Seigrist Dam/Lebanon Highbridge Reservoir

At the Swatara Creek Intake in Jonestown, there is potential contamination from nonpoint sources of pollution, mainly from agricultural and urban runoff, which is the primary concern for the Swatara Creek Intake. Segments of the main stem Swatara Creek and several tributaries directly upstream from the intake are included on the 303(d) list for impairment due to nutrient and siltation problems associated with agricultural practices. Point sources of pollution are also present within the drainage area of the intake, but are less of a priority for concern than nonpoint sources of pollution. NPDES permitted industrial discharges and sewage treatment plant discharges are found within the drainage area. These are regulated discharges, with few violations noted in 2000. Numerous gas stations and truck terminals are located in close proximity to the intake, adjacent to Interstates 81 and 78.

Siegrist Dam Intake--The drainage area above the Siegrist Dam is 97% forested, minimizing the concern for contamination of this source. The Swatara Creek Watershed Association supported an elevated status to high-quality stream above the Reservoir. However, nonpoint source pollution associated with acid mine drainage is the main concern for this intake, but according to self-assessment forms received from the City of Lebanon Authority, effects of acid mine drainage are not noted at the intake. BMPs, such as the construction of limestone drains, have been implemented throughout the northern sections of the Swatara Creek Watershed, decreasing the effects of acid mine drainage.

Organizations, such as the League of Women Voters through the Water Resources Education Network (WREN), are being funded to provide support and training for local source water protection programs. Additionally, various groups and projects could receive funding to develop educational materials and promote identified source water protection needs. The SCWA and several sub-watershed groups are very active within the Swatara Creek Watershed. The SCWA has developed a Rivers Conservation Plan to protect and enhance the watershed. These organizations work with government agencies, private businesses and the public to address important issues within the watershed. A Comprehensive Water Resources Study is also in progress for the entire watershed to identify water resource problems and potential solutions.

Municipalities Served by the City of Lebanon Authority include: Lebanon City, Cornwall Borough, Northern Lebanon Township, West Lebanon Township, South Lebanon Township, North Cornwall Township, Jonestown Borough, Cleona Borough.

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