Lebanon Valley Scuba Club

bulletPresident:  Bryan McKee
bulletVice President:  Barry Brandt
bulletTreasurer:  John Hess
bulletSecretary:  Beth Shaeffer
bulletActivities:  Randy Malstrom
bulletSafety:  Ed Roznowski

Meetings held:  7:30PM, Justin's, North 7th Street, Lebanon PA   17046

Trip:  Kingston Ontario     http://dive.kingston.net/kingston.htm

Dive Objective:  See Protected Wrecks

Contact Randy Malstrom for more details (717)272-6462

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Willow Springs Park:

In 1998, Val & John Stokes purchased the Richland quarry making facilities user friendly to divers--from a small cabin for rent for overnight stays to a heated metal building at the lobster dock, divers can enjoy the sport year-round. 

Scuba Venture Dive Shop:

bulletScuba Venture is also a retail business located at Richland Quarry providing air fills and a full line of scuba equipment.

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