Indiantown Run Watershed

bullet5,771 acres (3,950 acres upstream of Marquette Lake); 41.1 miles long (18.4 miles upstream of Marquette Lake); 20 acres of lakes & ponds; 7.1 acres of sediment basins; 125.1 acres of wetlands (67.9 high value, 53 medium, and 4.2 low value wetlands).
bulletNamed Streams:  Indiantown Run, Vesle Run, St. Joseph Spring Marquette Lake, Engineers Pond, Goose Pond, ASP Pond, fills the off-Post Memorial Lake.
bulletWater Classification:  Cold Water Fishery from source to Marquette Lake Inlet; Trout Stocking Fishery from Marquette Lake inlet to Memorial Lake inlet; Warm Water Fishery from Memorial Lake inlet to mouth.
bulletWater Chemistry:  Training corridor--DO 10.08 to 11.2 mg/L; pH 6.7 to 6.97.  Cantonment area DO 9.4 mg/L; pH 7.91.
bulletStream width approximately 4 to 10' in mountains; at Memorial Lake 6 to 22'

There is heavy local watershed erosion; moderate erosion at SJS and Vesle Run.  The habitat quality is good overall/  the bank stability and vegetation is poor to fair.   80 ppb PCBs in Memorial Lake sediment in 1972 (ESE 1982); source is unknown.  Marquette Lake sediments had acceptable levels of metals, PCBs, and TPH (ERI 1994).

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