Muir Air Field

The 3,967 foot runway is operated under a waiver from the FAA due to incompatible development, in that 64 buildings are located in conflict with the DoD Land Use Compatibility Guidelines in the clean zone (CZ) and accident potential zones (APZs) west of the MAAF.  Additionally, the existing runway does not meet appropriate design criteria (e.g. is not flat) and is not long enough to support landings by the fixed-wing aircraft training at the Air-to-Ground Range.   According to Army Technical Manual 5-803-7, Airfield and Heliport Planning and Design (DA 1999), at this elevation of MAAF (489 feet AMSL) the runway length to support Army fixed-wing aircraft should be 5,730 feet to meet the accelerate-stop distance on other than dry runways at maximum gross takeoff weight.  Aircraft utilization of MAAF is anticipated to increase by one percent.  An airport expansion is proposed as part of a five-year plan.

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