Dauphin County Greenway

According to Director Ed Chubb, the Dauphin County Park and Recreation Department will continue to work with Hershey Trust to make sure County efforts dovetail with the work done by the Trust and the Conservation Fund to make the Dauphin County Greenway a reality.

Park and Recreation has recently completed the final document required to apply to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Rivers Program.  This includes the studies already performed on the Greenway corridor by the County and documentation of the numerous meetings held and the public input received regarding the Greenway effort to date.  If this application is successful, the whole of the Swatara in Dauphin County will be in the Rivers Conservation Directory and eligible for Rivers Conservation Program money.  These monies can be used to enhance water quality scenic value, recreation, riparian forested buffers, and light trail development.

The next step in the process is to meet with representatives from all the municipalities along the proposed Greenway in Dauphin County.  Each Municipality will be asked to send an official representative to a meeting (to be announced).  This will allow the local government agencies to be aware of the details and benefits of the Greenway and to participate in the planning,  Municipal officials can bring to the table the concerns and wishes of their own residents.  There are also ways that municipalities can help, for example, by making sure their floodplain ordinances are adequate.  Local Park and Recreation Departments may want to coordinate their plan with the County as well, and local Environmental Advisory Councils, where they exist, may be able to share natural resource information or environmental concerns with he County.

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