Qureg Run Watershed

Watershed Statistics

3,040 acres.  Includes Qureg Run, Vesle Run, Russian Spring, and Shuey Lake.  A Warm Water Fishery.  25.9 miles long. 5 acres of lakes and ponds.  1.4 acres of sediment basins.  66.4 total acres of wetlands (37.9 acres of high quality, 22.3 acres of medium quality, and 6.2 acres of low quality).  A valley stream.  D.O. = 9.0 to 9.37 mg/L and pH = 7.45 to 7.66.  Heavy local watershed erosion at Qureg Run, moderate at Aires Run.  Fair to good overall habitat quality; fair sedimentation, channelization, and bank stability and vegetation.

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