Little Swatara Creek Watershed Association

In 2014, Fred Folmer took a leadership role in re-establishing the Little Swatara organization.  With the help of ALARM, water quality monitoring is taking place.

Historical Officers:

bulletPresident HAROLD GRUBER E-mail Address(es):    HLGRUBER@NBN.NET
bulletVice President Bill Scampton,
bulletSecretary/Treasurer KATIE JAY E-mail Address(es):   KDJAY2@JUNO.COM
bulletBoard Members:  Christine Williams, Flynn Barnett, Brian Bachman, and Victoria Minnich.
At 99.2 square miles, the Little Swatara Creek watershed is the largest
subwatershed in the Swatara Watershed.  An energized group of citizens recently got together to form a committee of active members to keep a close eye on the quality of their water.  Since election of officers in October 2000, the Little Swatara Watershed Association is gaining momentum. They're educating themselves with quality speakers like those from the Department of Environmental Protection and PA Fish & Boat Commission.  In addition to the formalities like creating a logo, mission statement and brochure, they're making kicknets and setting up a volunteer monitoring program.  Watershed specialist from both Berks (Pam Spayd) and Lebanon (Stephanie Harmon) County Conservation Districts are attending meetings to provide assistance.  The Little Swatara Watershed Association falls under the umbrella of the Swatara Creek Watershed Association who has 501c3 non-profit status.

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