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Palmyra High School PALTAG/ Environmental Science Class

For four years, Susan Bucks and Judi Iskowitz have been working together to coordinate "Make a Difference Day" to do stream clean-up and testing of the Swatara Creek, just north of Bindnagle's Church, with Palmyra High School students.

For example, on October 24, 1998 students tested for the following:

Water Temperature - 46* F

pH 7

Hardness 108

Turbidity 0

Nitrates 13.2

Phosphates 1ppm


Dissolved Oxygen 4.5ppm


For more information, contact Susan Bucks or Judi Iskowitz at (717)838-1331, or write to Palmyra High School, 1125 Park Dr., Palmyra PA  17078.

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