17th Annual Canoe & Clean-up Trip, May 7-8, 2005

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Ready/Set/Canoe:  Who says you need a road to take a road trip? 

Swatara Creek Sojourn Watershed Weekly coverage  Movie Clips from the 17th Swatara Sojourn (2005)

Swatara Sojourn participation update--89 people on the water Saturday and 53 people on the water Sunday,

I just wanted to say thank you to all who helped with the Sojourn. It was very well organized, run smoothly and the food and company was great. We were glad to be a part of it. Look forward to helping and participating in next years Sojourn as well.  Enjoy the day, Mike Carter 

I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I had a wonderful time on the Swattie on Saturday. It's great to see so many people of all ages rally around cleaning up our local waterways. I'm always amazed at some of the items participants manage to fit into their canoes!  Joi Corrado

Just a note of thanks, and congradulance on a job well done.  I had a great time on water I've never considered paddling before & met some great people.  Sorry I didn't do too good helping with the shuttle, I was able to snag some good paddling lessons Saturday afternoon.  I am mailing you a disk of my photos for your files & use.  They may also be viewed on line at sieckphoto.photoreflect.com.  Thanks again & if I can be of any help in the future please don't hesitate.  Joe Sieck

What a great and gracious group of participants we had this year.  Everyone, and I do mean everyone, pitched in.  Some people picked up trash and some people provided assistance to fellow canoeists.  Other people helped on shore.  Carol, who normally paddles, said, "I think I worked harder on shore than I did when I canoed."  Can you imagine that?  I'm sure that Liz and Andy can't.  It does make us really appreciate people like Tom and Jack, Dick, Laurie, and everyone else who helped on shore.  And the community support that we had this year was overwhelming too.  We must have increased our donors by ten new sponsors.  The point is, the Swatara Sojourn is a real team effort.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I love you guys!  Jo Ellen

Dozens of volunteer shore support staff from the

1.    Lebanon County League of Women Voters,

2.    Sunset Lions Club,

3.    Izaak Walton League,

4.    Ono Fire Company,

5.    Swatara State Park Rangers,

  Ready/Set/Fish (There is no such thing as a fisherboy.  Catch one, and you're a fisherman.)

6.    Army National Guard,

7.    Kyle & Tammy Boltz at Lickdale Campgrounds,

8.    Rick & Julie Bleisath at Swatara Creek Family Restaurant,

9.    Swatara Creek Watershed Association members—Tom, Dick, George, Betty--and

10.                       my family—Laurie, Craig, Ella & Spencer, Carol & Colton.

11.  Elected officials who helped us kick-off the event:  Representative Peter Zug and Representative Mauree Gingrich presented certificates as well as a proclamation from Lebanon County Commissioners Bill Carpenter, Larry Stohler, and Jo Ellen Litz.  In addition, City Councilman Richard Wertz joined the Sojourn--paddling and picking up trash I might add--on Sunday.

On Saturday, approximately seven miles of the float trip took place within Swatara State Park.

Unusual items collected:

bullet skeleton--full-sized, but the neon plastic kind that you see at Halloween
bulleta womans purse with a wallet full of credit cards & a current drivers license among other items (and mud).
bullet80 lb. roll of fiberglass insulation. It would have weighed a pound, if it wasn't in the creek!
bullet Little Tykes Flinstonemobile--recycled
bullet bicycle
bulletgas tank
bulletdoll house
bullet tractor trailer air brake
bullet zillions of tires--recycled by Simon Kettering.  OK, maybe not zillions, but 131 tires.
bullet zillions of pieces of foam blocks
bullet55 gallon drum
bullet balls
bulletsurf board—recycled
bulletchild's Plastic Pool-purple
bulletfull-sized front door
bulletsafety sign/trestle
bulletbox spring
bulletfoam life preserver ring

Our Safety team was superb.  Andy and Liz Ramsey, Ron Boyer, Tim Lehman, Joe Sabnosky, Dave & Sharon Murphy, and Joe Sieck all pitched in to assist Jo Ellen Litz and the Swatara Creek Watershed Association to make the weekend memorable for everyone.

Entertainment by the Crick Pickers who not only played the Swatara Song, but included it on their new CD. They are now known as the Down To Earth Band, and they were fabulous.  For CD purchase information, contact downtoearthband@hotmail.com .

We ate good.  Food was both tasty and abundant:

¨     Lebanon Tourist Promotion agency sponsored Saturday breakfast of doughnuts, bananas, and yogurt;

¨     Izaak Walton League sponsored chicken noodle soup, sandwiches, fruit cup, and homemade cookies;

¨     Chicken barbq and ice cream at Lickdale Camp Grounds;

¨     Scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage and bacon at Swatara Creek Family Restaurant;

¨     Subs, oranges, and granola bars with the Ono Fire Company; and

¨     For those who pulled in at dinner time, pizza at Pizzatown to end the weekend.

Of course more 'dirty work' came the next few days--removal of tons of collected trash by Swatara State Park rangers, the Army National Guard, and Weidle Sanitation.  Tires will be recycled at Kettering's and trash will be accepted by the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority.


bulletSupporting organizations include
bulletSwatara Creek Watershed Association
bulletArmy National Guard
bulletBass Pro
bulletCanaan Valley Institute
bulletChesapeake BayGateways Network-National Parks
bulletDaubert's Distributors
bulletGooseberry Farms Restaurant & Truck Stop
bulletGreater Lebanon Refuse Authority
bulletHeinbaugh Ford & Trailer Park
bulletRhonda R. Hess & Associates
bulletH.L. Snyder Funeral Home, Pine Grove
bulletIzaak Walton League
bulletLeague of Women Voters of Lebanon County
bulletLebanon County Conservation District
bulletLebanon Tourist Promotion Agency@ the EXPO
bulletLebanon Valley Conservancy
bulletLickdale Campgrounds
bulletNorthern Swatara Creek Watershed Association
bulletSimon Kettering
bulletPA American Water Company
bulletPa Fish & Boat Commission
bulletPA Organization for Watersheds and Rivers
bulletSchuylkill County Conservation District
bulletSusquehanna River Basin Commission
bulletSwatara Creek Family Restaurant
bulletSwatara Creek Inn
bulletSwatara State Park/DCNR
bulletTwin Grove Park
bulletUnion Canal Canoe Rentals
bulletWeidle Sanitation
bulletWengers Feed Mill
bulletWengert’s Dairy
bulletWerners Lumber of Pine Grove

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