2003 Meeting Minutes

bulletNovember 26, 2003
bulletOctober 29, 2003
bulletSeptember 24, 2003
bulletAugust 27, 2003
bulletJune 25, 2003
bulletApril 30, 2003
bulletMarch 26, 2003
bulletFebruary 26 2003
bulletJanuary 30, 2003

November 26, 2003, 9:30AM, Harper’s Tavern

bulletOn a motion by Worrilow/Light, members approved a $1750 contract with Faren & Associates for an audit, charitable organization filing, and tax preparation.
bulletOn a motion by Wertz/McSurdy, members approved a membership dues increase to $20 yearly and $200 lifetime. The increase will not take effect until January 1. Current dues of $10 yearly and $100 lifetime will be honored for anyone joining SCWA prior to the New Year. It was noted that no prior increase has occurred.
bulletWith all of the holiday activities, members present voted not to meet in December.
bulletReceived two notices of grant closeouts from DEP: 350437 Stream Lynx and 3591059 Upper Hammer Creek Stream Fencing and Riparian Buffers. The balance of State funds for deobligation were respectively: $427.81 and $44,040.35.
bulletSwatara Sojourn submitted to Harrisburg Magazine for listing and coverage consideration.
bulletThree students from the Northern Lebanon gifted students who are very interested in helping with a Swatara Project. They are Tim Auman, Jonathan Hehnly, and Jason McGovern
bulletChuck Wertz reported on the recent local Watershed forum.
bulletMembers reviewed facilitation efforts for property acquisition
bulletUnion Township's Act 537 sewage hearing: A map of contaminated wells was displayed, and supervisors listened until everyone was done talking. Then, at the official supervisor's meeting, officials moved to postpone a vote on the current proposal. The list of requests including reducing the $1000 per day fine to $300 per occurrence and language stating an SEO (sewage enforcement officer) could enter your property will be revised to allow state licensed haulers to determine compliance.
bulletReceived copy of Greenworks Sojourns, A River Adventure, which features a small segment of the Swatara Sojourn.
bulletReceived a Susquehanna River Water Trail (Middle Section) map.
bulletOral History Project: Training tape completed. Tape recorder and camcorder available for one more team to Assist with the EELS project. Denise Donmoyer agreed to review the EELS training tape and try to identify interviewees in Schuylkill County.
bulletReceived a Study Initiation Notice from US Army Corps of Engineers on Sweet Arrow Lake Restoration Project, Schuylkill County PA. Comments can be sent to US Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, ATTN: CENAB-PL-P (Grundy), PO Box 1715, Baltimore MD 21203-1715.
bulletDenise reported that Sweet Arrow Lake was dedicated in honor of Deceased County Commissioner Stanley Tobash who was instrumental in moving this project forward. Further, Denise reported that the Army Corps of Engineers presented three alternatives for handling siltation in Sweet Arrow Lake, none of which are appealing to local residents. Although there are plenty of abandoned mines that could use the 500,000 cubic yards of fill, the problem is the cost to haul the silt. It was suggested that, for assistance, she contact the Red Horse outfit at Fort Indiantown Gap. She also noted that the Lake might be drawn down during the desiltation process as well as for installation of a fifty foot fishing peer sponsored by Bassmasters.
bulletDave McSurdy questioned activity at the I81 Bridge at Inwood in Swatara State Park. Tress are being cut and surveying is going on.
bulletDave also questioned if any water test results are available on the southern end of Swatara State Park. To document cleanup efforts, he is specifically looking for historical data on iron, aluminum, and manganese.
bulletDave Sheridan presented a proposal to add onto the Swatara Supply Study. An email version will be forthcoming.
bulletPat McElhaney, of the Nature Conservancy stationed at Fort Indiantown Gap, presented information on invasive species, which he believes, next to habitat loss, are the second greatest threat to biodiversity. Invasive species can take the form of plants, animals, or disease pathogens (microorganisms). In the absence of natural predators, the invasive species multiply rapidly. Their presence impacts the ecology or environment and genetic dilution. Purple Loose Strife and Multiflora Rose are examples of invasive plant species.  Zebra muscles provide an example of an invasive animal species.
bulletThere being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

October 29, 2003, 9:30AM, Harper’s Tavern

bulletA grant application was submitted to extend the Swatara Water Trail north from Jonestown through Swatara State Park.
bulletOral History Project: Resource request approved by CVI for personnel and equipment—audio recorders, microphones, and audiotapes for the session. Tom Inskeep, a videographer working with CVI will conduct the training on the video equipment.

Interviewers (24 needed)             Interviewees (Up to 200 total, but *3-6 for practice interviews @ training)

Betty Conner                     *John Worrilow
Karen Light                         Skip Wolf
Jo Ellen Litz                        Francis Ditzler
Marta Trainer                       Evelyn Eislee
Harvey Bomberger               Tom Embich
Jean Henry                         Ed Keener
                                          Clyde Miller
                                                        John Grumbein’s father
                                                        Ken Shirk, Sonrise TagsAndTax
                                                        Heidi Neiswender
                                                        Bruce Keeney

Report submitted for Little Swatara Farms grant.
Vote of affirmation passed for Jonestown Mayor Kaufman's letter of support for the Borough to submit a DCNR grant for a master plan on the same piece of land that we supported last year. In addition, the developer donated the land across the street that will tie into the proposed Swatara Trail. All total, the planning process will cover 70 acres.
Jo Ellen will attend a session with DEP Secretary McGinty on November 3, noon-4pm Your feedback is welcome, a one-page synopsis, on the Questions for Consideration:
  1. What is working, what needs improvement?
  2. What are unmet needs, new opportunities?
  3. What are the correlations between DEP’s obligations and watershed projects?
  4. How can we better demonstrate the environmental benefit of watershed projects?
  5. What baselines should we use in defining success, e.g. EPA's baseline for the Appalachian Highlands?
  6. How can we improve the quality of monitoring data such that more of it is program relevant?
  7. Should we make it a priority to build new watershed groups where none currently exist?
  8. How much funding do we need on an annual basis to support operation and maintenance costs?
  9. What is the proper distribution of funds between watershed grants, innovative technology, technical assistance grants, Energy Harvest, and contracts?
  10. Should we require some graduated demonstration of financial support to ensure the long-term viability of watershed groups and projects?
DCNR’s new Southcentral PA Outdoors Discovery Map was distributed
Fort Indiantown Gap article http://www.ngb.army.mil/onguard/32/08/pg15.asp
Internship: Khiet: Chuck shared your email with the Swatara Creek Watershed Association. FYI, here's our internship request. Intern Opportunities - SCHWA is always looking for bright, energetic individuals who want to learn how a grassroots all-volunteer organization ticks. Your opportunities are endless--from grant research, writing, tracking, and filing of reports to web site editing, newsletter writing and editing, organizing a canoe and litter cleanup/sojourn, creating a historical archive and writing press releases--mostly from the Watershed office--or in the field doing water quality testing, canoe launch inspections and repairs, installing signs, or canoeing and cleaning up the Swatara. No, we can't offer a salary, but we can write a letter of reference that may help in your next job interview. Send your letter of interest along with a brief biography to the SCHWA office, 2501, Cumberland St., Suite 4, Lebanon PA 17042.
The extended October 16, 2003, Union Township Hearing on the NL Authority Sewage Treatment Plant passed to expand the treatment plant from 100,000 to 300,000 gallons per day.  In addition, a Union Township Supervisors meeting to address Act 537 on- lot sewage pumping regulations will take place on November 12 at Trinity United Methodist Church, Lickdale.  With the unseasonably high water table, there were questions about a possible false positive on contamination of tested wells; whether the fecal matter was animal or human waste....  Residents are also interested in providing feedback to Supervisors that would ease the fines and inspection procedure.
The US Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, is receiving comments to restore and enhance the aquatic ecosystem of Sweet Arrow Lake, Pine Grove Borough, Schuylkill County. If you have cost effective suggestions on how to improve habitat degraded from sedimentation and to expand the total wetland area of the lake, within 30 days contact jo.ann.grundy@usace.army.mil .
Per Judith Jordan, POWR, typical Growing Greener grants generally would not count toward the $25,000 contribution threshold that renders an organization ineligible for the exemption from the Act's registration requirement. Per Mike Speranzella, CVI, only the Administration Portion paid to the umbrella organization, not the full grant award, must be claimed as federal awards expended by the umbrella organization. OMB Circular (A-133) and consulted with our outside auditor. The grants which are "facilitated" for the other organizations would not be counted in the "federal awards expended" by the umbrella organization as long as those funds are simply passed through and the umbrella organization does not make any decisions on how those funds are spent. However, if the umbrella organization makes decisions on how the funds are spent then those federal dollars are counted as "federal awards expended" by the umbrella organization. Also, if the umbrella organization takes a portion of the grant dollars as an administration must be claimed as "federal awards expended". The current trigger for a single audit is $300,000 in federal awards expended and increases to $500,000 for fiscal years ending after Dec. 31, 2003. To put this in a CVI perspective, the pass through we use for our small grants program would be true pass through because they don’t make decisions on how the funds we award are spent. Please note that everything I’ve said here pertains to federal dollars only.
The Watershed Assistance Division at DEP is putting together a "do it yourself" guide for watershed groups on watershed management planning and implementation. You may have some experience - good or bad - along these lines that could help others. Diane Wilson sent an Executive Summary that explains the purpose and organization of the guide along with a format that DEP wants to use for each "toolbox". If you would like to review Nov. 15, 2003, let Jo Ellen know.
Per Mary Golab, Chesapeake Bay Foundation is offering containerized seedlings of native plants at no cost for nonprofit groups to use in stream buffer and wetland restoration projects. These plants can help stretch tight resources while accomplishing important conservation work. Species available include: Shrubs - Red chokeberry Black chokeberry, Grey dogwood Winterberry holly Arrowwood viburnum Tree - Green ash.
<> To receive an order form, please contact Frank Rohrer at (717) 468-6219 or
rohrer1009@hotmail.com <mailto:rohrer1009@hotmail.com>. Competed forms should be mailed to Frank Roher, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, 242 Stuart Run Road, Quarryville, PA 17566. In return, you will receive an order confirmation with pickup details and directions to Black Rock and Octoraro Native Plan Nursery as needed.
Special Offer - Native Riparian Species Stock Spring 2004! The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources is offering "riparian bundles" of 100 seedlings available for spring 2004 planting. These seedlings are from seed collected last year. Each bundle will contain four different species of 25 each of any of the following species: white oak, tulip poplar, silky dogwood, flowering dogwood, button bush, red maple, or sycamore. You cannot specify which species you want. In order that these seedlings are only used for riparian buffers, these seedlings do not appear on the Planting Stock Available form. Landowners will find out about them from your verbal recommendations. This stock is not available for state forestland planting. Landowners may purchase as many bundles as they like. They must be ordered on the regular Nursery stock application and can be combined with other seedling orders. The cost for each bundle will be $15.00. Shipping will be $1.00 per bundle. A minimum shipping charge of $7.00 will apply to the entire order. If the bundles are ordered for pickup at Penn Nursery, the $1.00 per bundle shipping charge and the minimum shipping charge would not apply.
<> To order, contact Craig Keeran, DCNR Region 3 Forester, at 1066 Blooming Grove Rd.; Codorus State Park; Hanover, PA. Phone: (717) 637-1770.
We received a proposal for review from David Sheridan about a change in the way we use our rain water, which may help alleviate future drought conditions.  SCHWA members agreed to review it and discuss the proposal at our next meeting.
Betty Conner was appointed to the Lower Susquehanna River Basin Regional Water Resources committee.  She will serve as their vice chair.
Attended PA Watershed Conference, Grantville, Revitalizing Your Watershed Group panel session.
Attended Lebanon Conservation District award selection committee.
Attended September 26th " Open Space" Retreat with Jeremy Barnes @ SAFE.
Attended RC&DO meeting, Penn State, Middletown

Today’s featured speaker - Sara Nicholas - American Rivers.  Due to liability concerns, the Fry Trust, owners of the Middletown low-head dam, approached officials about breaching this dam.  Sara reviewed the pros and cons of this proposal.  SCHWA agreed to help facilitate public education.


November 7th at 9:00 a.m., steering committee oral history conference call.
November 8, 9-noon, Watershed Forum on well-head protection, storm water management, and working with municipalities--Lebanon/Lancaster County. Register with Stephanie Harmon by this Friday
November 19—Canaan Valley Institute will conduct interviewer training, which will include practice interviews with volunteers.


November 26 - Nature Conservancy - Invasive Species of concern
December (date?)- open date (Dec. 17, 24, or 31)

News Articles of Interest:

10/3 – Landfill tries to tip scales for expansion—Waste Management increases incentives, by Kim Monotone, Pottsville Republican

10/7—Article on Union Deposit, by Jerry Gleason, Patriot News

10/11-12—Landfill owner fined, Pine Grove site penalized for spill by Dan Roman, Pottsville Republican

September 24, 2003

Distributed Walk to Wellness maps: Lebanon County Walking Trails—Wellness Challenge 2003.

Reviewed/Commented upon expanded water trail application to add 18 additional miles to the existing 42 miles of Swatara Water Trail.

Extended Swatara Water Trail Task checklist:

Notified DCNR advisors.

Obtained permission from municipalities:

Lebanon County
Schuylkill County
Jonestown Borough
Swatara Township

Obtained landowner permission:

bulletKyle & Tammy Boltz, Lickdale Campground
bulletLebanon Water Authority
bulletSwatara State Park per Bill Friese
bulletWillard W. Heinbach, Ford Dealer & Trailer Park owner @ Route 645

Obtained quotes:

PA One-Call - locate utilities--$50
Pemcor - 10,000 maps $5112.01; 20,000 maps $7503.12; 30,000 maps $9910.00
Hopewell Forge - 7 aluminum frames ($445 each plus $300 shipping) $3415
Centennial Graphics - 5 signs $2040 or 7 (36" x 48") fiber glass embedded color fast signs $2555 plus shipping.

Estimated quotes:

At least 28 Bags Cement $150
Gas operated post hole digger (Early to approach Met Ed for assistance. First, we should have the signs in hand.) However, to rent a tow behind unit is $99/day--up to 12" hole. Depending on the soil, we'll be lucky if we can dig one set of holes per day. So my guess is $800 with gas, oil....
Mileage - $270

Obtain matching funds or services:

Canaan Valley Institute - GIS Mapping Services $5100
PA Fish & Boat Commission - Graphic Art/Layout Services $5000
SCWA - Volunteer Coordinator for project, ordering of signs & maps, distribution of maps, placement of signs.... $5000
Lebanon Water Authority - possible water-proof map boxes for 14 signs $?

The way it looks, in round figures, for seven signs, seven frames & posts, cement...and 30,000 maps, the total project comes to about $35,000 (hopefully 1/2 in cash from DCNR and 1/2 match)

For the Governor's office, Dorothy Wert called about the Water Trail.? She wanted to know what municipalities the Trail flowed through.

To: Dorothy Wert Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 11:11 AM Subject: Swatara Water Trail Municipalities


Per your request, here is the list of municipalities that the Swatara Water Trail currently goes through, as well as those municipalities that will be included in the near future (3 counties and 19 boroughs and townships):

Schuylkill County:

  1. Pine Grove Borough
  2. Pine Grove Township

Lebanon County:

  1. East Hanover Township
  2. Union Township
  3. Bethel Township
  4. Swatara Township
  5. Jonestown Borough
  6. North Annville Township
  7. North Londonderry Township
  8. East Hanover Township

Dauphin County:

  1. East Hanover Township
  2. Derry Township
  3. South Hanover Township
  4. Swatara Township
  5. Lower Swatara Township
  6. Hummelstown Borough
  7. Londonderry Township
  8. Royalton Borough
  9. Middletown Borough

Related –SCWA will be interviewed concerning Water Trail case studies by Mary Pardee, Lakes Education Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Extension.

Oral History Project:

October 9 – 1PM--In order to prepare for our interviews of persons knowledgeable about the history of the Swatara Watershed, a preliminary meeting at the Watershed office-2501 Cumberland St., Lebanon-will occur to finalize the focus of our interview questions. We will also decide the training location. All are welcome.
November 19—Canaan Valley Institute will conduct interviewer training, which will include practice interviews with volunteers.

Nominated Conservation Landowner of the Year, Jeff Werner; Special Recognition Leigh Beamesderfer; and Conservationist, Fritz Heilman.  If you have a nomination for Conservation Educator of the Year, please let SCWA know before October 8.  Jo Ellen abstained from voting on Jeff's nomination.

Nominate Brian Kreider for director of the Lebanon County Conservation District—Tom Krall, farmer representative is no longer able to serve. The other is a pubic director position that Jo Ellen is currently filling. SCWA renominated her for the public director position..

Monroe Valley Bridge--On September 4th, 2003 the project was Bid successfully.

Voted to affirmation for a letter of support for the Energy Harvest Grant application on behalf of the Conservation District to implement a Windbreak in front of the Ag Center.

Dan Koury & Chuck Cravotta assisting Florence and Timothy Marbarger, Schuylkill Haven, with AMD information.

October 1, 2003—Chuck also reports that an Annual aquatic ecological survey of Swatara Creek will take place. The tentative plan is to begin at Swatara Creek at Ravine, then go to Lorberry Creek at junction, Good Spring Creek at Tremont, and last Swatara Creek at Newtown below diversion wells.

Draining the lake at Camp Bashore. After a warning phone call from Jeff Steckbeck, the engineer who inspects it yearly, the lake was dropped at least 2 feet. It was not long after that that the Fish Commission gave permission to draw it down entirely for the maintenance that we were waiting to have approved. So it is official! The valve was opened ½ way and within 4 hours the level dropped by 1 foot. Weather permitting, photos will be taken of the progress so we can have a good record of the entire process, since nobody really remembers the last time it was drained. So far the shoreline has receded about 18 inches at the canoe launch and it is surprisingly easy to walk on- not too muddy. David M. Matterness

On behalf of the Quittie Watershed, Governor Rendell sent a congratulatory letter and notice of grant closeout for the Restoration and Management Plan.

Diane Wilson Reports--World Water Monitoring Day - October 18, 2003. To keep up with developments about this international event, please visit www.worldwatermonitoringday.org or contact Ed Moyer of America's Clean Water Foundation at emoyer@acwf.org

Mary Golab reports: Free Watershed Academy Web Training CD The EPA Watershed Academy's online training program, Watershed Academy Web, is now available on a free CD as well as on the Internet. This training CD offers a variety of self-paced training modules that represent a basic and broad introduction to the watershed management field. The modules are organized by six themes, including Introductory/Overview, Watershed Ecology,
Watershed Change, Analysis and Planning, Management Practices, and Community/Social/Water Law. Modules vary in the time they to complete, from ½ hour to 2 hours. Fifteen of them are the core modules for the Watershed
Academy Certificate Program. Single copies of the CD are available by requesting "Watershed Academy Web on CD" publication no. EPA 841-C-03-001 from ncepimal@one.net <mailto:ncepimal@one.net> or by phone at
1-800-490-9198. Ordering information is also available on the Watershed Academy Web home page at <"http://www.epa.gov/watertrain/>.

Birding trail being created: Faylor Lake, Colyer Lake, Falilng Spring Creek, Muskrat Springs Access Area, Oxbow Lake, Rose Valley Lake, Speedwell Forge Lake, Stevens Lake. Marci Mowery, Director of Education Audubon PA

Judy Lengle reports—At the Cressona Borough Authority (sewer authority) the engineer told the directors that the sewer plant's sludge tested positive for PCBs at a concentration more than six times the allowable. It tested at 56 ppm dry weight for PCBs. He said the DEP allowable limit is 8.6 ppm. They had the sludge tested because they were ready to arrange for it to be hauled away and spread on Fidler Farms fields in Wayne Township . . .which they have been permitted to do for a long time. The Cressona Borough Authority always tests its sludge. This is the first time in a very long time that anything out of the ordinary showed up. They are contacting DEP for treatment/disposal directives. They are also testing various industrial operations which dump into their system in order to locate where the PCBs are coming from. They handled it very professionally.

Frank Cetera reports that PA River Sojourn Organizers Congress and networking meeting. starting promptly at 2 pm on Saturday.

Betty reported that the Tuplehocken Greenway Feasibility Study was awarded to Urban Research and Development (Bethlehem, Berks County).  Because of their emphasis on preservation of natural and historic aspects, their proposal stood out from the other twelve.  The project should begin this fall and end within one year.


Reviewed portions of Appendix G to the Rivers Conservation Plan to see how many of the projects we started or are on track for being started.  To see how well we have progressed toward the "future" list of the RCP, until our next meeting, we are asking everyone to review the appendix on this site, and both make priority recommendations and identify funding sources.


9/11/03, Sweet Arrow work OK’d—by Dan Roman, Pottsville Republican


Oct. 3 - 4, 2003 - statewide Watershed Conference will be held, at the Grantville Holiday Inn. This Conference is co-sponsored/hosted by SRBC, DEP, and POWR and will highlight
the issues concerning our region in addition to the entire state.
November 5 - LCCD Conservation Awards program @ Hebron.
bulletNovember 8, 9-noon, Watershed Forum on well-head protection, storm water management, and working with municipalities.


October 18 - Rail Trail @ Colebrook

October 29 - Sara Nicholas - American Rivers
November 26 - Nature Conservancy - Invasive Species of concern
December (date?)- open date (Dec. 17, 24, or 31)

August 27, 2003 -  Harper's Tavern, 9:30AM

"Oral History" project - July 29 Conference call with CVI. August 19, toured Swatara Watershed with Cindy Phillips, John Worrilow, Tom Embich & Jo Ellen. From the Watershed perspective of sharing a natural resource, we want to study the cultural, environmental, and economic history of the Swatara Watershed.  Outcomes:  a book and CD.  To date, reviewed existing histories that were transcribed at the Historical Society; saw Swatara State Park, Cornwall Iron Furnace, Municipal Building, Union Canal Tunnel, and ate at Twin Grove Park.  Training for volunteers will take place 11/11,12,14, 19, or 21. 
bulletAt the training, we will jointly agree upon the focus and interview questions, followed by practice interviews with area seniors.
bulletWe can go around the room and list all of the people we believe should be interviewed. Then, each person can vote for his or her top choices. Depending upon the number of interviewers, who can go either in teams or individually, we can assign the top choices. Additionally, each interviewer may get to interview one individual of their choosing.
bulletAfter that, we will choose a specific date(s) to conduct formal interviews to gather digital data. SCWA will receive a grant from CVI for some digital tape recording equipment, but anyone with their own digital recording equipment will increase the number of people we can interview in one day.
bulletFor those people who do not feel comfortable interviewing or being interviewed, some transcribed oral histories are on file at the Historical Society, and we will need "readers" to draw appropriate quotes for the book.
bulletWe also need technical people to create the book and CD for reproduction.

Possible partners in addition to CVI, might include Historical Society, Senior Centers, Career & Tech School....  If they have a similar vision for their area, other watershed groups and organizations will also be invited to attend the training session.

July 30 Watermelon at the Waterworks cleanup netted 46 tires. Good Job!  View the results on SCWA's website.
Received a note from Peter Simone concerning Simone, Jaffe Collins proposal for the Tulpehocken Greenway Feasibility study for the LV Conservancy. Peter represents the firm who completed the Swatara State Park study.
July 24 met with Judith Jordan, Executive Director, PA Organization of Watersheds and Rivers.  Also traveled to Philadelphia with Frank Cetera for a "Green Media Toolshed" training specifically geared for nonprofits.  As a result, a press room was added to our web site.  More information at www.greenmediatoolshed.org .
July 31 attended DCNR grant workshop in Carlisle. In preparation for the Water Trail extension through Swatara State Park, also sent letters requesting resolutions of support to municipalities and contacted our regional DCNR representatives as required by the grant process.
Displayed DCNR "Hike for Health" pocket cards, which include Swatara State Park and the LV Rail Trail.
Position Available: Executive Director of PA Fish & Boat Commission. Apply by September 30.
For Quittie Watershed, filed final Hammer Creek grant report and refiled final Little Swatara grant report.
As part of the watershed conference, which will be held October 3 - 4, 2003, at the Grantville Holiday Inn, in Grantville, youth groups or schools (with youth ages 13 - 18) are eligible to participate in the youth summit. Since the conference will be held in the Swatara Creek Watershed, Swatara Watershed will be highlighted. Therefore, Watershed Conference volunteers are needed to help with the canoe/bike trip--drive shuttle vans with canoes and/or transport 3 speakers to specific locations in the park. Jo Ellen will do a 15-minute overview of the watershed on Friday evening from 8:15 - 8:30 p.m. (the youth will be participating in a canoe/bike trip through Swatara State Park the next day, so this presentation would set the stage).
POWR is in the process of planning their 2003 Fall Annual Dinner Meeting on October 31, 2003 at 5 PM. If you are able to assist them by donating an item or gift certificate for the evening’s Silent Auction, please contact (717) 234-7910 or auctiondonations@pawatersheds.org. All donations are greatly appreciated.
Tom Embich shared why improved water retention projects in the Beaver Creek drainage would be welcome.
Reviewed POWR’s Sojourn Organizers Guide and verbally provided feedback to Frank Cetera on safety—include a glossary of terms explaining how air and water temperature degrees are added together to determine risk of hypothermia; include USGS stream gauge web sites to help determine safe levels for canoeing; provide contact for PA Fish and Boat Commission to undergo boat safety and rescue certification/training.
Updated the National Directory of River and Watershed Conservation Groups.
Jeremy Trexel requested locations of stream signage in the Swatara Watershed. Bob Arnold handled this response.
Aug. 6 DEP press release cites deficiencies in Pine Grove landfill's expansion application related to harms/benefits analysis
"Forces of Nature," nominations for this year's Ralph W. Abele Award. http://sites.state.pa.us/PA_Exec/Fish_Boat/rwaher.html The deadline for nominations is September 2, 2003.
SRBC is searching for a company who's done some innovative stormwater management (more than just letter of the law: a simple retention pond) to include on their field trip this October. Got anybody locally to pass along?
The DEP Secretary spent the last half of August doing events with watershed groups around the state.
To support WQN 211 testing, motion passed by Worrilow/Henderson to grant Tom's requested budget for chemicals and standards for the Corning Checkmate 90 systems for the next year:

Conductivity standards (447 microS and 143 microS) = $45.60
Standards for 4.0, 7.0 and 10.0 pH) = $ 91.20
Zero Oxygen standard = $ 22.80
Batteries (9v) = $10.00
Total for 2003 - 2004 even with 2 additional stations to sample = $ 169.

Conservation District Nominations for conservationist, landowner, educator, and special recognition. Jo Ellen will serve on the selection committee this year, so she will not participate in our nomination.

Our Dell computer will not dial out. Sorry to anyone who wasn’t in the laptop database to receive an agenda notice. Email addresses will be transcribed. It appears that either the modem failed or the motherboard is failing. So far, the other programs work OK.
Camp Bashore would like to borrow a water test kit.
Tom Embich, SCWA vice president, and today's speaker, gave a basic environmental overview that he teaches in his biology classes at HACC:
The global environmental picture includes:  1) rapid human population growth and increasing consumption per person' 2) decline of vital life-support ecosystems; 3) global atmospheric changes; and 4) loss of biodiversity.
Four dimensions to sustainable development are environmental, social, economic, and political.
Stewardship is Demonstrated by 1) recognition that a trust has been given; 2) responsible care for something not owned; 3) desire to pass something on to future generations.

News Articles of interest:

August 19, Creek bridge gains support by Barbara Miller, Patriot

August 25, `Judge throws out water ruling by Less Stewart, Lebanon Daily News


September 3, 1:30-4, Schuylkill County Advisory Group meeting @ District Office.
September 6 - Dedicate Rail Trail Iron Bridge in Cornwall--chili noon-5PM
September 21 LV Conservancy Tour, either AM or PM--wolf sanctuary, wetland, preserved farm
October 3-4 Watershed Conference @ Holiday Inn, Grantville
November 8, 9AM-noon, Lebanon/Lancaster Watershed Forum in Mt. Joy.

June 25, 2003

Swatara Creek Watershed Association met at 9:30AM, Harper’s Tavern

SOJOURN SUCCESS: With all of the rain, the Swatara Sojourn was one of few PA sojourns that occurred as scheduled, and what a great sojourn it was. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this state recognized canoe trip a huge success—the sponsors, the participants, and the media.
bulletRay Swingholm is allowing us to reproduce his personal 1947 photographs of the construction of Highbridge Reservoir in 1947.
bulletIn the interest of extending a trail to Sweet Arrow Lake, Dave Ravegum, Pine Grove, requested our map and lot numbers of property owners along Swatara Creek.
bulletWorrilow/Light motion passed to submit grant applications for two projects:
  1. Extending the Swatara Water Trail north from Jonestown through Swatara State Park.
  2. Interviewing local historians to produce a final report that compiles our cultural, economic and environmental heritages.
Keeping in mind that it takes months for grant awards, sources of funding are identified, and Jo Ellen is seeking volunteers who would like to help with these projects, even write the grants for SCWA. So far, Harvey Bomberger and Betty Conner have volunteered to help with the Water Trail. Karen Light and John Worrilow have volunteered to help with the Oral History project.
Streamlynx grant & project are completed and online. Streamlynx consists of six maps: Basic; Parks, Trails, and Recreation; Transportation Features; Organizations and Special Areas; Discharges; and School Districts, which were created and placed on the Swatara Watershed web site. Unlike paper maps, the user can zoom and turn map layers on and off. In order to view the maps, a free viewing product must be downloaded. This only needs to be done once, and then your computer will be ready to use Streamlynx. Instructions for use are relatively simple—On maps, click the right mouse button for a list of options. DEP was to provide space to host the SCWA web site, but since the maps added only about 2.5 megabytes of space to the existing SCWA site, LMF, SCWA’s local host, agreed to add the maps to the existing site without a charge. The finished project works wonderfully from a CD. However, 56K Internet connections, which most people still use, are slow to download. As more people acquire DLS and cable modems, the mapping system will become the user-friendly system that was envisioned. To try the new mapping system on your computer, follow this link to get started: http://users.mbcomp.com/swatara/watershed.htm#Maps . Data for links welcome in digital format.
Quittapahilla Creek Watershed Assessment grant by Clear Creeks Consulting and Skelly and Loy completed. Final report on file.
Swatara State Park Master Plan Feasibility Study-Executive Summary received for file
Worrilow/Wertz motion to sign DEP extension request for Little Swatara Farms--grant closing from October 30, 2003 to September 30, 2004.
Monroe Valley Bridge update--District 8-0 is working with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to secure the necessary permits in order to let this project for contract. The DEP has since returned comments and requested additional information that Penn DOT is preparing a response to. They anticipate forwarding this response by the first week of June, 2003. Subsequently they are not able to establish a firm let date but are looking at letting this project during the late summer. To answer our question concerning future projects, PADOT would be glad to include the SCWA earlier in the design process and they look forward to a good working relationship on future projects.
Susquehanna Regional Transportation Partnership—a regional way to address traffic congestion.
Do we want to consider hosting a Canaan Valley Institute Workshop(s)-6 month wait.
SRBC has funding available for watershed groups, municipalities, schools and other groups to coordinate local streamside cleanups. Groups can apply for up to $2,000 and the deadline to apply is July 31st. Our Waterworks clean-up is in July, before the deadline. We will check to see if funding can be awarded after the cleanup.
Answered inquiry by Don Bowman, WLBR Radio, concerning use of sludge. Members present agreed that smell and volume of the bio-solid applied to land in the Watershed is of concern to most people. We will consult with Craig Morgan concerning an education plan of action.
Answered inquiry from Buzz Hadzor with Spotts, Stevens and McCoy, Inc. who is currently working with Audubon PA on a project mapping important bird areas within the state of Pennsylvania. They wanted information on our watershed and associated activities.
Inquiry for pictures from Sojourn from Michelle Porter with Citizen Standard, Pine Grove.
Contacted by Dave Hess: The Rivers Network was looking for really well done watershed websites, and he hoped we didn't mind that he used ours as an example.
Inquiry from Becky Lengerich concerning intense development along the banks of the Swatara. Public hearing held on 5/27 at 5 pm in the Derry Township Municipal Annex, 235 Hockersville Rd. regarding a proposal to change the zoning classification of lands located directly south and west of the Southpoint Commons development from Ag/Conservation to Village Residential. There are two tracts of land involved . The Espenshade property (tax map 24-55-1) is located west of Southpoint Commons, with its eastern border Swatara Creek, is adjacent to 20 acres of land owned by the township and designated for a park.. The Trout property (tax map 24-55-16) does not directly border the Creek. Both pieces are about 20 acres and have been farmed (crops) in recent years. The creek bank is steep and wooded, with a great trail at the bottom, full of bluebells, trout lily and Dutchman's breeches in season.
The township proposes the new zoning on the basis of the long-range plan (developed in 91) which slated these areas for VR designation and the justification that the sewers have come to the area with the Southpoint Commons development.

The developer is supposed to have on option on at least the Espenshade property, to buy as soon as the new zoning is passed; he already has his equipment on the property. The township is aware of his plans, but they are not publicly available.

Lengerich believes that in this case, the long range plan is outdated (there was no knowledge of the potential park in 91, nor were these neighborhoods intensively developed. If the Espenshade family is willing to sell, it would be much more foresighted for the township to be trying to add to the parkland and preserve open space and recreational opportunities for the kids within biking distance of their homes than to simply build more homes all the way to the creek. She is concerned as well about the environmental impact of increased development on the creek and the beautiful wildflowers. (The township tells me the 100 ft barrier to development and the sewers will be sufficient. She doesn't have any data to dispute that, but feels certain there will be impact.) She is also concerned about the increased traffic exiting onto Middletown Rd. without a light. (the township says there will be a light within the year.)

Worrilow/Wertz motion to do a membership exchange with Lebanon Valley Conservancy.
June Rivers Month posters distributed.
Nature Conservancy concluded their invasive species study. For our file and reference, SCWA obtained a CD of the final report.
Newspaper articles of interest:
bullet4/29/03 Swatara Creek ecosystem on rebound Pottsville Republican by Kimm R. Montone
bullet6/5/03 Water-needs study, Patriot by Al Winn
bullet6/5/03 Water-needs study, Lebanon Daily News by Ami Gulli
bullet6/9/03 Swattie dam gets mixed reviews, Lebanon Daily News by Dave Pidgeon
bullet6/20/03 Sweet Arrow Project Slows, Pottsville Republican by Lisa Price
Stephanie Harmon reviewed RC&D’s stream signage program application process due the end of August.

Chuck Wertz thanked SCWA for securing grant funding to help the Conservation District install best management practices on farms in the Little Swatara Watershed.

Tim Emenheiser reported that eight Cedar Crest High School Vocational Ag students spent a day cleaning up 500’ of the Quittie and pulled 50 tires and a hot water heater out of the stream as well as planting 500 live stake seedlings west of Mill Street in Cleona.

Betty Conner said the Capital Region Water Board’s Water Supply studies should be completed in July.

Karen Light said to call Pat McAlheny at 861-8181 to join the Regal Fritillary walks.



Speaker: Joe Hovis, Fort Indiantown Gap. Joe explained not how all erosion is bad. For example, the Lebanon Valley was created by an eroding stream. Traditionally, "V" shaped streams are eroding streams while "U" shaped streams are sediment laden. It is helpful to watch and compare changes over time. He also stated that extinction is not bad, but accelerated extinction is bad. Joe described the Regal Fritillary butterflies on Fort Indiantown Gap property as Monarchs dipped in chocolate.
Streams are a visible water table for an area. Until native plants can revegitate, for sediment control, the Gap uses a mixture of clover and rye as well as silt fences. In theory, staff does less maintenance and more farming. A petrotech tar & chip mixture that does not require heat application nor does it leach oil into the ground is used as a dust inhibitor for dirt roads.
Joe also reviewed the Gap’s five acre transitional wetland to slow water run-off. A vernal pool was created that provides breeding grounds for salamanders and other animals.
Mr. Hovis outlined three types of engineers: vertical who build buildings, horizontal who build roads, and combat who dig holes to hide tanks, then refill the holes. The Gap’s forester and biologist work hand in hand.
Overpopulation of deer is a concern. There are 19-42 deer per square mile. A mature forest should not exceed 20 deer per square mile.


July 1, 8, and 10, Regal Fritillary walks at Fort Indiantown Gap. Registration required. Call 861-8181.
July 9 – POWR Sojourn Media Workshop in Philadelphia
July 12 – DCNR pre-application grant workshop for Community Recreation, Rivers Conservation, Recreational Trails….
Oct. 3 - 4, 2003 - statewide Watershed Conference will be held, at the Grantville Holiday Inn. This Conference is co-sponsored/hosted by SRBC, DEP, and POWR and will highlight the issues concerning our region in addition to the entire state.
November 8, 9-noon, Watershed Forum on well-head protection, storm water management, and working with municipalities.


July 30 - Water Works Clean Up
August 27 - Tom Embich - Environmental Education
September 24 - Robert Arnold - Ravine Wetland Study
October 29 - Sara Nicholas - American Rivers
November 26 - Nature Conservancy - Invasive Species of concern
December (date?)- open date (Dec. 17, 24, or 31)

April 30, 2003

Swatara Creek Watershed Association met at 9:30AM, at Harper’s Tavern .

PRESENT: George Kaufman, Rugh Henderson, Sylvia Henderson, Harvey Bomberger, Gerald Johnston, Tom Embich, Bill Achor, Karen Light, John Worrilow, Jo Ellen Litz and Betty Conner

SCWA Business

bulletLebanon Mutual Insurance inquiry: concerning affiliate organizations and the relationship to SCWA of the Northern Swatara, Little Swatara and Quittapahilla Watershed Associations. We informed the insurance company that these groups are committees of SCWA rather than affiliate organizations.
Sojourn planning update: The theme for the 2003 Sojourn is Vision Swatara.
Visors and sunglasses have arrived; Preliminary count is 60 for Saturday trip, 33 for dinner, 14 campers, and 24 for Sunday trip.
Volunteers are needed to help with registration, meals, transportation, and participant exit verification. We need sign-out sheets for the end of each day, as well as for people who leave the Sojourn at lunch time.
Saturday Morning May 3: Mr. Heinbaugh, Pine Grove Ford, was contacted for permission to start the canoe trip at his trailer park off of Route 645.
Saturday Lunch will be at the Appalachian Trail Bridge; Satruday Take-Out will be at Lickdale Campground: Saturday Dinner at Trinity UM Church; Saturday Night Program: Update on Swatara State Park by Peter Simone and Ed Deaton, Kittatinny Ridge Project by Paul Zeph, PA Audubon, and Shad Restoration Program by Tom Embich ; Camping next to the woods near the church with camp fire and breakfast.
Sunday Lunch will be at Swatara Springs Farm; Sunday Take-Out will be at Union Canal Canoe Rentals.
We are asking local elected officials to present a proclamation in honor of the 15th year of canoeing and cleaning up the Swatara.

DEP 303(d) listing process. A letter was received from DEP requesting help in identifying water quality limited segments within the Commonwealth. DEP is seeking water quality related data and any information pertaining to any water body in PA that documents non-attainment of the applicable water quality standards. The information will be utilized in the 303(d) listing process. The data submission form is available and due date for submission is August 30,2003.

Photographs of High Bridge, railroad bridge in Schuylkill County were shared with SCWA by Ray Swingholm. George Conner will scan them, make a computer file and compact discs. John Worrilow suggested that we give a set to the Lebanon Historical Society.

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay provided handouts on "Backyards Buffer Resources" which lists beneficial plants for backyard stream buffers. Sample information includes the common and botanical names, height, bloom/fruit, sun/shade, dry/wet and value.

Comments by Members:

The Water Trail at Ft.Indiantown Gap was dedicated on Earth Day. Jo Ellen was there and took pictures.

The Lebanon Conservation District has an Enviroscape which can be borrowed for demonstrations

The PEACCE (PA Environmental, Agricultural and Conservation Certification of Excellence) was described by Bill Achor. All PA livestock producers can sign up. A pilot program being conducted in Lancaster, Chester and Berks Counties has 4 components: 1. On-farm assessments and environmental reviews funded by America’s Clean Water Foundation; 2. Livestock environmental awareness; 3. Conservation District assessments and 4. Continuing Education Credits. The PA Environmental Council is administering the program. Farmers Pride is putting their broiler operations into the program. All the Wenger managed farms are now PEACCE certified.

Businesses for the Bay, a program of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, is now in the DEP Office of Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance in the Bureau of Sustainability. They want to be a portal of information on programs and compliance requirements. They are working with the Conestoga River Nutrient Trading Project.

Abandonned Mine Reclamation. A PA Dept of Ag grant is supporting a project in the Upper Swatara Watershed to use poultry manure and other organics from Lancaster County to reclaim mine lands

Tom Embich announced that we need speakers for SCWA meetings for the rest of the year and asked for suggestions. Some topics suggested were: Shad and Eel Restoration, Tom Embich; Regal Fritillary Butterfly, Pat McElhenny of The Nature Conservancy; Water Quality Monitoring by Students, Ralph Hiester; Types of Trout in PA, Ed Deaton; and the PA Consortium of Interstate Environmental Programs, Don Brown, U.S Environmental Representative to the U.N.;

Karen Light announced that the Hummingbirds are back.. The Regal Fritillary Walks at Ft. Indiantown Gap will be held July 1, 8, and 10. Give Karen your name if you would like to sign up.

Twin Grove Park is open for business and Wood’s Creek is for sale!

News articles of interest:

4/29/03 Bridge Highlights State Park Trail, Pat Carroll, Patriot News.

3/26/03 Water Needs Will Rise in Next Two Decades, Amy Gulli, Lebanon Daily News

4/10/03 Schuylkill Sightings:- Covered Bridge, Jaqueline dormer, Pottsville Republican

4/13/03 Water Study Offers Lebanon Warning, Al Winn, Patriot News

TODAY’S SPEAKER: Mayor George Kaufman, "Jonestown Park along the Swatara Creek"

Mayor Kaufman is serving his third term as Mayor of Jonestown. Fifteen years ago a 15 acre park was started, but after that length of time it needed to be upgraded. The Town contracted with the RBA Group for a reconstruction plan. Funds were limited, but a DEP grant for $50,000 was obtained to build a playground. Volunteers put up the playground in a couple of days. About 200 to 300 people helped. Following the Plan a walking trail was constructed as well as tennis courts. The RBA Group recommended purchasing property to the south of the park. The owners offered to sell the 11 acres for $70,000. A DCNR grant was obtained to cover part of the cost. Adjacent to this acquisition was the Fortna farm which was sold to a developer. He was willing to donate 37 acres bordering the Swatara Creek to the town. An easement across private property bordering the Little Swatara Creek will connect the 37 acres to the Jonestown Park. The town would like to put in walking trails along the creeks.


May 3-4, Swatara Sojourn, contact Jo Ellen Litz (717)274-1175 or Swatara@mbcomp.com
May 3 Free Public Program on Swatara State Park, Kittatinny Ridge Project and Shad Resotration Program, 7:00 PM at Trinity UM Church, Lickdale.
May 4, Hike 2-4:30PM, Wildflower Walk in Swatara State Park. Contact Dave McSurdy, Schuylkill Conservation District.
May 6, Schuylkill Advisory Group meets at Schuylkill Conservation District. For more information call Chris Crockett at 215-685-6234.
May 17, Care for the Kittatinny Day
May 24-25, 2003, 5th Annual AMD/AMR Conference to be held in the Anthracite Region of Northeastern PA. Contact Robert Hughes.
June 4, Swatara Watershed Water Supply Study, Final Public Workshop, 8:30 to noon, Hershey Lodge and Convention Center
June 7th, Susquehanna River Celebration on City Island in Harrisburg!
Oct. 3 - 4, 2003 - statewide Watershed Conference will be held, at the Grantville Holiday Inn. This Conference is co-sponsored/hosted by SRBC, DEP, and POWR and will highlight the issues concerning our region in addition to the entire state.

NEXT MEETING: June 25, 2003

March 26, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 9:30AM at Harper’s Tavern.

Audit reports dispensed. Review of tax return and Charitable Organization filing.
bulletCanaan Valley Institute Mid-Atlantic Highlands Action Project reports distributed.
bulletQuarterly reports filed for SCWA’s Little Swatara Farms and Quittie’s Hammer Creek Growing Greener grants.
bulletLebanon Mutual Insurance inquiry: Prepare a response outlining the connection of affiliate organizations, mailing addresses the same as SCWA’s, and the number of members in each entity.
bulletMarch 21, 2003, the Swatara Creek hit the flood stage at Harper’s Tavern. Printout available.
bulletSOJOURN Planning update:
bulletThe theme for the 2003 Sojourn is Vision Swatara. Visors and sun glasses were ordered.
bulletTrinity UM Church in Lickdale. Saturday dinner, Saturday evening program, camping next to the woods, campfire, and breakfast. Ed Deaton and Peter Simone will present an update on Swatara State Park on Saturday, May 3.
bulletMr. Heinbaugh, Pine Grove Ford, was contacted for permission to start the canoe trip at his trailer park off of Route 645.
Associated Products were contacted for five toilets. Locations: Route 645; entrance to Swatara State Park; Appalachian Trail bridge; Leslie's (the old Scotto's restaurant) in Jonestown; and Swatara Springs Farm.
Two dumpsters were ordered from Weidle Sanitation. One dumpster will go to Swatara Springs Farm and the other dumpster to Union Canal Canoe Rentals. Bill Friese and the Swatara State Park rangers kindly take care of what is collected the first day. GLRA will accept the collected trash, and Kettering & Sons will accept the tires.
Craig Skeath will have eight members of the bass club available. Some members are paramedics. Some members will serve as shore support, and some will canoe with us.
Tom Embich is both checking on the transport van and either recruiting or preparing a presenter(ation) on anadromous fish.
bulletSTREAMLYNX--Kim Weaver reports: She received the maps from DEM yesterday, and will
now have a chance to test out the entire website and send it along to Bob and SCWA for review. He had some difficulties with some of the layers, but she doesn't think it detracts from the site too much.
bulletNature Conservancy LNDI preliminary report for review. Comments due April 8.
bulletSRBC public hearing March 25—Developing Solutions to Address the Water Supply Challenges in the Swatara Creek Watershed. SCWA was well represented: Bill Achor, Bob Arnold, Dick Blouch, Betty Conner, Tom Embich, Mary Golab, Barb & Walt Haber, Stephanie Harmon, Karen Light, Jo Ellen Litz, Andy McAllister, Chuck Wertz, & John Worrilow, among other members, were in attendance.

Speaker: Stewart Demanski, PA DEP, on storm water management and erosion control regulations. Chapter 102 of the PA State Regulations and new NPDES discharge permits.
bulletMarch 28, 2003 Seedling Sale. Jeremy Trexel, Dauphin County. The ordering deadline is March 28th, with pick-up of plants available April 17-18.
bulletApril 2, LV Expo, 8AM-8PM, Lebanon County Tire Drive to get rid of eyesores and breeding areas for mosquitoes which can carry the West Nile Virus. Proof of residence required. Limit, 12 (off the rim) tires per participant.
bulletApril 1-3, 2003 - Susquehanna Basin Watershed Academy, TIME: 9:00am - 3:30pm (DAY 1) 8:45am - 3:30pm (Day 2) 8:45am - Noon (Day 3), LOCATION: H.M. Levitz Park, Lebanon County
bulletApril 18, Bear Creek Festival. Contact Ryan Koch, Schuylkill Conservation District.
bulletApril 22 – Earth Day
bulletApril 30 – Next SCWA Meeting, 9:30Am, Harper’s
bulletMay 3-4, Swatara Sojourn, contact Jo Ellen Litz (717)274-1175 or Swatara@mbcomp.com
bulletMay 4, Hike 2-4:30PM, Wildflower Walk in Swatara State Park. Contact Dave McSurdy, Schuylkill Conservation District.
bulletMay 17, Care for the Kittatinny Day
bulletMay 24-25, 2003, 5th Annual AMD/AMR Conference to be held in the Anthracite Region of Northeastern PA. Contact Robert Hughes.
bulletJune 7th, Susquehanna River Celebration on City Island in Harrisburg!
bulletOct. 3 - 4, 2003 - statewide Watershed Conference will be held, at the Grantville Holiday Inn. This Conference is co-sponsored/hosted by SRBC, DEP, and POWR and will highlight the issues concerning our region in addition to the entire state.

February 26, 2003

bulletLetter of Support – A vote of affirmation passed on a Northern Lebanon High School Growing Greener grant application. The motion was made by John Worrilow, seconded by Karen Light.
Attended and commented at a DEP Public Hearing concerning Pad 12 Expansion Application - January 29, 2003, 7:00 P.M., Pine Grove Area High School
Follow-up comments from PENNDOT District 8-0 BRIDGE ENGINEER HARIVADAN R. PARIKH and Jon Ulring, P.E. Project Manager – on the MONROE VALLEY BRIDGE between Union and Swatara Townships. To avoid future liability, a raised sidewalk would require a wider shoulder and redesign to include ramps at either end, and that creates problems with the approach curves in the road and a private drive. After careful consideration of citizen input, PennDOT concluded that there is not enough use to justify the cost of redesign. SCWA will follow-up with a request to be notified earlier in the process to address issues like scenic vistas and walkways.
A follow-up call was placed to check on the status of mineral rights retained on a Union Township farm waiting to receive permitting for a CAO. No explanation or hearing notification have been received to date.
Waste Management and Processors, Inc., a Schuylkill firm lands $100M grant to develop fuel from coal and waste products.
Little Swatara/Wenger Feed grant project update
SOJOURN Planning update:

Peter Simone will present an update on Swatara State Park on Saturday, May 3.


A registration application was posted to our web site.


Sponsors: American Water Company, Bayer, Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority, Hershey Foods, Izaak Walton League, Simon Kettering, Lebanon County Conservation District, Lebanon Valley Conservancy, Lebanon Water Authority, Susquehanna River Basin Commission, Swatara Creek Watershed Association, Swatara State Park/DCNR, Union Canal Canoe Rentals, Wenger Feeds, Wengert’s Dairy.

GreenWorks Television is looking for stories on community initiatives for our Earth Day series.
At his request, the final report from the 2002 sojourn was resubmitted to Frank Cetera at POWR.
bulletKim Weaver reports: Work continues at a good pace on the Steamlynx project. She’s "working on the "SCWA Projects page" that will be accessible from the home page. She predicts "this will be a heavily-visited page that will have information on: past Sojourns and upcoming Sojourn, Pending Grant Applications, Current Projects and Grants, and Past Projects and Grants. While all of this information is already on the web page, she thinks we should have an index to direct people to the information.
bulletThe Susquehanna Greenway Planning Team is discussing options for altering the way we conduct the quarterly Susquehanna Greenway Partnership meetings. Therefore, they request that you take a few minutes to complete a simple six question online survey. Click on the following link to complete the survey on the Susquehanna Greenway website: http://www.susquehannagreenway.org/survey.htm
bulletNature Conservancy LNDI preliminary report for review.
Speaker: Paul Zeph, PA Audubon Society, on the Blue Mountain-Kittatinny Ridge Project, which carries through 12 counties, (134 municipalities) including three counties in the Swatara Watershed and the municipal and NGO partnering for this project. Watershed associations are a special focus for the program. Kittatinny is one of 78 important bird areas in the US—a flyway for migration. Mountain contains 13 lakes and reservoirs, 83 creeks and runs, some McMansions. Goal of project: To create a comprehensive GIS, engage residents, and participate in or organize recreation events. A vision document will find out what you care about; how and where you use the ridge; and specific concerns—cell towers, acid rain, air pollution, wind turbines, housing developments--you have about the ridge. Care for the Kittatinny Day is May 17. There will be a public meeting in the spring.


bulletMarch 21, Seminar, Riparian Buffers in New Developments, Rachel Carson Building.
bulletMarch 25, SRBC Swatara Creek Water Supply Study, Hylton, Hummelstown, 8AM-noon
bulletMarch 25, 6:30PM, Doc Fritchery Chapter Trout Unlimited, Harpers Tavern, second floor
bulletMarch 26, 9:30AM next SCWA Meeting.
bulletMarch 28, 2003 Seedling Sale. Jeremy Trexel, Dauphin County. The ordering deadline is March 28th, with pick-up of plants available April 17-18.
bulletApril 1-3, 2003 - Susquehanna Basin Watershed Academy, TIME: 9:00am - 3:30pm (DAY 1) 8:45am - 3:30pm (Day 2) 8:45am - Noon (Day 3), LOCATION: H.M. Levitz Park, Lebanon County
bulletApril 18, Bear Creek Festival. Contact Ryan Koch, Schuylkill Conservation District.
bulletMay 3-4, Swatara Sojourn, contact Jo Ellen Litz (717)274-1175 or Swatara@mbcomp.com
bulletMay 4, Hike 2-4:30PM, Wildflower Walk in Swatara State Park. Contact Dave McSurdy, Schuylkill Conservation District.
bulletMay 17, Care for the Kittatinny Day
bulletMay 24-25, 2003, 5th Annual AMD/AMR Conference to be held in the Anthracite Region of Northeastern PA. Contact Robert Hughes.
bulletJune 7th, Susquehanna River Celebration on City Island in Harrisburg!
bulletOct. 3 - 4, 2003 - statewide Watershed Conference will be held, at the Grantville Holiday Inn. This Conference is co-sponsored/hosted by SRBC, DEP, and POWR and will highlight the issues concerning our region in addition to the entire state.

January 30, 2003

The Swatara Watershed Office now enters from the glass door on Cumberland Street-Route 422.

Election of officers--Jo Ellen Litz, Chair; Tom Embich, Vice Chair; Betty Conner, Secretary; & Walt Haber Treasurer.

A motion was approvied to complete and Audit & Taxes at a cost of  $1650 by Faren Associates.

Sojourn Planning for first weekend in May 2003:


Event application filed with PA Fish & Boat Commission


Request for Sponsors released to public. Sponsors to date: American Water Company, Bayer, CLEAN (Schuylkill County), GLRA, Izaak Walton League, Kettering, Lebanon Conservation District, SCWA, SRBC, Swatara Springs Farm, Trinity UMC youth, Wengert's Dairy


Grant application filed with POWR-Pennsylvania Association of Watersheds & Rivers. Frank Raymond Cetera replaces Susan Parry as coordinator. December 17 Tom, Bob & Jo Ellen met with Frank, outgoing director Walt Pomeroy, DCNR Secretary Oliver, John Dawes and other official State Sojourn coordinators. Susan and Secretary Oliver were presented with Hershey Chocolate bars from the Swatara Watershed.


Registered with National River Clean Up program.


Volunteer planners needed: please meet at Watershed Office Monday, February 10 at noon.

Letters of Support - vote of affirmation completed:


Berks Conservation District, Little Swatara


Lebanon Conservation District - no till program


Lebanon County - Comprehensive Plan

Tom Embich will serve as Programs coordinator for 2003.

Quarterly reports filed for Streamlynx, Little Swatara/Wenger Feeds, Quittie Hammer Creek and Quittie Little Swatara. Steamlynx - three-month extension granted by William Weaver.

We were advised that the proposed invasive species grant was heavy on study with little application. Therefore, we did not submit the grant.

Attended the Swatara State Park sign dedication.
A Sony CD still/video camera was purchased for the Watershed.

Schuylkill County Outdoor Discovery Map is in, hot off the presses. The map is Schuylkill County with many, many of its outdoor and recreational activities highlighted. Some of the highlighted activities and attractions are: hiking area, hunting areas, streams, fishing, bird watching, biking, camping, and much, much more. The cost of the map is $2 if the map is picked up at our office, or $3 if we mail it to you. You can pick up the map at, or send your order to the: Schuylkill Conservation District, 1206 AG Center Drive, Pottsville, PA 17901. (570) 622-3742 ext.5, Ryan Koch

Received an E-mail request for information about the Colebrook Furnace, including where it stood?

Megan Sines with the PA RestoreCorps Program would like to assist the Little Swatara Watershed Association with a tree-planting project this spring. She is looking for willing landowners.
PA Greenways website. Check it out: www.pagreenways.org.

Letter from Gene Hoffman.

Caitlin Conway, student request for information on pH- Springfield PA.



DEP Public Hearing tonight concerning Pad 12 Expansion Application - January 29, 2003, 7:00 P.M., Pine Grove Area High School


Oct. 3 - 4, 2003 - statewide Watershed Conference will be held, at the Grantville Holiday Inn. This Conference is co-sponsored/hosted by SRBC, DEP, and POWR and will highlight the issues concerning our region in addition to the entire state.


February 26, 9:30AM next SCWA Meeting.

Guest Speaker(s): PENNDOT District 8-0 BRIDGE ENGINEER HARIVADAN R. PARIKH and Jon Ulring, P.E. Project Manager - MONROE VALLEY BRIDGE between Union and Swatara Townships.

The new Monroe Valley bridge will have two lanes instead of one, and both lanes will have a four-foot walking and biking path on their side.  In addition, for aesthetics, the bridge will be a cocoa color.  At yesterday's SCWA meeting, attendees suggested a protected walkway and reducing the 40+" sidewalls in height or installing portholes so people crossing the bridge in cars can view the Swatara.  PennDOT responded that the height and solid wall are to keep drivers of cars from going over the side or getting caught in a "hole" instead of straightening out their vehicle.  wpe3.jpg (22674 bytes)

Water passage nearly replicates the old bridge.  While the bridge is slightly lower, the center pillar is narrower and a little more water can pass under the bridge in storm events.  Both 25 and 50 year flood events should go under the bridge, but 100 year floods will still settle in a neighboring wetland field allowing ground water recharge instead of increased flooding downstream where residences could be impacted.

We commend PennDOT for allowing public input.  They got a few other heartfelt suggestions about handling business too.  They were real troopers.


Return to the SCWA home page.