acorns before we arrived, but we had fun just the same. Representatives from the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Swatara Creek Watershed Association, Doc Fritchey Chapter of Trout Unlimited were also in attendance..

The October 15, South-Central Assembly for Effective Governance, RC&D…, Land Use conference at Lebanon Valley College was very informative and very well attended. Lebanon County Commissioner Rose Marie Swanger was one of the guest speakers.

The October 16 Charles Cravotta & Dan Koury presentation at the Ravine monitoring site on Swatara Creek was postponed.

SCWA had a display on October 26 at the ribbon cutting for the Rail-Trail at Lawn Fire Company at 10 am. Over 100 people attended the linking of the Lancaster and Lebanon County rail-trails. John B. Wengert and his colleagues did a spectacular job of coordinating the event.

Calendar of Events:

bulletNovember 7, Millersburg HS, room 101, 7PM, Susquehanna River Trail Association meets.
bulletNovember 9 – Lebanon County Watershed Forum at the EXPO. Contact Steph Harmon.
bulletNovember 11, 7PM, 320 S. 18th St., Lebanon PA 17042, North Cornwall Township meets. Attend to discuss plans for the 21 acres on the other side of Snitz Creek that were originally obtained in a land swap with Catholic Homes who want to operate a retirement community. *Suggested discussion includes: Ways the supervisors can preserve and protect the valuable wetlands along Snitz Creek, which could ensure a trout stream for years to come; the fact that lands usually appreciate next to streams; and finally that land with easements (especially farmland) hasn't been selling for less than comparable lots. Ralph Heister will make the formal presentation.
bulletNovember 12, 2002, DCNR Forest Lands Beautification Program, Schuylkill County local advisory team workshop, Ryan Township fire House, 3-9PM
bulletNovember 15, POWR Annual Meeting, $30, Wormleysburg, 5-8:45PM, Tim Palmer, speaker. Infor@pawatersheds.org
bulletThursday, December 6, 9:30AM, next RC&D meeting at Penn State.
bulletNovember 27, Next meeting of SCWA, Harper’s Tavern, 9:30AM.

September 25, 2002

Letter of thanks received from DEP for our September 10 Watershed Tour. CLICK HERE FOR A  LINK TO THE VIRTUAL DRIVING TOUR ON OUR WEB SITE.   Craig Morgan is also conducting a tour in N Swatara.

As a follow-up, 9/11 spoke to both Jack Curry and Lynn Langer about future Watershed projects. Apparently Governor Schweiker can nominate two projects for a $21 million EPA Watershed Initiative. 20 Watersheds across the US will receive between $300,000 and $1.3 million to restore or protect clean water. Since three farms stepped to the plate for water cisterns to feed cattle or irrigate and/or reinject collected rainwater back into the ground via abandoned on site septic systems, it was proposed to submit this project to fund a dozen or more such projects. Dick Blouch, will report on the cost of fitting one farm so we can submit a more formal proposal. The State would help us write the grant to specifications. A 25% match is required. This can be our volunteer time. RC&D is also aware of this proposal, and if approached, may help with some of the match.

With 46 participants, SCWA’s GIS August 30 Training was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this day a success! Final Report submitted.

9/5/02: Bob Hedin, Kim Weaver, Gina Mason, and Jo Ellen met to discuss completion of the Streamlynx mapping project by the extended deadline of February 1, 2003.

Hummelstown Borough and United Water Company did a wonderful job of dedicating a section of hiking trail along the Swatara Creek. Members present approved a letter of support to update Hummel Nature Trail and join it to the new United Water Trail.

Jo Ellen attended the wellhead protection study of ground water for West Lebanon Township. In addition to the groundwater study, they will submit a grant request to cover surveillance and monitoring equipment, GIS software….

Bow Creek –East Hanover Township representatives were approached at our GIS training, and an offer was made to write letters of support for grants to implement a solution to the ammonia concentrations. Representatives shared how they spent $ on remedies that weren't working, and are stumped. GLRA representatives also attended. They brainstormed about lime slurry in just the right mixture.

At a joint meeting of the Swatara Creek Watershed Association, Lebanon Valley Conservancy, Quittapahilla Watershed Association, Lebanon County Conservation District, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and property owners, it became apparent that a brief synopsis of available programs may assist local property owners and municipalities to preserve open space that will benefit our land and water resources for generations to come. To that end, a one-page program review is available for all Municipalities. Start with North Cornwall Township.

Ed Chubb called with a lead on an easement donation from two individuals on the border between Lebanon & Dauphin Counties. They live on Pine Road. One is an environmental attorney and the other is a sheep farmer. Permission granted to pursue a joint meeting to see if either or both the Lebanon Valley or Manada Conservancy can accommodate this transaction.

Nominate Landowner Dick Blouch whose 25 acre farm is in both CRP and CREP; Conservationist Lois Meily who has both preserved her farm and spearheaded the Union Canal Tunnel Park along with restoration and additional easements or acquisitions; Educator Cynthia Ortego who helped with the wetland at the Career and Technology Center; & Special Recognition to all the Farm and Conservancy preservation easement donors for recognition in 2002.

Reviewed Vern Achenbach’s concern about dumping and manure not being turned under on Glen Road.

Per Stephanie Harmon, Marisa Ranieri, a Senior-Engineering Geology student from Millersville University is looking for a thesis project involving water quality monitoring/assessment. She is available now until Dec. '03. If anyone has a project they could use assistance on this is great opportunity to utilize a willing participant, for a committed period. Submitted --It would be nice to have a base line water quality assessment, both chemical and microinvertebrate, of Trout Run below the proposed hog farms in Union Township.

September 16, 2002. With its first conservation easement, the Lebanon Valley Conservancy has taken the necessary step to assure that 166 acres of stream buffer and woodlands in northern Lebanon County is permanently protected on the K. Robert and Mary Beth Conrad property.

Duck Farm - DEP met with Duane Wampler on 8/28/02 at which time they agreed to provisions, which will be included in a Consent Order and Agreement (COA). Mr. Wampler has been very cooperative. He has agreed to implement the recommendations by NRCS and pay a civil penalty in settlement for the violations of The Clean Streams Law associated with the manure discharge which resulted in the fish kill. The COA will be available as a public document when it is finalized. The COA has been drafted and will need attorney review. They are not at liberty to discuss the details until it is finalized. A copy of the fully executed COA will be sent at that time.

In the absence of Brook Lenker for an update, the POWR membership will be revisited at the next meeting.

bulletSeptember 29 Conservancy picnic at Quittie Woods.
bulletOctober 2, 9:30AM, special meeting at Watershed Office to review Little Swatara/Wenger Feeds Growing Greener grant. All partners are invited.
bulletOctober 3, Stormwater Conference televised at Rachel Carson building auditorium.
bulletOctober 10 from Hoffer Park in Middletown to Middletown's Union St. Boat Landing, Kenneth P. Britcher Jr., M.Ed., History Teacher, G.W. Feaser Middle School, will take advantage of recorded low waters on the Swatara Creek this fall. He (and 125 students and 20 adults) will CLEAN the Swatara Creek. Any assistance appreciated.
bulletOctober 11, AWRA Drought Management conference (Grantville?)
bulletSaturday, October 12, RestoreCorps Volunteer Action Day & Growing Native event, H.M Levitz Park near Grantville. Sponsored by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Swatara Creek Watershed Association, Doc Fritchey Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Everyone welcome--children, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. All volunteers are asked to preregister with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. Please contact Brook Lenker at 717-737-8622 or via email at Blenker@acb-online.org.
bulletOctober 15, South-Central Assembly for Effective Governance, RC&D…, Land Use conference at Lebanon Valley College.
bulletOctober 16. Charles Cravotta & Dan Koury will give a presentation at the Ravine monitoring site on Swatara Creek. Sampling by volunteers is possible, but not all at once.
bulletOctober 26, at the ribbon cutting for the next phase of the Rail-Trail at Lawn Fire Company at 10 am. Set up a display.
bulletNovember 9 – Watershed Forum at the EXPO.

Guest Speaker: Vincent Fauci on windmills as a source of oxygen to aerate ponds. His one-half acre, 9 feet deep pond is aerated by a sixteen feet tall windmill with 12 five feet blades. The head rotates to catch any 5-mph wind. Vince emphasizes this is a non-chemical treatment, and there are no electric bills. This from a retired chemical engineer with Warner Lambert. You do have to grease the components once a year. The oxygen adds aerobic action to digest decomposing matter like leaves. No permits are needed, and the bass and blue gill thrive in his pond. Construction material of the windmill is galvanized steel, which comes with a one-year warranty. The air percolates from the bottom through stone diffusers attached to PVC type pipe. Vince likened the windmill to an erector set. It cost him $1000 and his labor, but Vince estimates it would have cost thousands of dollars to run electric cable and install an electric aerator. If the opportunity presents itself, SCWA may add this windmill initiative to our new/old grant request(s).


August 28, 2002

In attendance were:  Bob Arnold, Harvey Bomberger, Dick Blouch, Patrick Farrell, Stephanie Harmon, Joe Hovis, Brook Lenker, Karen Light, Jo Ellen Litz, Gina Mason, Andy McAllister, Dave McSurdy, & Rebecca Werhime.
On a Light/Bomberger motion, the June and July minutes were approved as presented.
bulletSiting Watershed Weekly, a lengthy discussion about ground water deficits and surface water levels took place.  SCWA encourages everyone to conserve water!  It is important for our health.  It is important for life.
bulletAugust 30, 9-3, GIS Training at the Lebanon Municipal Building. Scott Hoffman, USGS, is the trainer. 45 participants are signed up. Here are some of the topics that will be covered: 1. Adding a list of lat/longs to a view (from GPS); 2. Editing contour lines; 3. Labeling features to scale; 4. Measuring distances; 5. Adding attributes to a table; 6. Adding data by digitizing from an image; 7. Producing maps; 8. Screensaving the view into an image format; 9. Sharing data and views.
bulletSeptember 4, 10AM , 2300 block of Oak Street. Special Meeting to explore the opportunity to preserve habitat along Snitz Creek, a trout stream. As background, North Cornwall Township apparently owns around 11 acres on one side of the creek, and Michael Kip Kelly, Pete Silldorf's son-in-law, owns about a 20 acre farm on the other side of the Creek. Kip is very conscientious, both about restoration of the 1700's farm house and preserving the environment. Lebanon County has a new friend in our efforts to conserve our precious resources. Kip has also offered his home to host a joint meeting of interested parties--the Swatara Creek Watershed, Lebanon Valley Conservancy, Quittaphilla Creek Watershed, Trout Unlimited, Lebanon Conservation District, and other interested partners. We would especially like to explore the CREP program that could provide some funding to cover insurance and taxes to leave the fields in a natural state. These fields consist of wetlands that really should not be developed. Perhaps easements to ensure preservation in perpetuity should also be discussed. As a courtesy to Kip, please let us know if you plan to attend.
bulletSeptember 5, 9AM, Meet with Hedin Environmental to discuss Streamlynx project at Watershed office.
bulletSeptember 7, noon, dedication of United Water Trail with Pennsy Supply, near the square in Hummelstown.
bulletSeptember 10th, 9:30AM to 2:30PM, Watershed Tour beginning at Ravine exit off of Interstate 81.
1) Ravine Wetland , hosts Dan Koury & Chuck Cravotta
2) Swatara State Park at Appalachian Trail bridge, hosts Karen Light & Jo Ellen Litz

3) Northern Lebanon High School composing toilet, dirt & gravel road, storm water trenches...
4) Bethel Mortality Composter, host Steph Harmon
5) Lebanon Career & Technology Center Wetlands,
6) End of cement Dyke, North Cornwall Township, host Steph Harmon
7) Cleona Borough Park/Wengert's Dairy, host Dave Lasky

8) Hershey/PA American Water Company dam and hydraulics, host Bob Arnold.  Also Ed Chubb on Greenway.

Because of time constraints, a written summary of these and other spots nominated for inclusion in a booklet highlighting the Swatara Successes and Concerns will be provided to tour participants. SCWA members signed up for the entire trip to date include: Bob Arnold, Betty Conner, Karen & Richard Light, Jo Ellen Litz, Tom Powers, Jeremy Trexel, & John Worrilow. Bob and Betty both volunteered large vehicles for transport. DEP has ten people touring with them, and will have their own van(s). You are welcome to join us at any spot along the tour, or for the entire tour. However, please let us know of your intention ASAP. In addition, bring a bag lunch.

Yasmin Neidlinger, P.E., will be teaching environmental science at Lebanon HACC in the fall. She'd really like to talk to her students about our group and show them one of our completed projects. She was invited to go along on the Watershed Tour.
October 12, 9:00 AM through 12 Noon. Volunteer Action Day. Hardwood Native Seed collection at Manada Gap and south, Swatara State Park, or Levitz Park. Coordinators: Brook Lenker & Tom Embich. Partner sponsors for the day will be SCWA, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, and Trout Unlimited.  Expected outcome:  Acorns taken to a grow-out center to establish containerized trees for future plantings by non-profits.
November 9, 9AM-Noon at the EXPO.  Free Lebanon Watershed Forum.  Includes continental breakfast.  To attend or set up a display, contact Stephanie Harmon at 272-3908 x4.
Update on Tourism Writers - Despite the initial enthusiasm by the folks in travel & tourism development for hosting a float trip down the Swatara Water Trail travel writers, I've been unable to make much headway since I spoke to you last. The meeting I had originally scheduled has been postponed on me twice now and the individual assigned to work on this is presently on an extended vacation. When he returns, I'm told that his focus will be almost exclusively on the Governor's annual fall bike tour in October. That fact, coupled with the lack of water, leads me to believe that we will not be able to pull this tour off this fall. I'm not giving up on the idea, however, and will continue to press for something next spring or early summer. Thanks for the interest and support you've shown thus far. I hope the de facto postponement we seem to have run into does not damped your enthusiasm too terribly much. I'm still committed to getting some sort of increased regional and national media exposure for the trail. If worst comes to worst, we (the PFBC and your organization) just do our own thing. One way or another, this WILL happen. I'll keep you posted. Dan Tredinnick, Press Secretary, PA Fish & Boat Commission
Information/educational material concerning possible groundwater recharge using abandoned on-lot septic systems will be forwarded to South Annville Township for consideration. 
Patrick Farrel, Doc Fritchey Chapter of Trout Unlimited, presented documentation on the need for a Boe Creek sewage upgrade.  SCWA will both send a letter of support to township supervisors offering endorsements for grants to upgrade the sewage system as well as contact the northern DEP team asking for follow-up progress reports.
Similarly, we will ask for an update on the duck farm in Union Township.
Completed a survey for grad student Julia Frost Nerbonne, University of Minnesota, Department of Fisheries Wildlife and Conservation Biology, 200 Hodson Hall, 1980 Folwell Ave., St. Paul, MN 55108
Tom Hughes from the Baltimore Office of the Corp of Engineers is now the contact person for the proposed Lower Susquehanna Water Study and the current Swatara Creek Study. For the Lower Susquehanna Study the big issues are the time table and the cost. The present time table is a 30 month study period and the cost is about $1 million. The Corp's Section 22 program is still alive but with reduced funding. The proposed money sharing is about a half million from the Corp and a half million from local shares. The Capital Region Water Board is presently looking at the federal year 2003 to begin the study but financing will be the big issue.

For the Swatara Creek Study the contract has been awarded to Lewis Berger Engineering Firm. The study is proceeding and the time frame for completion is July of 2003. The study has been scaled down and is primarily a water supply study. A public meeting to go over the status of the study will be announced soon.
There was a report on the recent meeting of the South Central Association For Effective Governance (SCAFEG). The group determined that the most important issues are: 1) Land Use and Growth, 2) Infrastructure Needs, 3) Farm Land Preservation.

There was a general report from the Susquehanna River Basin Commission regarding drought conditions: 1) Counties North of the Blue Mountains are generally in good shape. 2) Counties South of the Blue Mountains are in bad shape. 3) There are record low flows in the Conodoguinet Creek and the Yellow Breeches Creek. 4) The Baltimore Reservoirs are not recovering. Therefore Baltimore is taking more water from the Susquehanna.

Walt Lyon reported that he attended informational program about the Chesapeake Bay Program. Walt reported that he found out that Baltimore is still dumping raw sewage into the Chesapeake Bay. Walt wonders why they are allowed to do this. He also reports that Pennsylvania has been very diligent in requiring our sewage treatment plants to reduce pollution.

Wood Chips: Pam Craft. There sure was an excellent response to your offer for wood chips. I hope it wasn't overwhelming. If you're keeping a file for future drops, please add Ryan Koch with the Schuylkill Conservation District and Harrisburg Area Community College in Harrisburg. Others requesting chips included Bob Ladd; Twin Grove Park in Suedberg--Joe Motter; a recycling center in Schuylkill County--Dave Ravegum; and Rails-to-Trails in Lebanon County--John Wengert. It appears that any where chips are hauled from in the Swatara Watershed, one of these spots should be close. Thanks to Mike Pavelek of the greater Lebanon Refuse Authority for pointing the hauler in our direction!
Future speakers are being sought for meetings.  Suggestions include Vincent Faucci on windmill oxygenation of ponds and Mr. Lash for a lava tour.
At the next meeting of SCWA, LC Conservation District nominations will be voted upon.
A motion by Blouch/Bomberger concerning a POWR membership was tabled untill Brook can establish if there are lifetime memberships available at a discounted rate for all-volunteer nonprofits. 
The Susquehanna River Basin annual Report was circulated.
SCWA was not successful in obtaining an Invasive Species Growing Greener grant from DEP.  Other sources will be researched.
West Lebanon Township requested an SCWA member assist with their wellhead protection study
A letter from Tremont Township Supervisors was read.
The newest Swatara State Park newsletter was circulated.
Dave McSurdy reported that the West Branch of Fishing Creek will be designated as a Wild Trout Stream by the Schuylkill County Commissioners.
Knowing there will be a new governor in office during the next round of grants, SCWA wants to prepare potential submittals for presentation to DEP staff.  For example, because the Swatara Watershed now has three farms that volunteered for a groundwater recharge project, Dick Blouch agreed to research total costs to install these recharge systems on local farms with the intent of SCWA filing for a future Growing Greener Grant that could accomodate around a dozen farms.
Bob Arnold shared sportsmen's dismay over draining of the Rexmont Dam during this time of drought.
Gina Mason announced a Watershed Conference in Greensburg on September 20 & 21.  Further, a Watershed Awareness month program is being planned for May.  In addition, a WATER MANIA event is in the works for LVC that would involve students in hands-on activites.  Finally, a Municipal Academy will take place November 6 & 7 in Mechanicsburg.  We are asked to encourage our supervisors, mayors and councilmen to attend.
Brook Lenker announced a Chesapeake Bay conference at the Window Hotel at Inner Harbor September 24-26.  Scholarships available.

July 31, 2002  

bulletCertificate from DCNR Secretary John Oliver placing the Swatara Creek and all tributary streams are on the PA River Conservation Registry.

bulletAmong other topics, at this meeting we heard from Tom Donmoyer, East Hanover Township Supervisor who proposed SCWA sponsor a Growing Greener grant application for matching funds to complete a comprehensive plan for multiple municipalities in the Swatara Watershed.  He had two guests:  student Megan Kohr and Township Engineer, Jim Birdsall, Hanover Engineering.

Image139.jpg (62608 bytes)


Finalized Tour of the Swatara Watershed on September 10,  10AM to 2PM.  Thank you to everyone for their ideas on this tour!  Time constraints  mean we won't get to every favorite spot, but a handout will be prepared summarizing all nominated sites.  At each stop, a five-minute presentation by the host(s) will be followed up by questions from DEP.  We will allow fifteen minutes driving time between each stop.  The majority  voted to decide how to highlight the watershed's success and problems in four hours to John S Curry, Jr. and staff from DEP's Water Supply Management Program for our area.  Please email a head-count of everyone interested in attending the entire tour.  Depending on the number of participants who want to take the entire four-hour tour, we will consider a rental van.  Otherwise, please carpool.   It's better for the environment, and it will maximize parking.  Everyone is invited, but you are responsible for your own bag lunch.   As they are ironed out, more details are forthcoming.


bulletSample Limestone Diversion Well
bullet8. Ravine Wetland or Ravine Gauging Station, hosts Chuck Cravotta & Dan Koury
bulletHighbridge Reservoir/Seigrist Dam


bullet1. Swatara State Park, hosts, Jo Ellen Litz & Karen Light
bulletVasil Junk Yard
bulletLittle Swatara "Wenger Feed" Farms
bullet2. Little Swatara Mortality Compostor, host Stephanie Harmon
bullet4. Northern Lebanon School District wetland and other projects, hosts Tom Donmoyer or Gina Mason
bulletSample Water Trail Access (Jonestown)
bullet3. Career & Tech Center Wetlands & Education Area, hosts Dave Lasky or Ralph Heister
bullet6.  End of channeled Dike, host Stephanie Harmon
bullet7. Cleona Borough or Quittie Nature Park, host Dave Lasky


bulletBoat House Road Park
bullet5. Hershey/PA American Water dam/water intake and hydraulics, host Bob Arnold
bulletMiddletown Dam/partially breached, suspended rebar
bulletAlso working on a possible FAM tour/float trip down a section of the water trail for outdoor and travel writers.  Idea was presented to some folks at the Center for Travel & Tourism within the Department on Community & Economic Development (DCED).  The initial reaction has been positive.  They particularly like the idea of promoting a section of Central PA that they haven't done much on recently and the water trail approach is enough of a novelty to catch the attention of writers who get bombarded with all sorts of offers.  Dan Tredinnick, Press Secretary PA Fish & Boat Commission
bulletPine Grove Landfill, Pad 12 Expansion Application is a major permit modification seeking a 2.4-acre expansion, which would add approximately 1.5 years of additional capacity to the current permitted capacity.  DEP has completed comments concerning:  Visual Impact, Leachate Recirculation, Traffic Issues,  Odor, Application of Daily and Intermediate Cover Material, Removal of Current Landfill Capping....  An example of their comments follows:  the Department is concerned that the removal of current landfill capping that would accompany the expansion may release odors. These areas contain, among other things, sewage sludges and certain residual sludges with high sulfur contents, associated with past odor problems at PGL.  During the Department’s review, the communities have requested that DEP hold a public hearing during the EAP review of the expansion application. Please be advised that DEP intends to hold such a hearing during the EAP review.  The Department requests that PGL provide a revised application within 90 days. A complete copy of comments will be forwarded upon request.
bullet Growing Greener Reports filed:  GIS Vector Contours, Streamlynx, Quittie Restoration with Clear Creeks Consulting, Quittie Hammer Creek, Quittie Little Swatara Creek, Conservation Kits, and Little Swatara Wenger Feeds Farms.  Voted to approve payment of bills (as funds arrive) related to these grants.  Also, special thanks to legislators who supported renewal of Growing Greener funding.
bullet Fish Kill on an unnamed tributary to Swatara Creek in Union Township.  DEP and Fish & Boat responded very quickly.  Emphasizing the importance of microbiotic indexes was an inventory showing sowbugs and midges as the dominant species.  Inquiry from Penn Future.
bulletGIS Training  with Scott Hoffman, United States Geological Survey USGS at the Lebanon Municipal Building, 400 S. 8th St., Lebanon PA on August 30, 2002 from 9AM –noon for beginners; and noon– 3PM for advanced users.  A $5 registration includes a bag lunch (and gives us a head-count so we know how many packets of information to prepare).  Call 274-1175 for more information.
bulletOctober 15, 2002, 8AM-5PM, there will be an Economic Development & Community Planning:  Bridging the Gap Summit at Lebanon Valley College, Annville PA.  This is a multi-county event that usually draws several hundred people.  It is the first time the event is being held in Lebanon.  Early registration through September 1 is $50.  Mid Registration, $75.  Late Registration, $100.  Exhibitors pay $300.  For more information, email Karl6@psu.edu or call 717-948-6464.  Some of the sponsors include the South Central Assembly for Effective Governance, Capital Region Water Board, and the Capital Area
RC&D.  So far, Swatara Springs farms has volunteered as a pilot project for Lebanon County.



Stephanie Harmon is coordinating the first Lebanon County Watershed Forum for Saturday, November 9 from 9AM-noon at the EXPO.


Nonpoint Source News-Notes article on our Conservation Kits.


Status report of state and federal permitting received from Vortex Environmental Wetland Mitigation outlining requirements for the Union Canal Tunnel Park, North Portal Project, Phase 3, Clark's Run to Minnich Lane.


Environmental Futures Planning Report received.


Completed a questionnaire for graduate student Carla J. Truax, cjtfire13@hotmail.com , (651) 523-2895
Hamline University, Center for Global Environmental Education, 1536 Hewitt Ave, MS-1760
St. Paul, MN   55104,  Fax 651-523-3041, www.cgee.hamline.edu


Inquiry from  Randall A. Lillard concerning Rocky Powell (Clear Creeks Consulting) doing work on the Swatara State Park.  Does anyone have knowledge of Rocky's involvement in this project?


Inquiry from Dave Materness, Camp Bashore, concerning any regulations governing digging of backyard ponds.

bulletParticipated in canoe safety training of 75 Girl Scouts at Camp Furnace Hills near Schaefferstown.

Presented Water Conservation Equation to 90 Cub Scouts at a Day Camp Program in Schaefferstown.


To see an Archived Video clip on the Swatara Sojourn, visit:   http://www.greenworks.tv/watershed_weekly/featuredtopic.htm

May 29, 2002

The meeting at Harper’s Tavern was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Jo Ellen Litz

Attendance: Tom Embich, Ed Chubb, Joseph Hovis, Chuck Wertz, Laura Rickenderfer, Bob Arnold, Gina Mason, Dick Blouch, Brook Lenker, Ann Lasky, Bill Achor, Annette Ehrhorn, Stacy Cromer, Jeremy Trexel, John Worrilow, Jo Ellen Litz, George Conner and Betty Conner.

The Secretary’s reports were reviewed. It was moved by John Worrilow, seconded by Bob Arnold, to approve the minutes of the February, March and April meetings. Motion carried.

The Treasurer’s report was filed for audit.


A letter was received from Mackin, Inc., amending the contract for the River Conservation Plan GIS training to be performed by USGS..
A letter was received from North Cornwall Township approving the River Conservation Plan for the Swatara Watershed.
An application was received from the Fish and Boat Commission in response to SCWA’s inquirly about the AES funds available to community conservation groups.
SCWA is invited to send a representative to a meeting of the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership to be held at Ft. Hunter on June 6 from 10 A.M. to noon.
Chuck Wertz reported on the Swatara State Park Plan Task Force meeting held on May 23. A presentation of the Draft Master Plan was made by Simone Jaffe Collins. A public meeting to review the Plan will be held on June 20 from 7 to 9 P.M. at the Ft.Indiantown Gap Community Center. The DCNR Spring 2002 EXPLORER newsletter describing the Plan was circulated.
The Swatara 2002 Sojourn/Canoe Trip and Litter Cleanup May 4 and 5 was a great success and thanks are owed to so many people for another successful year. From State agencies, to local businesses, volunteers, and participants, you are all Watershed Heroes! A suggestion was made concerning the portage around the Middletown dam. Tom Embich talked to the adjacent property owner, Mark Spitler, who said that if SCWA notifies him in advance of future sojourns, he will remove the driveway barrier so that trucks can come in and help with the portage. The Swatara Sojourn was videotaped by Kelly Meinhart for GREENWORKS and may be seen on their website in the future.
SCWA played a prominent role in the Watershed Awareness Month Kickoff in the Capitol Rotunda on May 1. Speakers included Governor Schweiker, DEP Secretary Hess, DCNR Secretary Oliver, Senator Rhoads, Senator White, and Rep. Hershey with Ed Wytovich as moderator. Jo Ellen, as one of the speakers, gave a creative description of the Swatara Watershed as she descended the Rotunda staircase through the mass of students seated on the steps. This event was also videotaped and may be seen on the DEP/POWR website.
The Swatara Water Trail Signs are installed. Reviewing the list of volunteers who helped to install signs, we give kudos to everyone who helped to make this a TEAM effort:
bulletGPU and both John & Jim Bates;
bulletJonestown Mayor George Kauffman, Councilman Jason Kern, and maintenance staff;
bulletDerry Township & maintenance staff;
bulletBob Arnold & David Kohr;
bulletEd Chubb and Dauphin County Parks & Recreation staff; and
bulletJon Litz and Craig Andrews.
A letter was received from Eric Milliron, Park Planner, Bureau of State Parks requesting comment on environmentally sensitive areas near Northport Industrial Park, Lot #5 owned by Eldorado Properties Corporation. A bulk lubricating oil storage facility is being proposed. It was noted that SCWA needs to be better informed of development plans in the watershed. The Northern Lebanon County Regional Visioning Process is an opportunity for SCWA to interact with township officials and promote the requirement of Best Management Practices, especially for stormwater management, for any new developments.
Minutes of the Northern Swatara Watershed Association in Schuylkill County were submitted by Thomas N. Flannery.
An invitation was received from PA Association of Conservation Districts for SCWA to set up a display on Friday, May 31 through June 1 at the Susquehanna River Celebration, Carousel pavilion, City Island. Volunteers to set up and man the display are needed.
Green Projects and Sponsors Wanted. Groups with green projects needing sponsors, and sponsors looking for projects to help, should contact DEP’s Green Project Bank at www.GreenProjectBank.org or e-mail to GreenProjectBank@state.pa.us .
Wenda Dinatale, Camp Strauss, is formulating a "water education" program for campers. SCWA shared information on Water Testing Kits; Water Conservation Kits; Microinvertebrate studies (Bug inventories); and manmade wetlands.
Rick Strohl, is with Concerned Citizens of South Annville, which is involved in presenting alternatives to South Annville Township's current Act 537 Plan Update. This plan, as currently written, proposes installation of a central sewage collection system in the northern part of the township, with all waste pumped to Lebanon's wastewater treatment plant. They are concerned about permanent loss to their aquifer where most of the homes are on wells using about 60,000 gallons per day. Also proposed are 500 new residences and an industrial park. They are asking for the name of a DEP contact who will listen and advise them.
An article appearing in today’s Patriot News was circulated concerning the junkyard near the south end of Swatara State Park. The article gives a history of the problems at this site.

Reports from Members:

Joseph Hovis, Ft.Indiantown Gap Envirornmental Specialist, reported that the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the expanded airport facility was completed and mailed to 250 interested persons. After a notice is published in the Federal Register, there will be a 30 day public comment period, probably starting this summer. He also reported that the new wastewater treatment plant is up and running. Ft.Indiantown Gap has large areas of native warm season grasses which are being harvested for seed to use for propagation in areas that need reseeding. They feel there is potential for harvesting even larger amounts of seed that could be used regionally by agencies such as PennDOT for planting native grasses rather than importing Little Blue Stem from Nebraska. There is interest in developing a natural plant nursery at the Gap.

Chuck Wertz introduced Laura Rickenderfer, a summer intern with the Lebanon County Conservation District.

Bill Achor introduced Annette Ehrhorn, a senior at PSU in environmental management and a summer intern with Wenger Feeds. Bill gave an update on the CREP projects completed on the Berks County farm and the Deck Road farm. Work is ongoing at the pullet farm on Mountain Road. Wenger Feeds is also working with the DEP Office of Pollution Prevention on a possible alternative bioenergy project. As a member of the Organics Recycling Task Force, Bill has an interest in promoting composting. He is working on developing a pilot program for using composted manure to reclaim abandoned surface mine lands. Transportation is the greatest cost. The states of Maryland and Delaware provide subsidies to cover the cost of transporting manure, thereby impacting the market in Pennsylvania.

Stacy Cromer reported that the Cold Water Fisheries Conference in February was a big success. Ann Lasky attended from SCWA. She enjoyed the workshops on streambank restoration and the use of root wads.

Tom Embich reported that DCNR is again spraying for gypsy moths. It is important to protect the health of trees and forests which in turn preserve water quality and recharge. The USGS is now doing water quality sampling at the Swatara Creek site WQN-211 in Middletown. Tom sent copies of their results to us by e-mail.

Bob Arnold reported that our June meeting will take place at the Waterworks Canoe Launch Site where we will do our annual cleanup on June 26

Ann Lasky reported that Old Annville Days will take place on June 8 and the Quittapahilla Nature Park will have a display at the old railroad station.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 A.M.


Today’s Speaker: Brook Lenker, Chesapeake Bay Restore Corps Program

Restore Corps is a program of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay created to help local environmental groups recruit and train volunteers for watershed restoration projects. The Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster partnerships to restore the Bay and its tributaries. Their goal is to engage and mobilize volunteers in restoration activities, accelerate restoration of the Chesapeake Bay, and build local capacity in watershed planning and management. Volunteer Action Days are planned in partnership with local watershed groups. Priority is given to sites that need restoration and are visible and accessible to the public. Volunteers are given information packets, a site tour, training, T-shirts, food and fun. The Alliance offers half-day training modules in riparian forest buffer establishment, native plant nurseries, seed collections of native plants, identification and control of invasive species, maintenance and monitoring of riparian buffers, and watershed management planning. Bayscapes is another program of the Alliance that encourages the use of native plants in landscaping. After an "Action Day", each watershed group is given a "Volunteer Recruitment and Retention" packet in disk or hard copy, a video film of the day, a database of volunteers, suggestions for post events, and an evaluation.. The Alliance is able to help local watershed associations recruit a variety of people and groups to join in projects. District Rotary has adopted Restore Corps as their environmental project for 2002-03. The Alliance serves as a clearing house for other resources such as publications, conferences, web sites, grant opportunities, and special trips.

The Alliance has a grant from the William Penn Foundation to carry out a certain quota of Action Days. Brook asked of there were any possibilities for an Action Day in the Swatara Watershed. Suggestions included a Bayscape project at the Career and Technology Center to enhance the wetlands restoration project planned there; riparian buffer establishment along the Quittapahilla Creek in North Cornwall and Cleona; and a training day in watershed management for township supervisors.

"Builders for the Bay", another program of the Alliance in cooperation with the PA Builders Association and the Center for Watershed Protection, promotes principles for better site design and their incorporation into the local planning process. Community round tables for local officials and citizens are held with the goal of changing local ordinances that hinder good site design. This is part of the "Smart Growth Program" of the Center for Watershed Protection.

There will be a Chesapeake Bay Restoration Conference September 24,25 in Baltimore and a PA Watershed Conference September 20-21 in Greensburg. The web sites for the Alliance are www.alliance.chesbay.org and www.RestoreCorps.org .


June is Pennsylvania Rivers Month—activities sheet and poster available

June 26 – SCWA meeting--Clean-up at Water Works canoe launch—the ground around the sign has settled and needs filling. Meet at 9:30 A.M. at the site

July 31 – SCWA meeting--Tom Donmoyer, NL Visioning Process—regional plan completed for Bethel, Cold Spring, East Hanover, Jonestown Borough, Swatara and Union Townships.

September 20-21, 2002 PA Watershed Conference—Success, Stewardship, Sustainability—Greensburg PA

September 24-26, 2002 Chesapeake Bay Restoration Conference, Baltimore


APRIL 24, 200

Jo Ellen Litz called the meeting at Harper’s Tavern to order at 9:30 a.m.

Attendance: Stephanie Harmon, Tom Embich, Tara Herman, Andy McAlister, Jeremy Trexel, Ed Chubb, Gina Mason, John Worrilow, Jo Ellen Litz and Betty Conner.

The Secretary’s reports will be reviewed at the May meeting.

The Treasurer’s report was received, including the Audit for years 2000 and 2001.

Also, Form 990 and the Charitable Organization Registration Statement were filed with the IRS and PA respectively.


On April 1, Scott Hoffman from USGS met with Jo Ellen for a GIS session. The meeting was very productive. Contract details were developed to give to Mackin. We now have flood plains in CAD format.
The Swatara Sojourn/Canoe Trip and Litter Cleanup May 4 and 5 will take place in less than 2 weeks. So far, PA Representative Ed Krebs and Congressman Tim Holden have shown interest in joining us.
Our Growing Greener Grant application for an Invasive Species Inventory was revised and resubmitted to DEP
Tom Embich and other SCWA members attended the Hershey Symphony concert on April 7 honoring community service organizations including SCWA.
The Little Swatara Creek Watershed Association will be conducting a Stream Cleanup on May 15 at 3:30 P.M. near Greble Road.
On April 22, Union Township held a hearing on the proposed bottled water facility wells located on a farm on Trout Run. The landowner had also applied for a CAFO permit for a large hog farm to be built on the same property. The water bottling facility was turned down by the township, but will be appealed. The township approved the hog farm on April 22, Earth Day.
The site visit to Ft. Indiantown Gap planned for March was rescheduled for April 22. A bus tour of the tank trail improvements and the USGS gauging station followed a program during which awards were given to military personnel. Joe Hovis gave a presentation on the environmental projects at the Gap.
In response to concerns about the junkyard at the south end of Swatara State Park, DEP made several inspections of the property during January, February and March. They will be following up on any violations and the need to clean up breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
The Northern Lebanon County Regional Visioning Process Summary and Landscape Policy Plan has been completed for East Hanover, Union, Cold Spring, Swatara, Bethel Townships and Jonestown Borough. Tom Donmoyer will give a presentation at the July 31 SCWA meeting.
The Capital RC&D District is advertising for a coordinator and a part time secretary.
A meeting was held with Stacy Cromer concerning a CVI grant for a Water Trail Update.
Stephanie Harmon, Lebanon Conservation District Watershed Specialist, announced plans for a Watershed Forum to be held in the fall. This would include all of the watersheds in Lebanon County. Stephanie is applying for a mini- grant to carry out the program. It was moved by John Worrilow and seconded by Tom Embich to support this program. Motion Carried.
Jo Ellen at the DEP Watershed Academy and at Lickdale Elementary School made SCWA presentations.

Reports from Members:

Tara Harmon, reported that Tri-County Regional Planning is working on a regional growth management plan, a regional transportation plan, and comprehensive plans for Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry Counties.
Andy McAllister reported that DEP is busy with the Watershed Snapshots. Watershed Awareness Month begins May 1 with a Kick-off at the Capitol Rotunda. SCWA will participate with a display including our Water Conservation Kits and information about the Swatara Sojourn. Jo Ellen will give a special presentation. Students from Middle Schools and High Schools will also participate.
Tom Embich reported that Drannon Buskirk, in the Environmental Science course he teaches at HACC, is asking his students to do projects and artwork in the Paxton Creek Watershed. Tom suggested that similar projects could take place in Lebanon City in the Quittapahilla Watershed. He suggested talking to Ralph Hiester and Dave Lasky about the possibility.
Stephanie Harmon last Friday toured the Quittapahilla Creek corridor, near the Dairy Queen where the Hazel Dine ends, with North Cornwall Township officials who are concerned about flooding, garbage pileup and sediment.
Ed Chubb, Dauphin County Parks and Recreation, will take part in the Swatara Sojourn evening program. He asked for suggestions for people to honor with awards from Dauphin County. Manada Conservancy and South Hanover Township were suggested. Ed also gave a brief update on the Swatara Greenway Project and the various rail-trail projects in the area.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 A.M.

TODAY’S PROGRAM: Water testing for Watershed Snapshot of Swatara Creek and Indian Run under the direction of Tom Embich.


April 25-27 –Third Annual Natural Stream Channel Design Summit, State College,

Call Canaan Institute 1-888-549-7640 or e-mail: Leslie.Moore@canaanvi.org

May 1 – begins Watershed Awareness Month. SCWA will set up a display at 9:00 A.M.

in the Capitol Rotunda and be part of the kick-off ceremonies from 10 to 2.

May 2 - Quittapahilla Watershed Assoc. meeting, Lebanon Ag Center, 7:00 P.M.

May 14 – Frailey Township & Tremont Borough Council will hold a public meeting to discuss their Growing Greener Watershed Project. Landstudies, Inc. has been contracted to carry out the project. The meeting is at 6:30 P.M. at the TACC Building, 19 North Pine Street, Tremont. Contact Cheryl Mack 570-695-3001.


May 29 – Brook Lenker, Chesapeake Bay Program

June 26 – Water Works Canoe Launch Site Cleanup

July 31 – Tom Donmoyer, Northern Lebanon Visioning Process

March 27, 2002

The meeting at Harper’s Tavern was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Jo Ellen Litz, president.

Attendance: Stephanie Harmon, John Worrilow, David Lasky, Ann Lasky, Bob Arnold, Jim McSurdy, Karen Light, Jo Ellen Litz and Betty Conner.

The Secretary & Treasurer reports will be reviewed at the April meeting.


On April 1, Scott Hoffman from USGS will meet with Jo Ellen for a GIS training session.
Planning for the Swatara Sojourn/Canoe Trip May 4 and 5 is moving ahead. Life guards, safety personnel and other volunteers are needed to help during the weekend. Please contact Jo Ellen if you are available. Small waterproof flashlights have been obtained for use on the Sojourn.
Our Commercial Liability Policy needs to be renewed for $190, effective 4/1/2002. It was moved and seconded to approve payment of the renewal fee. Motion carried.
Regarding our Growing Greener Grant application to Inventory Invasive Species in the Watershed, DEP has asked that we re-evaluate the time it will take to complete the inventory and that we break down the total costs by estimating how much money we will actually need in each fiscal year over the next 3 years, instead of 2 years. It was moved and seconded that SCWA make the changes requested and resubmit the application. Motion carried.
A "Rivers Conservation Plan Focus Group" meeting held on March 11 at the Huntingdon County Farm of John Dawes and led by Susan Parry from POWR, was attended by Jo Ellen. Discussion covered the pros and cons of hirng part time executive directors and ways of building up endowments to fund them. Administration costs are greatly increased.
April 7 at 3PM the Hershey Symphony will give a concert honoring SCWA. Please sign up for free tickets.
The Little Swatara Creek Watershed Association will be conducting a Watershed Snapshot April 11 at 9:30 A.M. at Country Gardens on Route 645, one mile south of the blinking light in Frystown. They will also take samples at Freeport Mills golf Course. On May 15 at 3:30 P.M. they will do a cleanup on Greble Road.
On April 22, Union Township will hold a hearing on the proposed bottled water facility wells located on a farm on Trout Run. The landowner has also applied for a CAFO permit for a large hog farm to be built on the same property.
The site visit to Ft. Indiantown Gap planned for March was postponed due to rain. Everyone will be notified as soon as it is rescheduled.
Jo Ellen talked with Sandy Williams, PA Cleanways, about Swatara State Park being listed among the Dirty Dozen State Parks in PA. She also told Sandy about the many cleanups that SCWA has conducted over the past 14 years during our annual canoe trips.
Casey Williams of Save Our Streams, Izaak Walton League of America, Gaithersburg MD, contacted SCWA and offered to attend our Water Works Cleanup this summer and do a "bug" workshop.
AES Ironwood has established an environmental fund with the Fish and Boat Commission. Groups like SCWA can apply for distribution of the funds.
DEP now has a 'Green Projects Bank' where ideas for projects and offers of sponsorship and volunteer help will be listed. Check it out at www.GreenProjectBank.org .
The Paxton Creek Watershed Association is concerned about stormwater management at the construction site of a new high school in the headwaters of Beaver Creek near Route 39 and Piketown Road. There is also increased development along Linglestown Road. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Bayscapes Program is working with developers in the area. It was moved and seconded to support the efforts of the Paxton Creek Watershed Association. Motion carried.
A 'Restore Corps' has been started by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay with a program for recruiting and training volunteers for on-the-ground projects, for example, collecting seeds of native plants and starting a nursery to provide stocks for local planting projects. See www.RestoreCorps.org .
There will be a kick-off for Watershed Awareness Month on May 1 at the Capitol Rotunda from 10 A.M.to 2 P.M. SCWA has been invited to set up a booth to promote the May 4-5 Swatara Sojourn. Betty Conner & Stephanie Harmon volunteered to help.

Reports from Members:

Jim McSurdy, Northern Swatara Watershed Association, reported on 3 current grants they are working on -

[1] Improvements to diversion wells

[2] Streambank stabilization and habitat

[3] Constructed wetland to treat AMD in Lorberry Creek

They have also applied for another Growing Greener Grant for 'Optimization of Anoxic Limestone Drains' in cooperation with USGS.

The watershed association is conducting a membership drive and taking part in a series of 'watershed hikes' in cooperation with other Schuylkill County nature clubs.

There will be 4 hikes in May. Talk to 'Big Owl' McSurdy if you are interested in joining them. Or e-mail porcupinepat@yahoo.com

bulletKaren Light, Quittapahilla Audubon Society, reported that the Society will be sending 8 students to Audubon Camp in Maine this summer. Donations for scholarships can be sent to Quittapahilla Audubon, Jean Boltz, President.
bulletBob Arnold, Signage Chairman, asked about the Pine Grove area canoe access and whether a conservation easement could be obtained to insure permanent access. He also asked whether the Swatara Water Trail should be extended that far and a Water Trail sign installed. The Northern Swatara Watershed Association and the Pine Grove Landfill, Inc. are willing to help install signs for road/stream crossings in Schuylkill County. John Bates, GPU, indicated willingness to dig holes for signs in Lebanon County. Jo Ellen will contact him.

Next Meeting:

April 24, 9:30 A.M. at Harper's Tavern. Following the meeting there will be water sampling from Swatara Creek and Indian Run for a Watershed Snapshot.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 A.M.


April 3 -- RC&D District meets at Penn State Harrisburg at noon, EUB Building

April 7 -- Hershey Symphony Concert 3:00 P.M.

April 11 - Little Swatara Watershed Snapshot, 9:30 A.M., Route 645 one mile south of Frystown, followed by Freeport Mills Golf Course

April 23 – 25 Watershed Academy, DEP & Stroud Water Research, at Northampton Community College, Bethlehem

April 25 - Quittapahilla Watershed Assoc. meeting, Lebanon Ag Center, 7:00 P.M.

April 25 - 27 Third Annual Natural Stream Channel Design Summit, State College. Call Canaan Valley Institute at 1-800-549-7640 or e-mail Lesley.Moore@canaanvi.org

May 1 -- Watershed Awareness Month Kick-off at Capitol, 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.


February 27, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 9:30AM by Jo Ellen Litz, president.

The Secretary & Treasurer reports were approved.


bulletA motion was made and seconded to pay Clear Creeks Consulting $9,000 from the Quittie Creek restoration grant. MOTION CARRIED.
bulletA motion was made and seconded to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, United States Department of Agriculture to perform services outlined in the Wenger Feeds Little Swatara Farms grant. MOTION CARRIED.
bulletPlans for the 2002 Swatara Creek Sojourn were discussed. Update is attached to agenda.
bulletWater Trail update: Jim Bates called with the OK to go ahead on the two Lebanon County sign installations in GPU'S territory. PA ONE-CALL cost $50 for the year to provide reference numbers for installation of the Water Trail Signs. A motion was made and seconded to pay this bill. MOTION CARRIED.
bulletFile copy of the Annual Report of the Northern Swatara Creek Watershed Association was received.
bulletCharitable Organization forms need to be completed and filed. A motion was made and seconded to pay the $150 filing fee. MOTION CARRIED.
bulletLetter was received from John R Luke Esquire, Pittsburgh, seeking expertise in monitoring and reviewing coal operations.
bulletSCWA contacted Leroy Young @ PA Fish & Boat to ask about the process to be included in the distribution of AES Ironwood funds.
bulletPA Cleanways "Dirty Dozen Report" includes Swatara State Park. Karen, Betty & Jo Ellen weren’t aware of the Greenpoint dump the report referenced.
bulletSRBC signage update—Bob Arnold reported on progress.
bulletA visitor to SCWA web site wrote: "I am looking at barns for a painting class I am taking. Next week we have to bring in a watercolor of a barn. Your barns are quite different than the ones in Illinois. Do you care if I copy one to use just as a model for my painting?" Joan Semande, Carl Sandburg College, Seniors Watercolor Class Galesburg IL 61401
bulletPromotion of PA trails during PA Hiking Trails Week (May 11-19). Swatara State Park has been placed on the statewide list of parks participating in this event. Will feature some of Swatara's potential as a 'trail-oriented' park and share the ongoing park master planning process. Ideas are wanted for planning activities and participating in any events. Details worked out by March 15 for DCNR's press release scheduled for early April. This is an opportunity for any trail-using group to get exposure and experience Swatara in a state-sponsored celebration. Participation can be a simple, organized trail ride, instructional session, trail maintenance activity or similar trail-oriented activity. Please let me know if you have any ideas, inspiration or interest in this KTA sponsored event--Jean Akers. SCWA suggested a triathlon (Canoe Swope’s Valley bridge to Appalachian Trail bridge, bike 3-4 miles, pick up trash while walking 1-2 miles. Could be a church sponsored youth group or a business sponsoring employees,….)
bulletWater Conservation Equation presentations will be made to the following groups:
bullet[1] Junior troop 369, from Ft. Indiantown Gap, Penn Laurel Girl Scout Council. February 26. The girls will be doing this project for their Bronze Award which is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can achieve
bullet[2] SRBC February 21
bullet[3] CCHS Young Farmers, February 29
bulletA VOTE was requested on Charles Cravota’s grant proposal for "Optimization of Limestone Drains for Long-Term Treatment of Acidic Mine Drainage, Swatara Creek Basin, Schuylkill County, Pa." A motion was made and seconded to approve the grant proposal. MOTION CARRIED.
bulletA VOTE was requested on supporting the continued publication of Watershed Weekly produced by DEP and edited by Bonnie Bonnie Swinehart. A motion was made and seconded to send a letter of support for Watershed Weekly. MOTION CARRIED.
bulletSupport for SCWA Grant application to Assess Invasive Species was received from: Senator Brightbill; Representatives Krebs & Zug; Union Township Supervisors; Berks, Dauphin, Lebanon, and Schuylkill County Conservation Districts. Thank You!
bulletTracy Longenecker provided a link to the Izaak Walton League’s newly designed web site: http://www.iwla.org
bulletDave Ravegum provided CLEAN’s web link www.penweb.org/clean
bulletA transfer of technical assistance grant funds were not secured for the Quittapahilla Watershed.
bulletThe Beaver Creek Association is looking for technical assistance to provide the Township with facts to set or amend any construction and land-use zoning controls. Suggested RC&D C-Saw grant.


bulletFebruary 28th Quittapahilla Watershed Association meeting-at 7:00 P.M. at the Lebanon Agricultural Center 2120 Cornwall Road
bulletMarch 13th, 2002 Focus Group to be held at the cabin at R. John Dawes' Huntingdon Farm in Alexandria, PA
bulletMarch 19 SRBC Legal Technical Assistance Workshop on the Good Samaritan Act, Radisson Penn Harris Hotel, Camp Hill
bulletMarch 27, next SCWA meeting, Hershey Entertainment Resort on water rides and water conservation.

Greenwork’s TV-Stories about People and Our Environment-Sojourn 2001

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 A.M.

NEXT MEETING: March 27 at Harper’s Tavern, 9:30 A.M.
Media Articles of Interest

1/30 Drought takes hold in East, Associated Press, Patriot

2/3 Talkin Trash by Dave Wolf, Lebanon Daily News


January 30, 2002

9:30AM Welcome & Introductions.  In attendance were Bill Achor, Bob Arnold, Dick Blouch, Harvey Bomberger, E Drannon Buskirk, Betty Conner, George Conner, Stacy Cromer, Tom Embich, Tim Emenheiser, Cyndie Fuhrer, Mary Golab, Stephanie Harmon, Joseph Hovis, Janet Hunt, Jan Jarrett, Frank Koch, Ranoy Lake, David Lasky, Karen Light, Jo Ellen Litz, Jen Loy, Andy McAllister, Rocky Powell, Greta Rank, Mark Secrist, Mike Sherman, Khervin Smith, Rich Starr, Jeremy Trexel, Russell Wagner, Tisha Walmer, Chuck Wertz, John Worrilow
On motion by John Worrilow, seconded by Tom Embich, the October, November and December 2001 Secretary reports were approved as presented.
bulletOn a motion by Jack Worrilow, seconded by Dick Blouch, permission was granted to pay Clear Creeks Consulting $7,329.44 + $146.59 SCWA administrative expenses on the Quittie restoration grant ME350428.  
bulletOn a motion by Jack Worrilow, seconded by Bob Arnold, a letter of support was approved for a new grant submittal to complete the Quittie Creek Restoration analysis by Rocky Powell. 
bulletOn a motion by Jack Worrilow, seconded by Bob Arnold, $441.60 will be paid to Susquehannock Fly Fishers upon DEP reimbursement of Quittie’s Hammer Creek grant 3591059.
bulletUntil our next meeting, members agreed to reflect upon their comfort level with our practice of recording minutes to report agreed upon “sponsorship” of subwatersheds, or whether we should develop signed memorandums of understanding.   
bulletFor the Round 4 Growing Greener Grant Round, Tom Embich moved, and Karen Light seconded a motion for SCWA to submit an Invasive Species Inventory with Mackin Engineering designating the Swatara State Park as our pilot projectMotion Carried. Letters of support are requested from Conservation Districts and municipalities.  Multi-flora Rose should be included as a species to inventory.  SCWA will try to interest additional buy-in form the Department of Agriculture and other "jurisdictional" organizations. http://www.dep.state.pa.us/growgreen/defaultdep.htm
bulletA Waste Management lifetime membership received.
bulletPoints were plotted for Data Points submitted to Kim Weaver for our Streamlynx project.
bulletMackin Training was requested.  They are waiting on USGS to schedule a date which will be advertised for interested parties, especially municipalities. 
bullet2002 Sojourn Update.  Theme, Our Native American Heritage.  Looking for related programs or ideas to enhance the weekend.  Headbands with feathers can be worn by canoeists.  LVC students may paint faces. Local Indian Arrowhead displays, Boy Scout Order of the Arrow will be asked to attend….
bulletBarb Bashore, DEP, requested a presentation on our year in review and lessons learned.
bulletTo facilitate a TMDL study, Kirsten Williams, SRBC, was interested in any projects on the Swatara Creek tributary north of the Quittie Confluence.  Roads crossing the tributary are Lindley, Shirks Church, Jonestown and Route 81.
bulletJudy Taggert, Terrene Institute, did an article on our Conservation Kits.  Schools participating to date:  Cedar Crest; Lower Dauphin; East Hanover; Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School, Harrisburg; Holy Name of Jesus School, Harrisburg.  Letters sent to each school District in Swatara Watershed.
bulletCory Anderson, CVI, may help with some of the needed CAD formats.
bulletProject 2221 Non-Point Pollution from Agriculture Activities grant on Wenger Feeds Farms, Little Swatara Creek Watershed, approved and signed on a motion by John Worrilow, seconded by Tom Embich.  All three copies were presented to Advisor Rus Wagner who was in attendance.
bulletWe reviewed Governor Schweiker’s budget cut.  His letter states cuts will not impact our Growing Greener Grants.
bulletWe complied with DEP’s request to chart our grants when submitting bills for reimbursement.
bulletAES Ironwood tested their generators.  A letter was sent.
bulletTom Embich reported on a contact by Mr. Banks who has concerns over composting on a landfill at the Hodges Heights area of Lower Paxton Township (Beaver Creek subbasin).
bulletOn our Water Trail maps, the missing Union Canal Lock #31 is on the south bank of Beaver Creek at the confluence with the Swatara Creek.  This data point will be forwarded for inclusion in our Streamlynx.
bulletJoe Hovis outlined a proposed presentation and driving tour of Manada and Indiantown Run Watersheds at Ft Indiantown Gap.  The postponed 24th of January tour needs to be rescheduled.  Possible areas for improvement included the trout nursery and tank parking areas.
bulletTisha Walmer reviewed a 1/14/02 , 7PM , Lebanon Municipal Building meeting where the Nature Conservancy presented an outline of the Natural Diversity Inventory to be conducted in Lebanon County.  To date, one plant and one unknown speices were identified.  Those present were given an opportunity to identify special areas on a map.
bulletAfter 9 years of trying to get our area designated a USDA Resource Conservation and Development Area, it has happened!  A letter of support from Congressman George Gekas surely had an impact.  A celebration at an upcoming PA Association of Conservation Districts event will be pursued.
bulletMarch 19 SRBC Legal Technical Assistance Workshop on the Good Samaritan Act, Radisson Penn Harris Hotel, Camp Hill
bulletDrannon Buskirk announced the Paxton Creek Watershed Association will conduct macroinvertebrate testing on February 26 and on March 26 review an assessment with Skelly and Loy, 7:30PM @ C Ted Lick Building, HACC.
bulletStephanie Harmon asked for information on April Activities for inclusion on an Earth Day/Month celebration calendar.
bulletOn a unanimous motion by Tom Embich, seconded by Betty Conner, a letter of support will be send to Mark Chedwiggen in support of a BMP Growing Greener grant submittal.
bulletChuck Wertz expressed concern over an April Farm Bill that could better support Farmland Preservation.  Likewise, a US Fish & Wildlife budget may be impacted by oil dollars.  Finally, the Forrest Legacy program was approved, and the Lebanon Conservancy has applied to administer the program for Lebanon County.
bulletBill Achor summarized a Feb 12-14 DEP BMP nutrient management seminar scheduled for the Holiday Inn, Grantville.  He is also active in a renewable energy strategy.
bulletBetty Conner reviewed the Drought Watch for the state of Pennsylvania, and asked Mary Golab to obtain copies of a booklet entitled Water is Life for distribution at the next meeting of SCWA.
bulletJan Jarrett presented a resolution asking the Legislature for support to reauthorize Growing Greener grant funding through avenues like a 10-year bond issue and $3 increase in landfill tipping fees.  On a motion by Betty Conner, seconded by Tom Embich, the resolution will be signed and forwarded to the Pennsylvania Organization of Watersheds and Rivers as well as to area legislators along with a list of grants that have benefited the Swatara Watershed.  We thank Janet Hunt representing Senator Brightbill and Jen Loy for Representative Krebs who were in attendance to help carry the message back to our legislators.
Rocky Powell presented a program on Natural Stream Channel Design applied to the Quittaphilla Creek.  62 miles of the Quittie were walked, observed, and mapped in a digital geographic information system format.  "Hot Spots" were noted.  Changed channels were documented.  Where USGS maps showed a "poker straight channel, the stream had significant meanders" and vice versa.  On the bright side, Rocky noted and congratulated the Quittie watershed for having the most linear feet of watershed fenced that he has ever seen. 
A $175,000 Growing Greener grant is helping to complete an assessment of instream habitats and biological communities; water quality modeling by Penn state and monitoring by Lebanon Valley College; geomorphic stream stability contributing to sediment loading; and hydrologic peak flow conditions contributing to flooding.  An additional $348,535.50 DEP Growing Greener grant application would complete the assessment.  However, if $469,000 is raised with a match from a Technical Assistance Grant assigned to SCWA by Canaan Valley Institute, an implementation project can be completed and one month instead of 20 days can be added in the field.  The assessment will prioritize projects to improve the Quittie.  For instance, older subdivisions where storm water management wasn't installed may be recommend for a retrofit.  Municipal regulations may be suggested to protect sensitive areas.  Or, restoration of habitat, banks, and channel reconstruction may be needed.  Brown Trout are the target species for a successful implementation of the recommendations
Media Articles of Interest:
12/2/01 State Official praises local water conservation efforts, John Latimer, Lebanon Daily News
12/11/01 Picture of Senator Brightbill & Ed Keener, Lebanon Daily News
Don’t wait for state, Lebanon Daily News editorial
12/16/01 Grant sought for trail study, Al Winn, Patriot
12/17/01 New law simplifies land preservation, John Latimer, Lebanon Daily News
12/23/01 I was completely dedicated, John Latimer, Lebanon Daily News
12/24/01 Integrity-Those who falsified study spoil reasonable environmental efforts, Patriot editorial
1/3/02 Drought Rx:  Lots of Snow, Amy Gulli
1/13/02 Military only part of story for GAP, Chris Cleaver, Lebanon Daily News
1/14/02 Betting on a good neighbor, Lebanon Daily News editorial
1/15/02 Swatara State Park Water study focus reset, Al Winn, Patriot
1/24/02 T-i-m-b-e-r! heard at Sweet Arrow Lake, Rory Schuler, Pottsville Republican
1/28/02 Questions about our “trash king” label, Lebanon Daily News editorial
1/28/02 Baltimore warning:  Cut down water use, Associated Press
State doubles size of its landfills’ capacity, Associated Press


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